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GCR Great Shift Show 13 Carden Guest 640x480

Let’s Talk GCR, Great Shift with Deb & Team Show 13 Why Resurrection of The Magdalene Divine Feminine is Imperative For GCR, Great Shift, Timeline 133-Guest Carden-Q n A -Live iTV & Call In Show

Waking Up With Deb…Shift Is Happening! iTV Presents … Let’s Talk GCR, The Great Shift & New Earth Timeline 133 – For the Betterment of Humanity Live iTV Series with Deb  Episode #13 “Why Resurrecting The Magdalene Divine Feminine Energy is Imperative for GCR & The Great Shift” Special Guest: Carden Engage with the Replay: YouTube Live […]

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Waking Up With Deb