Let’s Talk RV/GCR and the Great Shift with Deb & Sean Show 7 The Upheaval, Dismantling and Fear has Began You’re at Choice Point Live QnA

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Let’s Talk GCR / RV and the Great Shift with Deb & Sean
Episode # 7

The Upheaval, Dismantling and Fear has Began ~ You Are at Choice Point
LIVE Sunday, January 10, 2016

Intel, Rumors, Groups, Dis-info and more!
Open Live Q&A for Dinar Land Not to be missed!

Join hosts, transitional bridges, researchers and way-showers, Sean Michael and (telepath & Activator) Deb Pietsch for a no holds barred, open discussion about all things RV/GCR…including the multi-dimensional energetics, the major transitional time we’re entering into, along wit the esoteric and spiritual aspect of  how this GCR affects the microcosm and macrocosm of the mass consciousness!  This includes humanity’s awakening journey and our transcendence from “the enslavement matrix”!

During this week’s show:

As we usher in the New Year of 2016, we are also on the threshold of ushering in the final countdown to groups exchanging, the revealing of the dismantling of the Fiat System AND the SHIFTS necessary to “re-right” us on our trajectory of evolution.  Don’t be surprised if you have emotional “stuff”, including fears and uncertainty be triggered, as the markets get shaken and the “facade” of rigging and manipulation begins to show its destabilized present condition.  

YOU are at Choice Point at this juncture…are you going to stand in your powerful I AM Presence knowing that most of these events must occur in order for the “up-righting” of this upsidedown ship / life on planet Earth comes into a level playing field…just for starters, OR are you going to be overcome by your fear or other’s fears?

Timing of Q & A:

We will open up the Q & A queue at 30-45 minutes into the first hour so that YOU can engage with us.  Also, we’re introducing a new person to our support team … find out who during the live call / show! 

Topics Covered:

  • Why looking at these events through “lenses” of awareness could be the saving Grace you need to know about to assist you through this upheaval
  • What are the signs to look for that will assist you in understanding that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of a greater, massive upheaval?
  • How is the GCR / RV related to humanity’s Great Awakening and Evolutionary Journey?
  • What kind of entities, such as Trusts, should or could you be researching to be better prepared for transitioning to a person with wealth (of any sort)?

Our Engagement and Commitment To You:

Many GCR (Global Currency ReSet) sites, calls and groups censor information and even forbid open idea and knowledge-sharing on a broad range of GCR topics. This live, interactive call will seek to ring out the information you care about free from censorship, mockery, and forbidden subjects. We are committed to being fully transparent, as well as going beyond Talk and information only. We will always be blending the 3D and the “5D” as well as the microcosm and the macrocosm of this situation … which is only the tip of the iceberg of monumental changes we’ll be seeing on the planet!
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We are excited to be sharing this time with you, and all the topics we will be talking about, as we expand the Waking Up With Deb family and community beyond the existing bounds!
See You Then..with bells, whistles and your “Let’s Do This” Beingness!


Transcript of Show:

Deb -Alright, here we go!  So, just restarting here, and saying hello to everybody. This is Deborah Pietsch and I am   with Sean and Denise. So, I’m going to, let me introduce you to these guys and the new female voice that you are hearing and so this is – Sean, why don’t you actually introduce her?

Sean -Ok, this is my wife Denise.

Denise -Hi, hello everyone, this is my first time and I hope everything goes well (Deb laughs).

Sean – This is my life partner, my Awake in 3D partner and well higher D than that, most of the time anyway.

Deb -(laugh), Alright, so, we have asked Denise to engage here with us and you guys some of you know, Scott, who is my partner and if you don’t know that, then you’ve heard me time and again talk about him and that he’s at work and sends instant message during the time stream of the show. So we’ve asked Denise to engage here and so, as she said, this is her first time. Jennifer did, has done a great job working with the call and the callers and this is an opportunity for Sean’s partner to get involved here and we ask you guys to go easy on her (laugh) and if you don’t you’ve got Sean or I to deal with.

Denise -Thank you very much Deb, I appreciate it.

Deb -Thank you for stepping in and breaking through any of your own trepidation or concerns or fears or whatever may have been there and really engaging here. And that’s what this has a lot to do with too.  So this show, as we lay the foundation of this show, which is “Let’s talk GCR”, everything GCR and the Great Shift. For those of you that are potentially new to this call and to this show, we represent, what we intend to represent, is kind of a higher vibration, not kind of, a higher vibration, a much more conscious viewpoint and engagement in regards to this Global Currency Reset and so, Sean brings a very high level of background of information and information regarding the GCR, the, all sorts of different aspects of the markets and the money and what not and although I’ve done thousands of hours of research on my own and I’m very much aligned with everything, pretty much everything that Sean brings.

My viewpoint and my perspective that I bring forth at this time, more has to do with the overall arching shift that is occurring, the energetics of that, being multi-dimensional and also very engaged with telepathic communication and even Activations and Activation Energy.  And assisting, for those of us that are here, myself and Sean and Denise and Scott and there’s a team around us too, Helen, Nadia, Jan, there’s other people you’ll hear us talk about, the team and these are people who are very close to us in our inner circle and who are working with the energies and clearing the field, clearing their fields and engaging in a very proactive way as part of this transition and as way showers because of the GCR is so, so much more than about the currency. This has so much to with the revaluation of ourselves as human beings where we are not just about the money and what we have in our bank accounts and the material objects. We are also revaluing who we are from our heart of gold standpoint, from our vibration and then of course it gets into the history of JFK and what he was doing just before his assassination and then everything in regards to the humanitarian projects that many of us will now have the monetary funds to engage with, life purpose, missions on the planet, and what not. So much of that has been stymied.

So, as you engage with this show and this call, first of all, we are going to ask you to suspend potentially some of your dis-beliefs that I bring through, I don’t necessarily bring it through here on the show, but some of the things I talk about has come from very detailed guidance and telepathic communication with Beings of Light that I communicate with and Sean and Denise and Scott, all of us have been around and have experienced that and as we move forward in this transition, cause we are in a very huge transition, this week specifically, and we are going to talk about the title of the show, Sean today is, and then I’m going to turn this over to you is ‘Upheaval, Dismantling and Fear has begun and You’re at Choice Point’ and that is going to come in many different ways and it’s important that we all and each embrace our individual journey and this situation and this transition but that we also embrace it as a collective and this call, this show and the community we’ve created is all about that.

So, Sean, now that I’ve said my piece, oh, and one more thing, as we open up the Q&A, it’s very important for each of you guys, our house keeping rules with only share your first name, we are not into fear but we are into discernment and privacy, in that way and share, if you want to share where you’re from and that we’ll call you by your prefix of your area code. So, be listening for that and then when we open up the Q&A, it’s *6 the way to get on the Q&A queue and also be aware we don’t, this is live, we don’t know who’s on the other end of that call. So, we ask you as the caller to be very conscientious, to be clear and to be clear in your intention, in your question, your engagement and also that if you are intending, you have to, also we are asking you to realize that we as a host to this, because we don’t have call screeners right here live, that you also understand that if you are going on and on and on, and asking, let’s say we try and have restricted your question and you are going on and on and on, we may not, we may ask you, you know, to just wrap it up, or we wrap it up for you because we are really wanting to get to as many people as we can and also today, we have gone anywhere from 2 hours 22 minutes to 3 hours. Sean, when you did your call all by yourself, you did it for 3 hours. Today, we are doing the hard yard, we are doing it 2 hours, so we will really like to get to the Q&A and have as many people participate as possible.

So we thank you for being here, whether you are live and also you are here with the replay. The website where you can also learn more about what we are up to is ‘Waking Up with’ and then also that way you can find out about the community. We have currently paused membership because we’ve grown very fast. So we are doing kind of a cleaning up and the other thing is that if we, it’s really good, especially at this point, here we are January 10th, this date January 11th the parts of the world southern hemisphere. If you, we may not end up doing the show next week. So what will be really good for you to do is to check back at the site mentioned and check to see whether we will be really doing a live show next week because the things we are intending and seeing, we may not be available. So with that, Sean, I’d love for you to jump in and share whatever is in your heart and mind to share at this time.

