Why the Law of Attraction and Other Universal Laws Haven’’t Worked

Deb begins describing why the Universal Law, “Law of Attraction” hasn’t been working for most people on the planet; along with solutions and tools that ARE working to re-engage with the Law of Attraction.


Why the Law of Attraction and Other Universal Laws Haven’’t Worked

Hi, I am Deborah Pietsch you are tuning in to “Waking up with Deb” and I also have my show “Wake Up… Shift is Happening! iTV” as well.  This is a conversation about the Law of Attraction and taking a pragmatic look at why many of us have been aware of Law of Attraction for a couple of decades and many of us have experienced the Law of Attraction actually NOT working.

One of the first things that I want to address in regards to this is, it has come to my attention over the last five or six years, that because many of us take responsibility for Creating our Reality, that in this one situation, it’s important that we start to look at the Multi-Universe, the Multi-Dimensional aspect of our BEingness, as well as on the planet.

Now for every reason and we actually need to be looking at Multi-Dimensional existence, but specifically because this Law of Attraction is such a well-known and common aspect of the Creation Mode and Ability, that there have been reasons that this is not actually working for people and this is what I want to identify. But first I want to YOU identify your own feelings about yourself in regards to it.

I am going to introduce information here, some of you have heard me talk about this before, but if this is new to you, what I am going to be introducing, is that we don’t always SEE everything that is going on.  Fair enough?  We don’t see the air that we breathe, so I am going to liken that to this. There are a lot of non-physical energies that have been, let’’s say, manifested and conjured into our reality, that are, quite honestly, not here to serve us in our Highest Good.

These energies are contributing to the demise of our experience as far as our Transformation and the Expansion of thriving on the planet.  This includes our natural progression and the Universal Laws that we are meant to be engaging with as we Awaken.  And with this Law of Attraction, one of the things that is being affected Vibrationally, are these interference energies as well as your own feelings about yourself.

So let me ask you a question…

If you are aware and have been aware of Law of Attraction let’s say for a couple of years or decade or more and you actually haven’’t been seeing the results that you would have expected by ENGAGING with those energies, have you had any feelings toward yourself or about yourself of either:

  • ‘”I am doing it wrong’”, or ‘
  • “I must not be capable of manifesting’”
  • And you have turned maybe even some energy toward yourself that is non-loving energy?

So I am going to leave you with that to ponder and think about and I am going to invite you to engage with that, and then also invite you to engage with the possibility that there have been these interference and infiltration energies that have very effectively created a status quo in your experience of  not being able to engage with the vibrations necessary, with being in alignment with the Law of Attraction. Because we know that with the Law of Attraction, as just one example of a Universal Law, that we have been guided to be aware of, that we need to be a vibrational match for that heart’’s desire to actually come into our experience.

So let’s look at the big picture of the macrocosm and then bring it back to the microcosm of your personal experience.  The macrocosm right now is experiencing, and has been experiencing for well over a decade, a very high level of Survival, Fear and Control, as well as NOT having enough of the resources that they need on a regular basis.  So a lot of LACK vibration. And we have seen that gap and the chasm that has been created of the, what we refer to as, the elite versus those that are NOT in that category.

And so that’s the macrocosm vibration in the consciousness that is playing out right now as a Unified Field, CREATING A REALITY OF MORE AND MORE OF THAT SAME VIBRATION.

  • So in your experience of your day to day life, let’’s say you don’’t have:
  • The projects showing up
  • The people to support your endeavors and empower you
  • THE heart relationship that you want to be in as a Sacred Partnership,
  • You don’’t have the resources to go and buy the home that you want
  • The car that you want, or
  • The equipment that you need or the things that you are here that you know in your heart’s desire as part of your life purpose
  • Or even the kind of healthy food you desire for your body

What is that going to do?

It’’s going to contribute to a vibration that is not in alignment with that Law of Attraction.  So we have several things that have been playing out:

  • The external and non-physical infiltration energies, 
  • Your own feelings about yourself and
  • The mass consciousness experience of the fear and survival that we have been experiencing

What are we going to do about it?

Well, that is part of the Solutions and the Tools that we are engaging with and talking about and the Activations and the different ways that you can Transcend  The first part of this is actually recognizing what is going on.  CLEARING YOUR FIELD is very important, and being able to Activate your I AM Presence at this time on the planet is vitally important.

I will just leave you with those couple of things and invite you to look more deeply into your own vibration of where you have been and where you want to be, to Transcend the EXPERIENCE of Law of Attraction and it not actually working, IF that is indeed your experience.

Thank you for tuning in, I am Deborah Pietsch and you are “Waking Up with Deb”.                   

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