The Electromagnetic Vibration of a Heart In Love With Self or Another Ignites Your Spark of Creation Field of Light

The Electromagnetic Vibration of a Heart In Love With Self or Another Ignites Your Spark of Creation Field of LightTranscript: Hi, I am Deborah Pietsch and you are tuning in to “Waking Up With Deb”. This is a conversation about the electromagnetic energy that our Heart and Heart Chakra emits when we are in a Vibration of Loving Thyself and / or Unconditionally Loving Another.

What is important about this, well basically everything? When we are in a vibration of loving Thyself, this is what CO-CREATION energy gets SPARKED from, NOT procreation but CO-CREATION.

When we are not in that vibration of Loving Thyself and it is really the basic foundation of our Transformation and Ascension. When we are not in a vibration of Loving Thyself or if we are, and this includes if we are thinking we love ourselves, but we are not actually acting and engaging with loving Thyself in a loving relationship. That is one way we are off track.

Another aspect of being off track is, so that first thing I just said is that you are in a logical experience, you are basically having a heads up experience about having a loving relationship with yourself. Then the other aspect of that is if we have issues, self-esteem, lack of self-worth, shadow aspects of ourselves that we haven’t DEALT with, all sorts of different things that are stuffed emotions that are NOT being dealt with and haven’t been TRANSMUTED and that is a whole other subject is transmuting those energies and origins. We don’t need to find therapy, we don’t have the time for therapy and all of that when we are effectively transmuting those energies, and that is a whole other subject.

What is important here for you to be the objective observer of your experience, to be the CONSCIOUS OBJECTIVE OBSERVER of your experience, so you can identify, ‘Am I in a vibration of Loving Thyself and if I am not, what could possibly be going on that needs to be, have a light shined on it, in order for me to be in that vibration?’

So once we can identify all of that, TRANSMUTE what needs to be transmuted, CLEAR OUT and also ENGAGE with ourselves in a Loving way. This is where we can be in the vibrational match for co-creating, co-creating reality, co-creating heart’s desires, and then we also get into the Law of Attraction in another video and talk about that. Because a lot of that, is not working right now on the planet as of September 2015, so just start thinking about what is Being-ness of Loving Thyself and are you engaging with that? And is it quite possible that things are not manifesting in your life and in your world because that is not a TRUE ESSENCE VIBRATION that you are experiencing?

Alright so check one of the next video’s talking about the Solutions and Tools and Thank you for tuning in, and thank you for being in your Awakening journey and Transformation. I am Deborah Pietsch.

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