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Show 1 JFK Preparation Sep 26 2015

Preparing for A Contingency Plan To Be Revealed For Humanity’s Awakening Via Guests Who Are Have Proof of Alchemical Transformation

Waking Up With Deb…Shift Is Happening! iTV Presents … Season 2015: “JFK Transmission” Episode # 1 Monday, September 28, 2015 Preparing For JFK’s Transmissions Activations, Alchemical Transformation w/ Guests! Join host, award-winning producer, Activator and telepathic communicator, Deborah Pietsch as she relaunches her iTV show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!” after going dark 3 years ago.  Those years were […]

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I AM LOVE I Am Light

Intro to Activating your I AM That I AM Codes & Beingness w/ Deb Pietsch

I’ll be honest with you I actually haven’t even researched I AM THAT I AM much and I can only share from my own experiences through my Telepathic Communication, my Being-ness that has shifted as I have Activated and Engaged with I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Gratitude, which is the foundational Alchemical Codes and Frequencies that I am being taught to work with personally as well as with…

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Waking Up With Deb