Sean -Ok, thank you. Hello everyone, Hi, so as we usually do, I’ll spend the next 10 minutes debating what we’ve seen over the past week since our last Sunday show, we left off last Sunday with some concrete things we expected to evidence with some of the thoughts and are being released for the GCR currency reset. We are also at the high-level group type of programs and as well as the bond, the historic asset bonds or the gold bonds and the different sovereign bonds that are all a part of this as well. So the key thing is that when this type of activity begins the information or the people that are in the know seriously get locked down or I don’t like using this phrase Deb but gag order or whatever you want to call it.

This basically means they are reminded of the NBA’s that they’ve signed and any details that are saying. So the way that we were always able to discern through the disinformation and misinformation versus info that is more highly likely accurate was that certain details would come out, you could almost pretty much guarantee that it’s not accurate, right, because any time a date or a rate, it’s happening tomorrow, a kind of stuff that comes out is that there is misinformation or you know, at worst a lack of understanding. That’s a piece of information without us knowing what it is that’s happening tomorrow. Many assume it’s the RV, the notifications are going out across Dinarland and that is typically usually not the case, so we had another week full of this kind of stuff over the last seven days where I read more than 20 different pieces coming out, with its going down Friday, the last Friday, Thursday, the last Thursday or over this week-end, this Saturday type of thing. So what I can say is the good news is that the type of information I’m used to getting is more indicative or accurate of where we are pretty much dried up over the week, I mean almost nothing, right, so, there were a few other than the report saying it’s happening this Thursday or Friday which just can’t be, and so here we are on Sunday without notifications and that kind of thing per se.

However, what has happened is I believe is certain levels of funding have happened within our sovereign group level at least completed to the point as far as they can be complete in without the actual transfer happening but there are funds for most part, at least several of them at the sovereign level. There were some reports of bond activity, bond platform, I’m not sure if there was a bond platform, I never tell you it’s definite if I don’t know for sure but for bond level activity in the Far East basically Singapore, Hong Kong, those kinds of places where certain things happened to a point but as of right now what I can definitely say is that I have no direct knowledge of any particular group or group member actually happening at this point on Sunday night, west coast US time, having actual access to send the bond fund; and to me that’s what matters, right, so nobody is missing anything, there hasn’t been something or people being left behind where our show is on fear tonight. Please don’t fear of being left behind because you are reading all those reports, it’s happening or people being paid and that type of things. There may very well be a few individuals out there, a certain number out there executing certain transactions with their currencies; I don’t believe to my knowledge that anyone has spendable currencies.

So there was a lot of consolidation with the past seven days, since last Sunday, a lot of progress and what we did witness was a huge tectonic activity, a huge activity within the global markets, the financial markets over the past five days and as I’m looking here just before the show, at least in the US, the Dow of futures, of industrial futures went down another 160 which pretty much indicates that it will, you know, change overnight what but we are looking for another significant opening well below before Friday’s close. So the Dow industrial lost over twelve hundred points in the last seven days since last Friday 7th trading day.

The word on the street was one of the reports that the markets, the US markets needed to drop a thousand points or more before we would see a certain activity happening, that kind of activity that all of us that are in the GCR want to see; that happened, right, so we are we, we were come up on a Monday, already there’s been quite a few reports in the financial markets as of this evening coming out of Asia because the Asian markets are open right now as we are doing this call and there is a lot of turmoil particularly in the foreign, what’s called the FEX or the foreign exchange markets, specifically the FOREX, right, so several currencies pairs are kind of going into wild flames, now its wild for the typical FOREX, it’s not the kind of wild we are expecting which would maybe mean, we know, certain currencies revaluating against the dollar by ten thousand percent or more but all the same there is some pretty wild selective happening in the foreign exchange markets right now that are open, global markets said they have another day with principal driving that the activity in the Chinese markets, specifically here over with the Chinese devaluing the Yuan or the Yuan Renmindi against the US dollar as well as China drying up its purchases of US equities or doing commerce in US dollars.

That information hit the wires very well, hit the back channel information today, it’s probably posted pretty wildly throughout the Norway, so at this point, we are waiting to see what that really means; I’m not buying 100 percent yet that China has completely stopped all dollar transactions in its daily commerce. That’s a pretty easy thing to verify but what we do know is that China, that several FX traders on FOREX, some of the larger firms that trade foreign currencies via FOREX brokerage houses if you will have already sent warnings that on the 15th they will increase, they will more than double the margin cost of financing derivatives and that word we want to talk about, right, derivatives, that’s what the banks play with our money and those types of things, they are raising the spreads on the derivatives on the 15th I expect as the week goes you’ll see many more of the brokerage houses follow in line with that and what does that mean when they double the margin on the spread, it just means that it cost a lot more money to finance purchasing currency options, it also decreases risks because you can’t buy as many options with the amount of money you normally could.

So, it devalues risk, it de-risks certain transactions but a very interesting that they are starting this on the 15th and the memos are out there, this is a fact. I’ve seen several of the memos from the (local chalpel). So, there’s that day the 15th, other information will come out these last few days about the 15th, this Friday, right, so we’re talking about potential activity within the republic; we’ve got the US state of the union address this Tuesday night, I know from three years in the past week, we’ve been told things are going to happen around the state of the union. Those charity unions that have addressed in the past for years have come and gone, so as I was saying to you earlier Deb, I’m not holding my breath for any major announcement that the state of the union, I’d love it, it makes sense, that’s the time to do anything if you want to go public with purpose, but, you know, we are just going to have to wait and see, keep calm, heads prevailing, so I’ll just close up, that’s pretty much the information, there is solid information that the funds are right there at the edge; we are waiting to hear yet again news that this happens as the new US dollars has been injected into the system or activated which basically means that the safety net for the currency, our dollar, so we’ll see what happens starting tomorrow, I kind of hoped that some of this would have started last week, or it would have occurred something but it didn’t so here we are tonight and if we are going to talk on the addressing this here, the issue during the course, this leads then to the markets stumbling with the FX foreign exchange currency liquidity drying up dramatically within the brokerages in the FOREX with the major brokerage houses, doubling their margins starting on the 15th which means it’s going to cost you a heck of a lot more to play the currency option game, we’d like to see that stopped completely actually, wouldn’t we?

So, you know the State of the union, I think there is already a substantial amount of some concern going on right now, I received many emails and private messages over the past week raising the same issue about bank bailing, I know we’ve addressed that on several calls, right, because it’s a popular topic, we’ll get into that, I’m sure some colleagues will bring that up; what is the frank got to do with it, can you be really bailed into a bank, I’ll have some information on that if people are interested. You are going to talk about are the markets going to crash. Today several PMs regarding, ‘Is the US economy gonna’ go draught instantly over a short period of time into a third world nation?’ All right, I think that’s probably over there in the fear category, fear or concern. So we want to address that so we can be eyes wide open and what the real purpose of the global financial reset side is. So I think those are gonna’ be good topics for the call in. The markets tumbling, the foreign currency bank baling, and what was the final…Deb? Oh, the trust, how can you, are you positioned, you know, what to, you know, do after your exchange.

Deb -Within the next entity. Right.

Sean OK, so I think that’s pretty much our update since the last seven days. Right?

Deb OK, I am gonna actually do two, let’s do two things. One is, Denise, you want to go ahead and open up the Q&A line and while people are populating that Q&A, and again to do that, you ‘star 6’ on your phone if you’ve called in and it will enter you into the queue. Plus, the other thing is Sean, I was waiting for you to complete. What I’d like to do is, you had mentioned something and rather than just mentioning it, I think it would be good for us to go back and expand upon it just a tad. And that was the notices that China may not be going much more business with the, oops there we go. That might not be going, too much more…

Sean- The board locked up over here, so

Deb- It did, ok. Don’t worry, I got it, ok.

