Master Clearing Your Field And Activation

This mp3 digital download is a cutting-edge EXPERIENTIAL TOOL and beginner-phase Activation of your I AM Presence. Together Deb and Scott bring you this powerful tool for your Ascension.  The words, commands and the vibrations you will hear (and feel) are intended to create a visceral experience of becoming an Activated I AM Presence Being of Light, as well as giving you the exact words and commands to RECLAIM your energy field and CLEAR your field of projections, charms & spells, obstructions, implants, entities and much more.

You will also learn how to Invoke life aspects to align in your Highest Good, which will also begin to shift things – very noticeably in your world.

This tool also Activates you to be aligned with the New Earth Unified Field that has been Activated and is being held by a powerful group of people that are a part of the inner circle that Deb and Scott are working with.

This is an EXPERIENTIAL TOOL – it’s not a meditation – which means that the commands, phrases and words are intended to be learned via this “training wheels” tool.

For your convenience, the running time of this experiential tool is just under 10 minutes – but do not “judge” it’s value by the time, but by the powerful and profound results…it’s packed full of energy, ignition & Activation!

Master Clearing Your Field Tool Case and Disc

Get This Powerful Tool Here – $66

You will be ignited into our Activated New Earth Unified Field, so that you can powerfully shift from being in harms way of anything that can create obstructions in your daily life, including:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Projects
  • Life Purpose

Most people are reporting back that major life shifts are occurring, especially many aspects of life aligning; creating much more grace and ease!

Digital Download – Buy It Now $66

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Please abide by the New Earth Seal of Integrity. Please be conscious of the energetic signature of being out of integrity in sharing this with those who have not purchased it.


Please note: This mp3 digital download must be downloaded to a computer first – it’s not an app that can be downloaded to a phone or an iPad. You will have 3 download “tries” before the file will expire and then you will not be able to access it again. So PLEASE download it to a computer!

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