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Deborah PietschDoesn’t matter WHERE you are in the world:

Private sessions are done globally via Skype or a U.S. based Conference line.

HOW do you engage in a your private session?

All Sessions are recording so you are NOT taking notes, but rather, are relaxed / reclined and in “RECEIVING MODE” for the information & insights coming from direct telepathic conversation with your Higher Self and your Beings of Light Guides. You’re also in “receiving” mode for the energy, Activations, Clearings and other “work” being done by and through Deb.

WHAT kind of information & insights can you expect?

Very detailed. Most people are rather surprised and / or (joyfully) shocked by the level of detail and clarity that Deb is able to communicate about on your behalf. The important thing for you to remember is that Deb thoroughly “CLEARS YOUR FIELD” (with your participation) and commands that “only information that is in your HIGHEST GOOD is what is communicated and brought through.

Telepathic Communication is Different than being a “psychic”

Deb does not refer to herself as a psychic, but rather a “telepathic communicator” and an “Oracle”…these are 2 different aspects of Higher Dimensional existence. The telepathic communication is conducted just like being on a phone with a party on the other end…conversation and clarity is conducted moment to moment with you participating. The usage of “Oracle” is only just newly being shared in the public as of 2015…this is what Deb’s Guides refer to her as, which plays a role in how she is able to assist people in exponentially being able to understand and move forward with their Highest Divine Role and Beingness.

How can you expect to benefit from a private session or several private sessions?

Through the detailed information that comes through, along with the Clearings, energy shifts and the Activations, you have a lot of different ways that your day to day can shift. Working with the information from the session – through the recording – is commonly done for both more of the energy Activation and the details of how / what action to engage with in order to move forward with certain aspects and elements of your life.

What is the Energy work that Deb is most know for? Activations – powerful ones!

Until you experience an Activation and the powerful potent experiences with it, it’s a little challenging to try to describe. Please see the the following links for more information.

How Do You Prepare for your Session?

There is a prereqesite experiential tool that must be engaged with daily for 7 days prior to your session being scheduled. This is the Mastering Clearing Your Field. This tool is sold separately or at a deep discount bundled with a 1st time session. This tool is incredibly powerful and potent. Everything that Deb teaches continuously comes back to you “being your own guru” and these experiential tools are to be utilized for teaching as well as “training wheels” until you engage with the details yourself on your own.

  1. Transmuting (quickly) past wounds, experiences, programs, emotional triggers – clearing the cellular memory of them
  2. Clear and remove implants (physical and energetic)
  3. Activate and Align your Heart Chakra with I AM Codes so your Higher Self can begin communicating
  4. Invocation to Clear & Align you with your Higher Self
  5. Telepathic Communication with your Higher Self & Beings of Light Guides
  6. Full Monty 7 Chakra
  7. I AM Love & Light Code Activations
  8. DNA Code Activations
  9. Includes Birthing Your Higher Self Into this Dimensional Heart Field
  10. Activating Contingency Plan Soul Agreements
  11. Begins the powerful Alchemical Transformational Process of Mind, Body, Spirit ~ Lightbody Activation
  12. Review all aspects of your current life; relationships, job/career/mission, spiritual journey etc.

New Clients: Option #1

1st time Private Session Bundled with Mastering Clearing Your Field

**If  you have already purchased the Master Clearing Your Field & Activation or the Bundled Set… Pay only the “Existing Client Option of $333 AND email receipt of your purchase along with your session request email and this will be honored.

Purchased separately – normally $399

New Clients: Option #2

1st time Private Session Bundled with Tools #1, #2 & #3

  • Tool #1 Clearing Your Field – Morning Engagement with MerKAba Activation
  • Tool #2 Clearing Your Field for Nighttime Intentions & Activities
  • Tool #3 Emergency Break Glass

Purchased separately – Normally $399

Option #1 Bundle – Buy It Now $366 Option #2 Bundle – Buy It Now $366
Clearing Your Field Tools 123

Existing Clients

Already working with a Clearing Your Field Tools AND have had a private session?
Session Fee: $333 (USD Click button below. For AUD pricing please contact via HelpDesk)

Private Session – Buy It Now $333

Already Had A Private Session?

Get a Custom Private Experiential Tool for $111 – Discuss details following your Private Session.

Essential Information for Private Sessions

All sessions are done via Skype or conference line. Booking your Session:

  1. Choose which Option you prefer – **please note option 1 & 2 are for new clients – see notes below
  2. Upon payment: email
  3. Identify in the email the time zone you’re in and a few days / times that work for you
  4. Deb will communicate with you directly (one on one) to schedule your session
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email that will include details such as the conference line and / or skype contact depending on which method you’ve chosen to utilize
  6. The MP3 recording of your session will be emailed to you via Hightail for you to download and utilize how you choose. Many people re-listen several times.

**If  you have already purchased the Master Clearing Your Field & Activation or the Bundled Set…

Action Steps:  Pay only the “Existing Client Option of $333 AND Include the emailed receipt of your purchase along with your session request email and this will be honored

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