Sean- Ya, but I heard it …

Deb- Ya ok, cause I wasn’t seeing you. I was watching it. It’s all-good. OK. So, let’s just try a thing. I think it would be good for us to just touch upon it a little bit more and talk about the possibilities of why that would be happening. Because this is another reason why we have chosen the topic tonight and the tittle of the show being, ‘The Upheaval, Dismantling, and Fear Has Begun’. It’s important as all of us, see this shift occur, that we are able to embrace and understand the depth of this shift because this is not just about ‘Oh, money’s going to be dispersed for humanitarian projects and re-evaluation currency.’ This is about the higher planet, and you’ve heard me say this before, we have swung so much off the pendulum out of balance. In order for us to even get back to a level playing field, some shit’s gonna’ have to hit the fan. And this may cause a tremendous amount of fear for even those of you that are in the know about what’s going on. And so it’s important for you to understand as much as possible on why you’re even here listening live or even to the replay. It’s so that you can be more in the know and also to understand that you are a choice point. You’re a choice point for every moment of your experience of whether you’re going to choose to stay in alignment with a heart vibration of trust and love with discernment though, not blindly, or you’re gonna’ go into fear and a lot of the subjects that Sean just talked about mentioned, the baling, and what not.

A lot of that can be seeped and based in fear. On the flip side, and there’s a fine line dance basically of being engaged with the concern or the awareness of that and using discernment in how you engage. But I would like to go back to the China thing, because this is a very, very big potential high possibility of one of the ‘Shit’s gonna hit the fan’ subjects that’s wrapped into this financial reset situations. So, Sean do you want to expand on this a little bit more?

Sean- Ya! I’ll make it real quick, right, so we can fit in the calls. One of the key ways that, ok, we have to make an assumption that the, no we don’t have to make an assumption. Let me be more clear. One of the ways that could create a scenario where the GCR is released, which means that, currencies that are gold backed and asset backed are activated and if one country is taking its sweet time or not getting up to speed or refuses to cooperate, you could not recognize that currency anymore, the FIAT currencies. So the two biggest players in the world are obviously the United States, and China in terms of economies. So what kind of, what surfaced in terms of information is that at this point China is purportedly, and I’m going to use that word very clearly, purportedly refusing, stopping all commerce transactions between China and the US in the old US dollar. Now, that can be part of the plan, because things will kick off tomorrow, alright?

That could be the release, starting of the spendable funds, the most important part of the funding for us all. Or it could be, China saying, “We’ve had enough. This thing is going and it’s going with or without you.’ Now, I’m not a big umm, I don’t push the ‘US is always delaying this type of thing’. They used to do that quite a bit. Who ‘they’ is, I don’t know, US treasury, certain things; let’s just call them the banksters. And, the central banking banksters, perhaps they’re looking for more time or something and will very quickly if China refused to do business in the old FIAT/US dollars that would immediately force the US to move to the new dollar, the USN and force the hand. I believe actually the previous scenario. I think this is part of the execution, right? So even though being recorded as China’s refusing to accept US dollars because this Fiat status or the US is bankrupt. Well every country is bankrupt, so let’s be clear, in Fiat terms. But I believe that this could be the key trigger because we all know that anyone that’s been in this awhile, China is definitely a huge driving force behind the GCR, right? Not the China government, but the Chinese ancient families, and we talked about that quite a bit in past shows and this could be the mood that is starting this whole thing if these reports today prove out to be accurate, which should be able to see some evidence to that in short order the next few days. So, I say, let this play out.

I have absolutely no fear about what’s coming. The USN has to be there and it will catch the USD, Fiat dollar, on its way down. I think it’s going to come down 5-10% maybe a little bit more than that, but the US dollar will still be a dollar. It just means some imported goods from other countries will be 10% more expensive, or something of that nature. So, we watch, we understand, we have eyes wide open. I think we’re the ones that need to be calm and understand that this is part of the plan and it’s going to happen. And we are here as way showers and people in the knowledge to help the 99. 9% of the other people that don’t know anything about this and they have a massive upheaval as this is going forward. You know, even points on the banks or something like that, but ah, it will be our jobs to keep our friends and family and neighbour’s calm and that type of thing, so I don’t think it’s going to reach epic proportions in terms of crisis. That’s my opinion.

Deb-Okay and so you had also mentioned about the Republic, so I just want to make one tie in here, in regards to that as a possibility, because I can’t say that we have anything that is substantial as far as fact, but I would say that there is a possibility and the connecting of the dots as I want to make here, is that if that is the case and that this reset is also bringing forth actual sovereign countries and disclosing the have actually been corporations, that if that is the case it’s also going to tie in to the USD versus the treasury notes or the US note that are now that would then be associated with a Republic, an interim government and the old corporate US that would be, potentially would be vacating positions that there is a connecting of a dot here and dots in regards to China that actually that that is true they won’t be doing in more business with USD that it’s actually that kind of ringing of the bell of the transition, potentially.

Sean-Yes, potentially I get that, the first scenario I mentioned, this could be the trigger point now, where we’re going to see the US and be available and the other large sovereign nations will not recognize Fiat it’s not just the US dollar but the former Fiat currency. So the bottom line is with the Republic back in 1879 I always get them mixed up (Deb – I think it was 1871) somewhere in there let’s just leave it at that, it was 100 or so years ago, the United States was usurped by a corporate takeover this is pretty fact it’s easy to go out and research, we don’t need to get into all the proof and details here. However once that happened the United States became U. S Inc; United States of America and we were no longer a Republic as we were under the organic constitution, we were a corporation, alright? So. .

Deb-And if I can also just interject there Sean, is that most of the larger countries at this time are actually in the same, are now subsidiaries of that corporation right?

Sean-Yes if there is a central bank in a country, a sovereign nation it’s a corporation it’s a corporation and the government is a corporation. The country is still sovereign but the government that is running it is a corporation, but those two things never intersect. There are about 188 central banks, and so they’re all corporations. I guess it’s important to mention that we’re talking about the U.S Government, it is the largest entity on the planet so we’re talking about that but we’re not just picking on the U.S.  All of the major countries are corporations, right? It’s not just the U. S that’s the overarching bad guys, it’s the bankers and all the central banks, they’re the bad guys.

Deb– It’s global.

Sean– What’s that? (Deb -it’s global) Global, correct. So as part of the global financial reset, because the money supply, Fiat currency has been the primary instrument of human enslavement right? You can’t really have a financial reset and get rid of the fiat currency and still leave these corporate entities running the show, right, purporting to be government and courts are purporting to be justice systems and that type of thing. Of course in the United States and most other countries are corporations right? They operate under admiralcy law, not sovereign law, not law of the land. So you’re treated like a vessel when you walk in and all of that stuff, so I don’t’ want to get into too much of the detail of that, connecting the dots and closing out on this.

Deb – But wait one more thing, I just want to jump in here, and this has to do with when Sean says enslaved and when I refer to the enslavement matrix. These are not just made up names. What’s important, if you don’t know if you haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of what we’re talking about, please do your research so you understand what is about to shift and I’m just going to hold that as a very high probability intention and creation of reality.
When we refer to the enslavement matrix, what we’re referring to is a literal deceptive string of things that have been done, that includes your birth certificate, this is in the U.S and I’m pretty sure it is with some other countries, your birth certificate being utilized with your social security number and you as human collateral and referred to as shadow and all of that.

So when we refer to enslavement we’re not just throwing that out there as a word to use, because we feel we’re slaves to our work or that kind of thing. There is an actual designed plan that has been very effective in its execution and part of this and what’s important for you to actually be aware of is that as the shifts of what we’re talking about with the corporations, the disclosure and the things that are to be revealed with all of this, it’s important that you realize it shifts the matrix even as you as a human being on this planet and in this matrix it’s basically like, let’s say you were in jail and the prison doors are going to open but you’re not going to see those prison doors open if you’re not aware of it. So it’s important that you actually engage of stepping out of that vibration and engage with more of the creation that will now be available to creation energy that will now be available to you and you’re able to connect those dots. Sean.

