Solutions for Microcosm & Macrocosm Solutions & Tools for Your & Humanity’s Great Awakening!

In this overview, you will find not only the Experiential Tools that Deb and Scott offer to assist you in your Ascension Up-leveling, but also Solutions for the macrocosm challenges … which very much includes many closed or “flat-lined” hearts”.

This category, more than many others, will grow extensively in the near future as new tools, heart opening campaigns, global strategies and movements are brought forth.

One of the Experiential Tools Deb has brought forth is the Melchizedek Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation. This free gift to humanity as a remedy to those in today’s society who may operate with their hearts closed due to repeated disheartening and disappointing experiences. This is the perfect place to engage with us and learn more about Random Acts of Kindness strategies, live events, concerts and webinars that will enable you to participate as part of the solution for Humanity’s Great Awakening!


Solutions and Tools are ways that we are going to ENGAGE with ourselves as well as the world around us, in order to create a different experience of ourselves as well as a Collective Community upon Mother Earth.

And all of the information that is available on the internet, and there is A LOT, is only that, unless that you are engaging with it in a way that is Creating Transformation for you, or the people around you, or as a Collective if we are as a Collective, CREATING TRANSFORMATION.

The challenge that I have seen over the last years there is so much information and dis-information that’s circulating and that there is very little focus on Solutions that actually create Longevity of Transformation, and Continuous Transformation in our Evolution of ourselves and as a Community, as Humanity, as a Collective Community upon Mother Earth.

So what myself and Scott are going to be talking and bringing out are Projects, one after another, and also Experiential Tools. We have Experiential Tools that assist you, and with the Activations, assist you in engaging with yourself to bring about Transformation and that Alchemical Transformation and to Transmute even the Energies and the Patterns of Energies and the Programs and the beliefs and the dis-beliefs that are not serving you in your Highest Good.

And what is important at this time also is that we engage Collectively with these solutions that will lift us out of this downward spiral that we have been experiencing. And so we are also going to be offering, as part of this Movement, The Revolution of Heart and the Opening of Heart Space back onto the planet, where we are holding an Intention and taking a stand that we are a planet of LOVE.

We are going to be bringing forth Projects, as part of this Movement, that will assist us to be part of the solution instead rather than part of the problem. Projects like ‘Random Acts of Kindness’, and you will find that on the website where you can download a card and take it over to somewhere like ‘Vista Print’ (not take it, but upload it), and get a free business card and be a part of the Random Acts of Kindness Movement.

And the Projects, such as the ‘Spiritual Hotline’ and the different things that we (I’m kind of at a loss of words at the moment, as I have a list of about fifty things) are going to be rolling out, one after another. And this is ways for us to engage as a Collective, to Create, and be a part of the Solution of us having the experience of LOVE within ourselves, as well as being a planet of LOVE, which my belief is why we incarnated here, to bring that forth and to Engage with the God Being Self Of Light, Love and Gratitude and knowing ourselves as much more than the Human Being that gets up in the morning, goes to the job, has retirement, has the, what I refer to as the ‘meat and potatoes’ robotic experience.

That we are here to Expand our Awareness, our Consciousness and Engage with ourselves and the world around us as Multi-Dimensional Beings, Powerful Beings of Light in ways that most of us have never experienced so far in this lifetime.
So, offering the Solutions, Pineal Gland Activations, Heart Chakra Activations, Divine Human Blueprint Technology, Activating the Technology of this New Divine Blueprint, the New Earth Reality and the 13 Codexes for this New Earth Reality, and Sacred Partnerships Aligning.
So we are very much about ENGAGING with the Solutions and the Tools, the Experiential ways that you as an individual and we as a Collective Consciousness can come together, Unify, Activate and Expand.

And I look forward to being able to start sharing all of that with you. We have a Rolodex of things that we are going to be bringing out now, starting here, September 2015.
Thank you for Engaging.

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