Transcription of the following video: Thank you for engaging with this category here on «Waking Up with Deb». I’m Deborah Pietsch and this is about the Solutions & Tools.

What you can find here and it’s going to grow extensibly, in fact, the list is already quite long. You are going to be able to find not only the « Experiential Tools » that I and also Scott offer but also Solutions to different aspects of the planetary challenges as well as Solutions and Tools for the macro-cosm challenges.

Such as, let me give you an example, the challenge we have right now, one of them is, that many people’s heart are SHUT DOWN. They have been experiencing for years disheartening experiences. And so, with this category, we are going to be revealing and bringing forth campaigns and projects that will support for a HEART OPENING, this is the Revolution of the Heart.

And so, you will see things here, such as the « Random Acts of Kindness Movement», and this is an opportunity for you as you look in this category, to go and to engage with Random Acts of Kindness and here, you have business cards that you can download as a PDF and then have that business card printed out, say like at Vista print or one of the other places you can get free cards and leave that card with the person you’ve just engaged with, and as a Random Act of Kindness.

And, we are also going to be having Live events and Concerts and Webinars and all sorts of different things that you can engage with, ways that you can even engage with as part of being part of the solution, as well as solutions for your own life, solutions for the global community and then with the Experientiel Tools ; ways for you to actually ENGAGE with the energy and to engage with this Contingency Plan and the GodWave that also will include modules.

Modules 1, has already been released, part of Module 1 as this first phase of this website being released and relaunch of my show of « Wake Up Shift is Happening ». So, this Module 1 is part of the Solutions & Tools for you as an individual to engage with.

So, also remember to check the updates and the details to see what we’ve added, new things and new projects and new ways for you to engage, new ways to create community and for you to have your own experiences of your expanded evolution and part of this Contingency Plan for Humanity’s Ascension and the transcendence of the duality reality.

So, thank you once again for engaging here with Waking Up with Deb. I am Deborah Pietsch and you and I and we, are in this together.

Private Session with Deb

Private Sessions with Deb

Doesn’t matter WHERE you are in the world: Private sessions are done globally via Skype or a U.S. based Conference line. HOW do you engage in a your private session? All Sessions are recording so you are NOT taking notes, but rather, are relaxed / reclined and in “RECEIVING MODE” for the information & insights […]

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Master Clearing Your Field

Master Clearing Your Field And Activation

This mp3 digital download is a cutting-edge EXPERIENTIAL TOOL and beginner-phase Activation of your I AM Presence. Together Deb and Scott bring you this powerful tool for your Ascension.  The words, commands and the vibrations you will hear (and feel) are intended to create a visceral experience of becoming an Activated I AM Presence Being of […]

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