Sean-Okay alright so the Republic, it makes sense that the financial reset really couldn’t happen without re-engaging a sovereign government that truly represents the people that is by of and for the people. That is the essence of what we call the Republic and that’s not just what you and I call it. That’s what it’s called in all across anyone who discusses these things. It means we’re going back in the U.S in the organic constitution several of those on the ferriet amendments will be taken out.

So I think it makes sense because we’re still here in the process of waiting for the funds to make their final appearance at the bottom of the pockets right? As I’ve talked about for several shows now. It appears either part of the plan all the time or it’s gone, it’s taken longer than planned. It now appears that there is a high likelihood that the Republic and the financial of the GCR will actually go pretty much simultaneously right? So whether that will be a public announcement, there is information circulating over the last couple of days that some type of public announcement regarding the republic or at least the disclosure of – based on the fiat system all of the governments or corporations and start to get those announcements out. I was also under the understanding that there would be maybe a month or two in between the republic being publicly announced or this type of disclosure to the time of the private side of the RV, the GCR was funded and everyone was exchanged and the bonds being exchanged but could appear that this is all colliding and on a near simultaneous execution beginning over this week into Friday which is the 15th and then the 18th on Monday as things unfolds. That is the information as it is right now. We will see.

Deb-We shall see. Life is exciting on planet Earth.

Sean– It’s always what is accurate as the issue right? The little that there is because everyone’s on lockdown.

Deb-Alright, Denise how are you guys doing over there? Can you see the Q &A, the people in the queue?

Denise-Yes everything is fine over here. (Deb-ok why don’t we go with the first caller over there?) So area code 828, you’re on.

Caller-Wow okay this is Ron and umm.

Denise-Hello Ron.

Deb-Hi Ron.

Ron-Hi Denise and Sean and Deborah (Deb). I have not had the opportunity, I don’t believe of listening to your prior 6 sessions but you are head and shoulders above just about everybody I‘ve ever listened to on the internet. I’ve been involved in this stuff since about 2004-2005 and actually I go back to fighting the government all the way back into the 70’s. So anyway (Sean – you’re a brother Ron, you’re a kindred brother) I knew there was something wrong in the system and I felt a strong sense of injustice and whatever but needless to say I really appreciate and I hope the people listening on this call who some of them went over their head a bit. But what you have said is 100% right on, okay. Everything that you have said tonight sits extremely well with what I understand. (Deb-excellent). But before I say anything about the GCR, let me clue in a couple of things that I think you folks will appreciate because you are vibrating to a higher frequency, let’s put it that way. Umm, we are moving or should be moving or attempting to move, from what many people would describe as an environment or a matrix of ‘blame, shame, pain, punishment and fear’ into a new matrix of health, wealth, happiness and the time to enjoy it. How does that vibrate for you?


Ron-Okay this is described on a website called ‘Keys to’ and then it’s forward slash clean-sweep so this is about a clean sweep, is how it’s described and I would suggest people might want to go to that website and read about the clean sweep.

Deb-And I’d like to add to that. Go ahead.

Ron– Well it’s not something I created it’s just something that I have stumbled upon and I know some of the people involved with it who have spent 22-23 years figuring all this stuff out and they’d like to share it with people anonymously.

Sean-I know that site Ron.

Ron-Good its clean sweep is on that site and it’s very good. (Deb-Fabulous!)
I have to ask a rhetorical question okay and it’s extremely important. How do you use or how do you fix our economic system, without fixing the people? And I mean by fixing the people how do we actually clean out the level of corruption that exists today in the world particularly in those psychopaths that run our government, in order to create a change that is going to last. Okay we can do a GCR but it will not last, it will not survive unless we clean and change the hearts of the people.

Deb– Can I jump into that? (Ron-Sure, jump into that!). I’d rather it being a rhetorical question I’d like to respond. So you’re absolutely spot on. One of the things we talked about in the past is the revaluation of ourselves and one of the things also is that I put forth and that we’ve talked about, Sean and I have talked about, is how absolutely imperative and I hope you guys that are listening take this on board, how absolutely imperative for each of us to be in a moment to moment assessment of where we are vibrationally.

If you are living and experiencing coping with many of us because of this matrix and this downward spiral and Ron I refer to this since 9/11 especially, we have been in a plunge downward, there’s a whole lot that has been done energetically and I’ve talked about that in past shows, it’s on my site and things like that but, what has happened is many people have created coping mechanisms so what they, you had a list of things in that old paradigm matrix, I refer to these fear survival, greed control energy. In those experiences those of you who have created coping mechanisms that are keeping you in survival mode because this has been a really screwed up situation. What’s important is that you get this money, that you are moment to moment choosing to release and transmute those coping mechanisms, the programs, the energies and I said on one of the other shows, don’t hoard this because there has been so much lack in the last couple of decades that it’s important that you engage with this vibration, in a vibration of opening the heart and allowing for more to come in and also your well-being. Each of us has to, I’m going to say ‘has to’ you do have a choice obviously, it’s important that you engage in your well-being and that you are in a vibration of loving Thyself first and then are able to spread that love out into the people around you to humanity, to the planet to whatever God Source that is that you choose to engage with.

What Ron is bringing to a point here is that if you and this is the guidance that I have received very, very strongly, if you engage with the money and the wealth that you come from with this GCR and you still live in the old paradigm vibration or thought process, you’re going to have a very challenging time keeping it in your field. Because the vibrations are going to shift, where it’s going to become very challenging for that to occur. Thank you for allowing me to share that.

Ron– Well since you brought that up let me bring up one more thing, I think you were epitomising the whole concept of moving into this new era where we’re not concerned of getting our pieces of the pie, we’re more concerned with growing the pie (Deb- Absolutely) and making the pie for everybody and I think there’s no better organisation around today that is speaking out on that than the Humanus Foundation and I suspect you folks are connected with the Humanus Foundation? (Deb – we are).

Sean-We’re not affiliated with them but we know several of the people of course.

Ron– Good, well they did a conference call last Wednesday which was phenomenal because they allowed people who had projects to talk about their projects and it summarized that and I don’t know that I should give the phone number on the conference call tonight but anybody who wants to do their homework can go to and you can find the past recordings of all the calls they’ve done you can read about the projects they have. They’re going to fix the planet with the money they get, when this stuff gets released and fixing it includes the Fukushima radiation damage which was not a n accident by any means including the land, sea, air everything. Anyway another point of being positive in terms of the potential for change when a lot of these humanity fundings will be released.

So and of course one of my favourite videos is the fri video (Deb –yes). Now let me comment on a little bit more detail on the global reset and then I’ll be done and you can go to others. Let me suggest that something else is going on right now and that is why this is happening to seem so slow. I don’t know this for a fact, but I think it is probably spot on to where we’re going. The Chinese have refused to release the RV until the Republic is announced. They do not trust the cabal system and has not yet been removed. So they are not going to release anything until the Republic is totally announced and disclosed. Whereas the Republic has not made enough progress to be ready to be disclosed. So we’re sort of in an impasse at this point where China is way passed their optimum deadline and the Republic is way overdue in getting their act together and that’s where we seem to be stuck. There’s a lot of question marks in the interim as to what’s going to happen. As time goes by I think the cabal has tried to delay this and delay this and delay this and by the cabal, I mean primarily the corporate government in the United States and their corporate allies, most of you know who those are.


Ron-So that’s where I think we are, I don’t know how it’s going to come out, but I think that people realize that this is much more important than the money on the table, it’s about how you live your life and what paradigm you’re ready to step into and I think that I think you folks are very good at formulating and stating what that paradigm should be.

Deb– Thank you, thank you Ron. And the focus, the thing that we are engaging with is Reno, in our past shows and we’re gonna say this again. That you guys focus your energy on Reno, in the United States. That is a field of energy that has been activated and a lot is happening there to move this forward. So keep engaging with Reno and also just seeing all of this done. So, thank you for bringing that in. Ok.

