What is Activation Energy & How Does It Create Profound Shifts in You?

In this video Deb talks about Activations. It’s a very important subject for ascension. Deb brings through a very high vibration light energy for alchemical transformation.


What Is An Activation & Alchemical Transformation

Let’s talk about Activations.

I’m Deborah Pietsch. This is a very important subject for your Transformation, for your Awakening, for your Ascension and I can tell you from my own experience that the Activation Energy that I am working with and that what I’ve experienced with clients is, it’s a very high vibration Light Frequency and this is only one way.

The energy that I bring through as Activations is only one way for people, you, to experience an Activation or Activation Energy.

Now, the interesting thing about this is that the intended way for us to Awaken is or was for us to experience high vibration of Expansion of our Hearts, Love, Love of Self and Joy and Excitement and that this would set off a natural flow of Activation which then would lead into an Alchemical Transformation for our Awakening.

Now, that is not what is happening on the planet right now and there is and you can check out the other videos about the « Suspended Animations » and the other subjects that I cover in regards to how and why the Activations are not happening on a natural basis.

But when you are in a HIGH vibration of Loving yourself and feeling Joy, being in a Sacred partnership, engaging with your purpose and passion, this creates a high vibration in your heart and your HEART is a GATEWAY.

Now, if you are not experiencing that, then the, which a lot of people are not on the planet right now because of survival and fear and other things that are going on. The Activation Energy that I bring through will actually break through that and by being a channel of, hum, this is High Vibration Light Frequency, which, you will know most of the time when you are experiencing an Activation.

First of all my mouth moves really fast, it sounds very weird, people joke about it, and often times don’t have myself on video while I’m doing the Activations cause I don’t want people to get caught up in what my mouth moving really fast looks like, and miss and being in their head and thinking, ‘Oh my Gosh, how is she doing that ?’ and miss the opportunity of experiencing the Activation.

So the energy that comes through is Activating Codes, it’s Activating DNA, it is also Activating Frequencies, how within our Crystalline Grid and our chakras that allow for that EXPANSION ENERGY to be Activated and the challenging aspect of this is that it is very difficult to describe this to anybody because it is such a viceral, physical, emotional, mental experience and its like describing to somebody, how, what does it feel like to ride a bicycle.

So the Activation Energy, often, Nine times out of Ten, when you are open and willing and you are receiving this Activation Energy, you are having visceral experiences like tingling throughout your body, energy moving, hum, there is all sorts of different things that you can experience.

Now, the other aspect of this is that what that Activation is doing, one of the things is, it is setting off an Alchemical Transformation process.

Now the best way to describe that process is the Journey of the Caterpillar that goes into the cocoon and this caterpillar is in this cocoon, has this inate intelligence for it to go into the cocoon and while it is in the cocoon it is going though a full one hundred percent DNA Transformation, liquification of its body so that it is having an Alchemical Transformation for it to come out on the other side of that cocoon as this butterfly. That is the best way to describe what I have been told by my Guides, what I have been shown and what I am also experiencing from the hundreds of clients that I have been working with over the last five or six years.

That there is a visceral Alchemical Transformation, that as you begin that journey, your experiences of yourself actually change and transform and part of that is engaging your Higher Self, so that you are an Alchemical Vibration for your Higher Self, a high vibration Being for your Higher Self to actually come through to be able to ENGAGE through you, as You, in this physical vessel.

Now, there is a lot more to that and that gets into talking about into another video or more information in regards to Birthing your Higher Self into this Dimension.

There is a Descension and an Ascension that is going on.

Why is that even important to be aware of is that cannot occur when you are not experiencing the Alchemical Transformation and Up-Levelling that comes along with Activations whether it’s happening from someone like me, or whether it’s happening with you, naturally.

So the Activations and the Alchemical Transformations go hand in hand and the opportunity with the Activations in Alchemical Transformations is to have a NEW experience of yourself and even to change your daily experience of the world around you, from the inside out.

So, that is Activations and Alchemical Transformation, and you have been tuning in with Deborah Pietsch. Remember we are in this together.

You can also tune in to my show « Wake up Shift is Happening » and check out the website « Waking up with Deb » as well. I look forward to engaging with you and remember that the most important relationship is a Loving relationsip with Yourself.

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