Stunting of Our Natural Progression of Awakening ~ Why You’re Not Moving Forward

Deb begins to discuss the deliberate perpetration from the agenda of the PTB – the Designed Assault Against Humanity’s Awakening that has us STUCK in a Suspended Animation – not allowing for the natural growth of the soul’s evolution and the natural expansion of awakening that millions of souls incarnated here in this timeline / time space continuum, to experience and to BRING FORTH into a new reality … it’s been hijacked … and connecting the dots of understanding the energies, the alchemy necessary for this SHIFT to occur, is an imperative aspect of awareness should you be wondering why your life may not have moved forward much or even seemed to move backwards since 9/11 …


I am Deborah Pietsch and let’s talk about how the natural Alchemical Transformation of our Journey of Awakening has been thwarted, stunted and has kept us at bay, from having the transformational experiences that we were intended to have.

So hopefully you have watched the Activation and Alchemical Transformation video and this is the next part of that to help you understand how and why, what has occurred, and why part of this was going to lead into the Great Awakening that has been hijacked. And that we are now moving into a Contingency Plan on the planet and with a very determined Divine Intervention for this Alchemical Transformation to become unlocked so that those of us that choose to Awaken have an easier time of ENGAGING with the Energies and Frequencies necessary.

If you can think about when you CREATE, let’s say, like if you bake a cake, you have to have all the right ingredients. I am just being reminded of something. When I was a kid, I went to bake a cake when my parents were out one time, or cookies or something, and the ingredients called for baking soda and I thought well, I didn’t know the difference between baking powder and baking soda, and so I ended up making the cookies with baking powder. Those two ingredients are very different and you get a very different outcome by using baking powder versus baking soda.

That is the same for our Alchemical Transformation and when we don’t have all of the right ingredients. And the ingredients in this case is going to be situations, vibrations and even our thoughts, our own mental thoughts, which all of this goes hand in hand for CREATING that Alchemical Transformation of Awakening, and for our physical vessels to reach a state of Being-ness for the necessary vibration for our Higher Selves to come through and for us to even engage with our world in a different way, different consciousness. And so what has occurred, especially since Jack Kennedy’s, JFK’s, Assassination, and 9/11, 2001, is there have been changes upon the planet as well as with the TRAJECTORY of our REALITY. These changes, and this very designed assault against Humanity’s Awakening, is what is creating a SUSPENDED ANIMATION for many of our experiences of being able to move forward. Without going into great detail, I will just share what has been given to me Telepathically by the Guides that I work with, and then has also shown up here in the 3D. I refer to the 3D as the Reality that most of us are still existing in and even though I am very Multi-Dimensional, very high vibration, I am still bridging between 3D and other Dimensional Frequencies, let’s just say that for the moment.

With this SUSPENDED ANIMATION, which has very much been perpetrated in order to keep people from having their Awakening Experience, we have a situation where MANY of the things that we are engaging with on a daily basis such as the GMO foods, the ceremony and rituals that are being done behind closed doors with the Skull and Bones, as well as the fluoride affecting the pineal gland. You mostly will know this list, and it goes on and on and on. The other part of that you may not be completely aware of is that the vibration that most of the planet is existing in right now which is a VIBRATION of FEAR, SURVIVAL, not having enough money, not having enough resources, not having an abundance of what their HEART’S DESIRES are, and many people living in a month-to-month experience of how they are being in their present life.

When you are in that Vibration, that is completely STUNTING the Alchemical Transformation because the Alchemical Transformation needs HIGH Vibration, Joy, Excitement, Love, Love of Self, even the experience of the Glory of God within, and having those thoughts that would go along with even having the Abundance of Love in your life, having Sacred Partnership, having your day-to-day experience be a CELEBRATION of who you are and who is in your life, and what you are experiencing on the planet and how you are engaging with your world.

So, there have been many things that have affected our natural progression of this Alchemical Transformation that is very much, a very important part of our Awakening. And so at this time, it is part of the Divine Intervention, to BREAK US FREE, to assist us, but you also, the energy that is actually coming, you must ENGAGE with your Awakening and with the energy of this Divine Intervention very proactively. So if you have decided and determined that this journey has been too hard and you are not going to engage anymore, that is going to create EVEN MORE separation from you experiencing that necessary Alchemical Transformation.

So what is important to understand is that there have been very designed things that have created a SEPARATION. Knowing that information, it is IMPORTANT to not hold it from a place of resentment, anger or even being a victim to it. The information is being shared in order for you to have an awareness that things did go awry and that now there are opportunities in September, 2015, for you to now ENGAGE differently so that that Alchemical Transformation that is meant to occur WITHIN you, so that your external world can be a different EXPERIENCE on a daily basis, and for you to have that Awareness and understanding, and at least a frame of reference as to why things have been so CHALLENGING.

There will be MORE videos and also MORE information and Guidance and in regards to “Okay, now what?”.  So if you are engaging with this information and you are thinking, ìOh my Gosh, this is making sense, I am resonating with this. OK, now, what?

There will be more videos, more information that I will be adding to the website and the shows that we will be doing that will support you, to lead you and guide you like your own GPS for your Awakening so that you can get through this and come into that VIBRATION. Those vibrations of Joy and Excitement, of Love and Loving Thyself and having that when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night, it is there on a regular basis.

So I am Deb, Deborah Pietsch. You have been tuning in; this is part of my ëWaking up with Deb’. I also have my TV show ‘Wake Up Shift is Happening’. Remember that we are in this together and the most important relationship is a Loving Relationship with yourself.

Thank you for engaging in your journey.

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