Denise-Are we ready to go to the next caller? (Deb –Yes Denise go for it) Area code is 516

Caller-How are you my question today is about the Fiat currency versus the U.S as compared to gold asset backed. Once its asset backed it won’t be the high rates as the Fiat can you clear that up for me? Is that true, false?

Caller– Hello, once again this R. V. Hunter. How are you?


Caller– My Question today is about the Fiat currency versus the USN as far as this thing is, ah, gonna go asset backed. My question is once it goes asset backed will there still be the high rate that they’re talking about as far as…cause there should be parity from what understanding and reading so far, as far as there be the high rates unless its Fiat. If its asset backed it may be 1 to 1, or have parity with other countries. Can you clear that upper me? If it’s asset backed I’m thinking the rates won’t be as high as we’ve been having as far as the dollar/dinar. Is that true, is that false? Straighten me out.

Sean– The way I understand it, from the information I have, is there’s 2 sides to the GCR, 2 sides to our exchanges, right? Ah, actually there’s only one side to our exchanges in my opinion, and that’s on the private side. So, what’s executing, what started executing several weeks ago, the week before Christmas, the week and a half before Christmas is the final drive to get these funds down to the final troughs. You know all the different levels, approvals, banking accounts. Groups, starting at high level groups and bonds and all of that. Ah, all throughout this group hierarchy, I consider all of those groups to be a private transaction. Even the G64 internet group, I don’t know if I can separate those two but I always lump ‘em together, because they’re the largest group but they may go at two different times. We don’t know. Ah. even those groups, how’re going to know where to go to where your exchange centre is and how to get in there? You’re going to make a private appointment. Right?

To me that tells me that this is a private exchange, right? And there’s going to be whether or not the contract rates are there or not, but we don’t really get into the contract rates here. And so that happens on the private side where I believe these high rates, or where I know these high rates exist. Right? So, what’s your definition of high? But, I don’t know about these nose-bleed rates but there’s definitely some pretty high rates out there. And, um, these all happen on the private side, so I fall on the side of your statement is that once this goes public and the USN is unveiled, now that the U.S. dollar, the new U.S. dollar is asset backed, I believe that it will be more on parity than the Fiat system was, right? So under the private side of these transactions we’re operating on what are called Forward Weight Agreements, right? And these are all based on things like Asset Contracts, call them Oil Contracts, but there’s other types of Asset Contracts involved in these currencies. There’s the bond side of it as well, the redemption kind (?). Cause there’s a lot of areas where these rates are sustainable for the private transaction, which I believe go all the way down to the G64, the internet group level. However, at the time the GCR is public, and when I say public, I mean you’re watching people talk about the change of the currencies to asset backed or gold backed on CNBC or reading about it in Bloomberg or something like that. In my opinion I’m right with you in that the, ah, I do not believe that these high delta rates will be there any longer. I think that’s for the private side and they’re all based on forward rate contracts, purchase contracts, asset contracts. But, when the new alga rhythms kick in for the asset backed currencies I think they’ll be more at parity, certainly from currencies that are gonna be higher than others on a one to one comparison. But, ah, it’ll be a much more fair system than the FIAT. But the focus is different. It won’t be like one U.S. dollar equals one Chinese Yuan equals one, you know German Mark. Yes, I think the German Mark is going to come back and, ah, those types of things. I hope that answered your question, I’m pretty much in agreement with you.

Caller (R. V. Hunter)- Yes it did, thank you. We can go to the next call.

Sean– Right, thank you.

Deb– Ok Denise, who do we have?

Denise– Sorry, I disappeared there for a second. Alright, I think our next caller is 281 area code.

Caller– Denise, Sean and Deborah, this is David in Houston.

Denise– Hi could you talk a little louder please?

Caller (David Houston)- Hello can you hear me? (Dog barking in background) Can you hear me now?

Deb– We can hear you, go ahead.

Sean– We can also hear a lot of other things!

Caller– Hi everyone this is David in Houston. Thank you for taking my call. I’m enjoying the program and all the information. Ah, the question that I have is, ah, as far as on load, talk about things that there were people in outbound in the banks etc. Can you talk about that as far as the- not the banks but the exchange centres. Are they still ready, are they waiting for us?

Sean– Yeah, my take on the information that comes out is really on the information regarding the banking exchange centres, and particularly the phrases like, ‘banks are on lock down’, ‘they’ve got all there security called in’ and ‘everybody is staffed’. That really comes from one place. And, ah, I, you know, I tend not to follow the banks, because the, ah, I think the banks know as much as we do. As a matter of fact, we may know more than the banks do. And, in terms of the information and things of that nature, I think there is truth intuit overtime this comes into a window I think memos go ‘round the banks where they probably say, ‘here we go again”.

But, ah, be ready that type of thing. Whether they’re actually calling, you know, potentially hundreds, if not thousands of people into these centres time and time and time again and nothing happens, I can’t see that happening because it’s been going on for, what, 2 years, 3 years now? So,ah, I think the banks do get put on alert when there’s a window and I think they’re prepared for it and they put people on call but, ah, and the Federal Reserve definitely, you know, they’re just building some nondescript buildings that may be a bank office or something but nothing of a retail type of branch. They’re there and they can bring people in on a moment’s notice. but, ah, I think in the big picture, whether they’re calling people in or not is not the big issue. It’s are we actually going in or not is the big issue, right?

Caller (David, Houston)- Right, ok, and as far as the are you able to clarify as far as the China versus the U.S, um, really and truly, China is in control?

Sean– Um, again I always make very clear, ah China, the China, um, ancient families or the China elders versus the Chinese government, right. So I think many times it’s misunderstood. Certainly the Chinese families have a lot of influence with the Chinese government, but let’s just all remember a fact- China is riddled with derivative debt. They are in a credit crisis, like, larger than anything the world has ever seen before. These are undeniable facts. So I don’t subscribe when people say China is in control that it’s the guys at the China parliamentary house who have just as large a Fiat currency regime and central banking system as the U.S. So I believe, yes, this entire GFR, the global financial reset and the GCR component of it are directly connected, and originated out of the ancient Chinese families, which are just families that have been around from generation to generation to generation, going back a long way who have been the keepers of what’s called the Matrix funds, the world global settlement funds, different trust accounts that are very, very large.

Deb– Collateral accounts.

Sean- collateral accounts, rate funds, massive amounts of gold, silver, antiquities that have been, you know, collected over the centuries…many centuries.

Caller (David Houston)- Right ok, and will we see the market crash? Will we see that, or…

Sean– In my opinion we’re gonna see a soft crash. I think we’re already seeing it as of last week, right? So, yeah, I don’t think we’re gonna wake up and the Dow is from 16,000 down to 2000 and its gonna be a dust-bowl, you know, Great Depression crash of 1929 or that. I believe there has to be a soft crash. It’s to wake people up. It’s gonna get their attention, which is what we want. And it will be announced that the globe, via the IMF, VIS and all these other sovereign nations have decided to enact an asset-backing regime, effective very quickly. So, all of a sudden, as if by magic, there will be gold-backed and asset-backed currencies which will seriously save the crash of the global financial Fiat system.

Caller (David, Houston)- Ok, alright, well thank you guys. I mean, I really enjoy your show. I’m very happy that you guys came out. I had never heard if you guys so I wanna give a big shout out to Patricia. She’s a good friend of mine that brought me into this and so…I think I learned more intel than her by now so hah! But anyways, I wanna close out with that, thank you.

Deb, Denise– Thank you, have a great night.

Denise- Alrighty, we are ready for the next caller now, area code is 203.

Caller- Hey Sean and Deb too, how are you? (all say hi) It’s really…what a fabulous, fabulous topic, and um. I especially like the way you’re looking at the systems that are being revised. And, ah, the way you work with energy to help us, sort of see through to this next period where we’ll be shifting and help us look and feel, and try to imagine how we’ll be making decisions in that new system. Right? Here’s a question, here’s what I’m trying to figure out. You guys are gonna be…we’re gonna have fun with this. It’s sort of a scenario. Um, This happens, we are exchanging.

