Telepathic Communication~Imperative to have CONFIRMATIONS in this Dimension

Deb describes the process of what it is like to telepathically communicate with the Beings of Light she has been clearly back and forth communicating with for over a decade with now. She is a stickler for evidence in this dimension that the communications are real … and after having 100’s of private sessions with people she knows absolutely nothing about at the beginning of the communication, she has incredible amounts of evidence – basically a 99% accuracy record – that the information she’s receiving is clear, without infiltration and also clear from her own filters … which is imperative in order to be a clean and clear “RECEIVING CHANNEL” for this type of communication.

Beyond the private sessions, Deb is finally “coming out of the closet with channelings and telepathic communication that will assist humanity – those that choose to believe, see, hear, the messages and insights that will assist with transcending the Enslavement Matrix so that Ascension CAN be attained!


I am Deborah Pietsch. Let ‘s talk about Telepathic Communication.  What it feels like, how it came about to be a daily real-time experience for me.  What that is like and why I never refer to myself as a psychic.  And also that this communication, the Telepathic Communication, I do believe is something all of us are meant to be experiencing.

It has been an EVOLUTION, especially since the early 2000’s for me, 2000 to 2001 and how it very much increased back in 2010.  There is another video that will explain all of my history with how the veil was pulled back and how all the Telepathic Communication very much increased at that time.

What Telepathic Communication is for me, is a two way conversation.  Not only with the Beings of Light that I work with, and the primary Beings of Light, because I have set up a Protocol are:  Saint Germaine, Ashtar, Saint Augustine, and Yeshua, as well as a few others.  The Protocol that I set up is because there was so much interference (and that is a whole other subject in another series of videos) that I was having imposters and I was not trusting all the information that was coming in several years ago.  So we set up a PROTOCOL and the Telepathic Communication definitely SHIFTED at that point as well.

So when somebody is telepathic and they are communicating and a lot of people refer to this as being clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and all of that is true.  But as far as the communication is concerned for me, it is a 24/7 traversing, real-time communication that is going on with the Beings of Light, the team that I and now Scott are working with.  So the energy that it takes and the Being-ness that it takes to actually be in that Telepathic online modality of communication, is you have to be, for me, I had to get to a place where I was so sensitive to the tap on the shoulder, and I actually do get a physical sensation, actually on the back of my neck.  That is when my Higher Self, and my Guides want to communicate, and there is an energy of going into a receiving mode.  Just like when you pick up the phone either to call somebody or you are being called, you pick up that phone and say ‘Hello ‘ and you are expecting that there is going to be someone on the other end to communicate with.

Well, with Telepathic Communication you don’t have that physical presence, you have an ENERGY that is on the other end of that line so to speak, that you are ENGAGING with.  Now for me it was a progression of being in total stillness and tuning in and asking questions.  What has progressed to this point and even several years ago had progressed to this point, is I am getting communication while I am driving, while I am doing dishes, while I am even in conversations with somebody I am getting communication often times that I am then reporting to that person, that I am sharing with that person that I am in communication with.

This has become an absolute asset and especially with the way that I am working with the team of Beings that I am working with because I have set it up that if there is somebody that is not in my Highest Good to be communicating with, or if there is something that I am meant to know about that person in complete integrity with what is in my Highest Good, I am communicated about that.  I am even communicated about things that are, that people that may have considered themselves friends, have even said about me without me even asking or soliciting for the information, because my Guides know that my intention is to keep things in complete integrity, for everything that I am doing, that Scott and I are doing.  So we are given Cart-Blanche access to this information and that is what was given to me back in 2010 with the communications that started this new trajectory for me and strategically started aligning and partnering with these Beings of Light.

The communication that I have, the Telepathic Communication that I have, is probably a lot different and unique than what most people experience of being clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and it usually kind of blows people away when they spend a fair about of time around me, and whatnot.  The important thing about this is there is going to be more videos for you to ENGAGE with.

If you are, if you think you are channeling or if you are engaging with telepathic or any of the clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient aspects of Being-ness, what is really important for you to engage with is CLEARING YOUR FIELD and knowing who you are communicating with.

Nine times out of ten, people that are putting the information out right now are probably actually not communication with the beings that they think they are.  So this is an important thing that we are going to be embarking upon.  Also in supporting people in understanding and really getting to the bottom of who they are communicating with.

So my Telepathic Communication is very unique as it comes along with hundreds of (private) sessions with conformations of the accuracy of information.  And so this is also another way that I am different, I think, than a lot of people that are putting channeled information out there, is they may NOT be having sessions with people they don’t know anything about, in order to get the evidence and confirmations that their information is accurate or not.  So please take a look at the videos where I am talking about that and the sessions and what comes about with that and thank you for engaging and remember that we are in this together.  I am Deborah Pietsch.

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