Let’s Talk RV/GCR with Deb & Team Show 11 The GCR Providing Many People With Rites of Passage Initiations for Timeline Separation Where Are You Vibrationally

Waking Up With Deb…Shift Is Happening! iTV Presents …

GCR/RV Live Series with Deb and Team
Episode # 11
“The GCR is Providing Many People With Rites of Passage Initiations for
Timeline Separation…Where Are You Vibrationally?

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Intel, Rumors, Groups, Dis-info and more!
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The GCR is Providing Many People With Rites of Passage Initiations for Timeline Separation … Where Are You Vibrationally?

As you know, Sean has gone quiet per agreements he’s engaged with.  I have shared some “intel” details I received about the current status of the GCR – which were confirmed in the 3D.

During this show:

This week’s show is geared to more awareness that we are in the beginning stages of a very, very real “Timeline Separation”. As we anchor this GCR for the “Betterment of Humanity” Timeline, we are going to see more and more upheaval, as well as:

  • Opportunities in our daily lives that are “Initiations” and “tests” to see where you truly are in the alignment of LOVE and even Christ Consciousness
  • The opportunity to see any of your blindspots that might be keeping you from a full time vibration of LIGHT being able to access you from the Higher Realms
  • How things really are shifting back to a timeline inwhich we can co-create and be the creator Beings of Light we incarnated to be
    *How the INVERSIONS around money have established an improbability for Beings of LIGHT to be a vibrational match for the current (old paradigm / other timeline) money programmed with “fear, survival, fear and control”
  • Law of Attraction isn’t working for you?  It’s not programmed to …

Learn about all of this in this show, and some of the solutions you can engage with to immediately shift your experience.

Deb’s and the Team of Light’s Commitment To You:

Many Dinar sites censor information and even forbid open idea and knowledge-sharing on a broad range of GCR topics. This live, interactive call will seek to ring out the information you care about free from censorship, mockery, and forbidden subjects. We are committed to being fully transparent, as well as going beyond Talk and information only.  We will always be blending the 3D and the “5D” as well as the microcosm and the macrocosm of this situation … which is only the tip of the iceberg of monumental changes we’ll be seeing on the planet!

All Replays available at:   WakingUpWithDeb

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We are excited to be sharing this time with you, and all we will be talking about, as we expand the Waking Up With Deb family and community beyond the existing bounds!
See You Then..with bells, whistles and your “Let’s Do This” Beingness!


Transcript of Show:

Will be available here soon.

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