Maybe the new Republic is brought out. What is gonna be happening, if the new Republic’s, um, if the new Republic’s happening simultaneously to, say, we are trying to buy some real estate, we’re trying to use a lawyer, um, people are sharing about the new Republic and, ah, it could be people are a little freaked out cos they’re sensing there’s a lot of shifting going on. I’m planning to go to California. I’m in the brain science field and, um, I’m just trying to imagine how people socially…in other words, what’s going to be happening not to the people in the currency but if, well main-stream media is reporting- ’well this is happening and this is happening” What’s it gonna look other than, you know, there’s us thinking we’re gonna be having fun, but what is everybody else gonna be doing? Do you have an idea?

Sean– Deb? Deb I think this is your “upheaval” scenario, so I’ll let you take this Caller- It’s Deb’s upheaval situation? Hah!

Deb- No, what he’s talking about, I actually do a talk about this so. Um, Just to let people know, my background is I switched from being a producer in the entertainment industry to a spiritual teacher back in 2010 because of the level of communication telepathically I was getting and the details and the strategizing that I began doing. With the Beings that are really holding a possibility for us, Beings of Light, holding a possibility for us that we actually create the reality and that we have an evolutionary experience.

So, through these communications, and it’s a day to day, it’s a 24/7 thing for me. What I…and there’s major confirmations and evidence for me continuously, in this dimension, which is why I’m now comfortable coming out and talking about it because I’ve for years been pretty much just behind the scenes. But, here’s what I have been being told, is that there is the high probability of a tremendous amount of upheaval. And that is why in this call and show and whatever else that I or Sean or what we’re talking about, it’s important that those of us that are more in the know, more awake and aware and conscious, continuously stay in the present moment of what we’re experiencing and continuously anchoring the stillness and the intention through clarity, thatches will be a grace and easy transition. But be aware at the same time that there’s a lot more people who are not in the know than are in the know. And as that upheaval, I’m gonna call it a potential upheaval but I would say it’s a very highly probable scenario.

Once we get to pull the plug on the programs and the different things that we are running in this Matrix, and people are plugged into this matrix of their day to day experience and how they’ve become used to doing things is pulled and the truth starts to be revealed, there could be a tremendous amount of primal instinct activated. For those of you that are aware of chakras, what I’ve been told is that this first wave, this money, is our first chakra. It has to do with our survival. A lot of peoples first chakras are going to be agitated and triggered, and it’s gonna give, this is why you’re at choice point, it’s gonna give you and everyone around you, an opportunity to choose, through initiations, past day to day choice, moment to moment decisions and wot-not, how to balance those energies. So that you’re not in a primal fear, fight or flight, um, energy field, and energy pattern. Does that make sense?

Caller– Yeah, first of all I think I need to qualify myself a little bit. I get totally excited, you know? I’m all about the galactic, multi-dimensional agenda’s. I want to send that to your field, to Sean’s field and to acknowledge, like you, coming out of the corporate communications arena we’re all coming out of the closet and anchoring I think what you’re trying to say, or you are saying, is we’ll be anchoring our light, we’ll be pillars of light, we’ll be grounding this new possibility. I guess that’s the only thing we should really be concentrating on. And I love that you said holding stillness. The only thing I get excited, I wanna just speak to you for a second, the only thing I really get excited about, I feel I’ve been in the closet for, since 1980.

Deb- Oh so more than a couple of decades, Hah!

Caller– Yeah, so really get excited, and I’m gonna get kind of excited, and I invite everybody else to do this, about how that mass of whatever we’re receiving from the GCR can be put out into the collective field as joy, knowing, trust and influence, just by our vibration. I get that. I was just also trying to imagine trying to go to an attorney’s office, and there, because of Admiralty law, Sean, you know they don’t have a job anymore. I was just trying to figure out what that’s really gonna look like? (Deb laughs).

Sean– Well there’s gonna be a lot of out-of-work attorney’s that’s for sure, but there’ll be new one as well. (much laughter all round)

Caller – But, but you know, yeah, the other thing too is that everything, also because of the internet, I’m in a little bit of a, I’m getting a little private, but I’m in a little bit of a relationship change and I was thinking ‘Oh well I’ll get somebody just to support me out in California’ and you can go online. There are going to be people that are popping up online. Something will pop up into existence to help us and will replace the thing that is fading away. And I think that’s going to be important to realize, is to look for the solution that will instantly unfold too, right in front of your eyes and to, and to be expecting that so… I think I just cleared myself of your holding that space you two.

Deb – Absolutely, and there’s two things in regards to that. There’s many of us that are stepping out as way-showers and leaders in this transition time and if you, or anyone else listening to this, are feeling that you’re meant to be out there as a leader in this transition time, don’t hesitate. We need more and more people who are willing to step out and be voices and to anchor the energies and to be in the forefront. So, you know, I’m just going to encourage people to do that and then the other thing is I’m from L.A. and it’s a large city. The large cities, and this is where it’s important for us to be present moment to moment and to follow what is happening on the planet. There’s Earth changes that I believe, I’m being told, there are some things that have to happen in order for us to swing this pendulum back. So if there’s people going off in large cities and things like that, just don’t, just choose your geographical location based on what information you’re getting on a moment to moment basis. This is a really important time to be present.

Caller – Yeah, I flow so that I’m out of the zone. I hope you are too. I get it, I get it. Well it’s just very exciting and I just really want to congratulate the two of you for the clarity, the overview, the big picture, the little detail. You’re giving a really beautiful, I think it’s very important for people to see the texture of what is happening here so that they can design it consciously. Everything is going to be about designing it consciously.

Deb – Creating.

Caller – Yeah and creating by feeling what you want to feel and then imagining and creating and making it so. Thank you guys and thank you for taking my question.

Sean – Thank you.

Caller – Let’s go RV! Let’s go RV!

Deb – Thank you, exactly! Reno, Reno, Reno!

Caller – Thank you very much. Should I get in contact with you, or no?

Deb – Yes. Totally. Go to ‘’ and send me an email under ‘Contact Us’.

Caller – Okay, because I think it’ll be important since I’ll be somewhat near you.

Deb – I agree.

Caller – Alright, have a great night you guys.

Deb – Much love to you.

Sean – Alright, we have quite a few people in the queue still.

Deb – Alright, let’s rock and roll.

Sean – 40 minutes left, yep.

Denise – Alright, I think next caller is 702, area code 702.

Caller – Hi there, my name is Cheryl and it’s nice to meet all of you. I’ve only been on the call a couple times. But with what you’ve been talking about tonight, can you not hear me?

Sean – Yeah, we can hear you fine.

Cheryl – Okay, now can you hear me?

Sean – Yeah, we can hear you fine. No problem.

Cheryl – Okay. Sorry, I think it was echoing on my end. Anyway, I’m aware of the shifting because I’m on a quite a high level with our government, we’ll just say that, our politics in the U.S. and I don’t know if everyone is aware but we have something traumatic and maybe dramatic and maybe very positive happening in Oregon. So, that would be just for the U.S. Is everybody aware of that?

Deb – You want to talk about that. Interesting you brought it up because it actually came into my awareness earlier today.

Cheryl – Yeah, because I actually have all the inside stuff on this. So, first off, I was at the Bundy Ranch in 2014 so I became friends and that’s how I have the inside scoop with them and then I do intel’s with a judge, that you’ll understand in a minute, on the sheriff that’s in Burns.

Deb – Okay.

Cheryl – Well, if you follow Anna von Reitz, do you guys follow her?

Sean – Anna von Reitz, right?

Cheryl – Okay, this is great. Everybody should be reading because our Constitution has never gone away, ever.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – It’s just the people weren’t following it. They were tricking us. So our organic Constitution is still there and then we have a second Constitution, which is the corporate Constitution.

Sean – Correct.

Cheryl – And then we’ve got a third Constitution, which is what we call the Defacto. That’s one that they kind of make it up as they go.

Deb – Yep.

