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How is Deb Different?

How Deb Is Different~Evidence Of Channeled Info In This Dimension Is Only The Beginning

I have seen over the years there are a fair amount of people that come out with Channelled messages, and I don’t believe that most people are intending to manipulate or to have ill-will about it, but what I have found is that these messages seem to be very, with the information brought forth, that they are very similar across the board and that they are most likely bringing forth their own Higher Self information…

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Deb's GCR Show Eps 5

Deb’s GCR Show Eps. 5 Nov 1 Globally Hidden Agendas Galore. Know What Game You Are In So You Can Navigate Your Highest Good Trajectory

Waking Up With Deb…Shift Is Happening! iTV Presents … Deb’s GCR Activation Show Episode #5  Nov. 1, 2015 Globally Hidden Agendas Galore Know What Game You Are In So You Can Navigate Your Highest Good Trajectory Experiential & Transformational Show Topics That Were Covered: Understand what “game” is playing out on the planet so you know how […]

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Jack Kennedy Began Communicating With Deb in August 2013 Learn Why & For What Reason

Why & How JFK Began Communicating with Deborah Pietsch August 2013

Laying the Foundation for the Contingency Plan This video is part of the 9 Foundational Categories that I’ve been guided to layout in order to introduce myself, the JFK Transmissions, the multi-dimensional Contingency Plan, the Modules full of insights and information,  as well as Activations that will assist you in creating an Exit Strategy and […]

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