Cheryl – Well the corporate one is actually, I think in October, was signed off of by the queen. Of course it’s not common knowledge but she signed off on it. Saying she’s released us and that’s when China was at her penthouse and stayed overnight. You guys remember that? That was really a rarity type thing but this is not common knowledge because the people that own the media, mainstream media are not going to put this out there but a lot of things have been happening we’re not aware of. The Bushes have signed their confessions. Rumsfeld, Bushes and Cheney.

Sean – Well that’s news, I’ll take that as a good thing.

Deb – Yeah, right.

Denise – Do you have proof of that?

Cheryl – The Clintons have not. But a lot more things are happening that we’re just not aware of because they’re doing them very, very quietly.

Sean – Yeah.

Deb – Quietly, right.

Cheryl – Which is how we keep the chaos from happening.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – From what I understand, even Obama is not really in control right now. He’s just allowed to play it whenever he wants because they can snap him out of there in a second, literally and I’m not talking about death. I’m talking about arrest him.

Sean – Would you agree since you’re kind of inside on this, would you agree that there’s a good chance that we may see some dramatic movement, even some on the public side over this next week or week and a half given the State of the Union is coming up?

Cheryl – Well that’s the important thing. We’re not going to have, I don’t believe we’re going to have an announcement of a global reset for months.

Sean – Right.
Deb – No, no, no.

Cheryl – I do think we’re all going to get to exchange but don’t anybody get excited. I’m not worried about that because they have to let this all play out before they can announce it.

Deb – Sure.

Cheryl – Does that make sense?

Deb – I think what Sean, Sean are you asking about the Republic stuff, the government stuff?

Cheryl – Yes, it’s going to happen. I’m sure of it.

Sean – Yeah, because in the earlier part of the show, during my kind of dialogue or monologue part, I was saying always I suspect in the information I have was that the republic would come out in stages as a public announcement well after the currency reset and then the financial stuff kind of settled in but now it looks like there’s a chance it might be closer together. But I don’t know right, I have two sides to that.

Cheryl – Well we won’t know how well it goes but if you guys follow Anna von Reitz, you know about the lien on the Department of Justice and attorneys and lawyers, right?

Deb – Yep.

Sean – Yep.

Cheryl – Well, next weekend, that goes into default.

Sean – Okay.

Deb – Oh, okay.

Cheryl – So now we’re left with what? Common law, we’re left with common law judges and attorneys and there aren’t that many so if you want to do that, you could always start learning it and become a judge just like Anna is.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – Anyway, there is a judge that’s in Colorado and he’s leaving tomorrow to go to Oregon to make some arrests.

Deb – Okay, so let’s talk about Oregon for a moment. It actually did come into my awareness to bring this up earlier today so can you please share what is going on there? It’s at the Wilderness Reserve correct?

Cheryl – It is.

Deb – Okay, can you just touch upon it? Give us some insight on that please.

Cheryl – Okay, first off the BLM is always involved in stealing our lands. We can just make it a very simple remark.

Sean – The Bureau of Land Management, I’m just clarifying because some people may not know the BLM.

Cheryl – Yeah and it’s not even just the western states, it’s all over. Bureau of Land Management is what they’re called. Department of Interior and they’re all corporations of course, foreign corporations.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – So as they grab a farm or a ranch, they’re adding this land into this refuge, right? It’s a bird sanctuary first. You know folks, that’s what they’re calling it, right? Until they get enough of the land together and then their plans are what? To sell it to China because the minerals that are under it are unbelievable. Well what’s happening is…

Deb – Sorry, I was just saying the natural resources.

Cheryl – You know like how they go into all the other countries and we have a war to steal their natural resources. Well, they’re doing it in each of our counties and states here but what’s happening is people have said enough is enough because we ended up with a double jeopardy situation where a man was tried for actually burning one acre, by the way, of land that wasn’t in his private property. That was all over one acre and so they’re trying to play tricks on these people just so that they give them the land. That’s what’s happening.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – So that’s very, very light talking but if you read all of this, it’s a lot of pages and you’ll understand how corrupt everything is if you do read it. But the good news is Ammon Bundy’s father, Cliven, kept saying to Ammon “When are you going to go and help the Hammonds?” and he’s like “what are you talking about?” And Cliven does get his directions from his prayer and talking with God and so as it turns out, Ammon now is there and he’s keeping peace and he does have enough evidence right now to, not only get the Hammonds out of prison, but to restore their you know property back to them. Everything. But in addition, there were other people that came that said “But our ranch was taken” and Ammon said “Well, come and sit down, let’s go get all the documents” and that’s what they’re doing in Oregon. They’re not playing this, we’re going to fight this person, game. They’re actually there to pull documents out of the records so that they can physically…

Deb – Got it.

Cheryl – Put a package together to reverse it all.

Deb – Okay.

Cheryl – Well Ammon’s aware of Anna von Reitz, they know each other, right? So this is all playing together in timing also, if you notice. Well, now the judge in Colorado, who is a common law judge, just like a continental judge like Anna, is going there with all his arrest warrants and the sheriff will be arrested. I know that one. On many counts, not just one but there will also be other arrests too. But what we found out in the last few days was that the sheriff used to work for the BLM and he happened to be the specialist in the BLM for the Hammonds.

Sean – People of the world unite. So would this be an indication of more arrests?

Cheryl – It’s unbelievable how it just goes dot, dot, dot connect, right? They were arresting the sheriff before they even knew this. I just said “You did know that David Ward worked for the BLM” and he goes “No”. I go “I’ll send it to you”. So, we all have to know that we help each other and we’re all equal.

Deb – Yes.

Cheryl – You know what I mean?

Deb – Yeah.

Cheryl – So nothing is too small even and you can say “I verified, I don’t know, here’s where I got this”. You just be clear but everybody will start seeing the kindness that is being shown there in Burns. I’m sure because that’s the only way it’s being presented from the people working inside with Ammon. They’re all very, very kind people and so when they start seeing them, I think even the ones that are working for the city and stuff like that, I think even they’re going to open their hearts to what’s going on and in the meantime there is going to be some action.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – And I’m of course praying that everything goes very smoothly and we don’t have any hiccups.

Deb – Right

Cheryl – And I don’t know the day…

Sean – We are expecting a lot of arrests as this ramps up and the Republic slowly comes into play here.

Cheryl – Well I know the one group I’ve talked to has fifty thousand arrest warrants already ready to go.

Sean – Yeah, fifty thousand. I believe that number is supposed to be at …

Cheryl – Oh no, that’s just the beginning. That’s nothing. But people don’t understand what, now when they’re going out to arrest the sheriff, they’re physically going to arrest him but these other warrants are where the, say for Congress, there’s all but what, seventy going to be arrested but what they really do is they send them a notice that “here are our charges and here’s what we’re going to arrest you under and you have to respond to us within you know what seven or ten days and if you don’t, we’re going to come knocking at the door and we’re going to bring you in”. And so they are responding. So if they’re a lawyer, let’s say, and they’re in Congress, they must disbar, right?

Deb – Yeah.

Cheryl – They have to disbar because, first off, the Constitution says you can’t be a lawyer and be in Congress.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – Secondly, the DOJ and that lien thing that defaults the sixteenth or I think I read the seventeenth today but I think it’s the sixteenth it defaults. That means they’re going to have to pay part of that two hundred and seventy nine trillion dollars if they don’t disbar. So, they’re going to just very quietly do those things. We won’t see that. We’re not going to see that.

Deb – Right.

Cheryl – It’s just going to be, they say “Oh okay I’ll disbar, I didn’t even know”. Many of them don’t know. They don’t even know that they’re part of a corporation, a foreign corporation.

Deb – Right, exactly.

Cheryl – So it’s a matter of we have to have, there’s I believe four levels and you can read all this on and she’s on Facebook also and then there’s the Montana blog, there’s so much information.

Sean – There’s a lot of stuff there, yeah. I’ve been to the site many times.

Cheryl – If everyone could spend two hours a week on that, that’s all, they will learn that our Constitution is still intact. It’s never gone away. They’re just not playing by the rules.

Deb – And what Scott just IM’d me when you first brought that up, he’s saying is that it’s overlayed with a corporate copy of a basically of a Constitution so these are the kinds of things that’s really awesome and that we’re bringing this up and we’re starting to connect the dots and for people to understand that we’re at the tip of the iceberg.

Cheryl – Well this will be the first wave, right? This will be the first wave of “Hey, we’ve actually got a Constitution that is working, we need to start practicing it” and you know that’s not going to get very many people because so many people are like brain dead, lazy.

Deb – Right, complacent, they’ve been brainwashed, mind controlled, all that.

Cheryl – All of that in addition to their schooling that dumbed them down, right? Which is a combination. So we have to be very patient with these people.

Deb – And compassionate as well, exactly.

Cheryl – Yeah, we have to be compassionate, forgiving. When they lash out it’s because they don’t like to be called dumb and of course we shouldn’t call them dumb anyway.

Deb – No, no, no, no.

Cheryl – And we say, “I felt the same way and I’m learning”. That’s what you say and then plant a seed and leave them alone. Let them grow on their own because it’s way better to grow organically but meantime in your own counties, you need to be setting up your little district courts, your organic courts you know for your grand jury, not your U.S. marshal but your constable and things like this, your judge, your own sheriff. All that, you can do it without…

Deb – Ok, I think you’re going down a bit of a rabbit hole that most people are probably going to be going glaze eyed with right now so…

Cheryl – You’re right, you’re right. Just read Anna von Reitz and you’ll start getting it.

Deb – I know.

Sean – People can check out, google the name. Can’t miss it.

Cheryl – But I mean, you just have to start living it but when we’re living it, we don’t want to be combative so we don’t want to fight with the police that pulls us over for a traffic ticket. We don’t want to fight with our neighbour that just doesn’t get it, we don’t want to fight with anybody. We want to do this gently.

Deb – Right. Ok, can you remind us what your first name is please?

Cheryl – Cheryl.

Deb – Can you please go onto my website and can you email me so that we have your contact information?

Cheryl – Yes, I could do that.

Deb – Ok, sounds awesome.

Sean – Thank you so much and thank you for the call. We have to get on with some other callers.

Cheryl – But I do have a question, I have a real question and I don’t know if you know anything about this. I believe, by the way, that Chinese elders are in control, that’s what I think. I don’t know anything on that though, I’m thinking. So have you guys seen or heard, I was told someone saw ships that were loaded from China in the east coast and they didn’t unload. They left. And then I saw an article that was sent to me that said “Not very much activity going to the east coast and I also remember way back, months ago, we were told if the big boys in D.C. didn’t play, we’d be sanctioned for the first time in our life. So, are we being sanctioned?

Sean – We may be, I’m waiting for more evidence on this information regarding there being a dramatically fewer cargo vessels on the Atlantic Ocean right now and also, I think, it’s spreading to the Pacific but that’s verifiable but I need Monday to come around when other sites are open so I can validate that. But yeah, we can assume which is over the USN and the fiat dollar, yeah.

Cheryl – Yeah, I do know for a fact that one of my friends was literally down in Texas and saw that all those old ships up there that were supposedly full were empty, absolutely empty. So, that’s an absolute fact from a person I know.

Deb – Okay, that’s interesting, right? That’s interesting.

Cheryl – Then the other thing is my theory in all of this, and I’m very new at this so it’s only been months I’ve been doing this. But, I listen to your call and I thought “spot on” that type of thing. I believe we are gonna reset. With the private internet groups and things in the next say week or two, I do believe it. (Deb-We’re pretty sure too, yeah) But I also believe the announcement is not going to be for the country, it’s not going to be right away.
(Deb: No, not about the money, No Sean: Nope, It’s all private side stuff.) It’s not going to be right away. We’re going to hearing more about the republic, but they’re not going to hear about our currency is reset until maybe, I don’t know, I’m thinking June even May or June.

Deb– No, I don’t think it’s, I don’t honestly Cheryl think it’s anything we can actually put a pin point on because it’s such a fluid and there’s too many moving parts , a fluid situation.

Cheryl– Well that’s true but the reason why I say June is because if things go the way they’re supposed to, we’re supposed to have a reset of our elections.

Sean– Correct (inaudible) adjustment and then elections.

Cheryl– And they have to start in July. So that’s, (Sean:Yup). Probably by June it’s kind of a guess, right?

Sean- Yep.

Deb– Right.

Caller– So then anyway.

Deb– Awesome, alright, well please than e-mail me so that way we can um we can be in touch with you as well.

Guest-Yeah and we need to just keep it all (inaudible)

Deb– and if you have only been doing this for a couple of months, you go girl because you’ve got some definite, you’ve obviously been a sponge (laughs)

Guest- Well you know what? I’ve told my friends this, a couple of them on the line too probably listening but. In September, something unusual happened with me. And, I was just sitting, I’m not going to say where I was sitting because I’ll be embarrassed. But I was sitting and all of a sudden I saw a different, a dimension.

Deb– Right.

Guest– I thought oh, lighting oh I’m crazy, you all those, so than I’m sitting over by my computer a few hours later and then I started seeing another dimension again! But, I’m like, OK, ya know? (laughs) All of a sudden I moved into a different level of understanding, that’s all it was.

Deb– Awesome good for you, Congratulations!

Guest– So that’s (Inaudible)

Sean– Well thank you Cheryl, we have to get on to some other callers now because (Inaudible) we appreciate the call great information. Thank you.

Guest– Thank you very much for taking my call.

Deb– Lots of love to you, bye bye.

Sean– Lots of love!

Denise– Thank you very much.

Deb– Ok let’s move on (laughs)

Denise– Alright, are we ready for the next caller?

Deb– You go Denise.

Denise– Ok, wonderful, the area code is 203, you’re on.

Guest– Hi, this is Cynthia can you hear me? (Denise: Hi Cynthia yes we can Deb: yup)Hi, I’m calling from Connecticut, thank you so much for this. I’m so grateful for you Deb and Sean and Denise and Jennifer and all that you do. Um, Oh dear where do I start? UM. You bring such peace to intending uncertainty and I am so grateful for that THANK YOU.

Deb– You’re Welcome.

Guest– I do just want to say, um the Flower of Melchizedek and Clearing your Field absolute necessity.
Deb: mmmmmm

Guest:I have grown so, so much since I’ve been listening to those two um to those two tapes they’re absolutely necessary, If I told you some of the crazy stuff that has been going on in my house, crazy chatterings and rumblings

Deb: yup

Guest: In my walls of my house (Deb: yup) In my neighborhood around my home,

Deb– Yeah.

Guest– That’s all stopped.

Deb– yup.

Guest– that’s all gone so I‘m so grateful for that.

Deb– Fantastic.

Guest– and I do want to encourage everyone to listen to those recordings.

Deb: So what she’s referring to just quickly is the um, there’s two experiential tools. One of them which is the foundation of what I bring forth, it’s called “Master Clearing Your Field and Activation”. And it teaches you with Scott and I, it teaches you and it brings you also into the Unified Field that we all now we have Activated now that this team is a part of and that you now also becoming a part of should you choose from your free will. But it teaches you how to Clear your Field of ceremony, ritual, spells, incantations, etc. and then also the Activation is part of the “I Am” Activation.

The other thing she’s talking about is the Flower of – it’s a heart chakra “Flower of Life” heart chakra Activation. There’s a message from Melchizedek and then the Activation and interestingly enough, this is how Sean and I met. Because I was looking for someone to edit video and um, that is a free gift to humanity and it’s all available over at and I appreciate you sharing that by the way because they’re very, very powerful and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, we’re going to have a lot more available here in the near future. I just have taken everything off the site so people could just focus on Clearing their Field and Activating their heart chakras. OK

Guest: Well, I’m encouraged to hear that there will be more recordings. Um, the idea of the RV being one of the heart, really shifted my awareness. When uh, a friend of mine told me about the RV and I began to buy currencies, I just I didn’t understand where this kind of money, this kind of wealth, this kind of opportunity really fit in. Until I started listening to you. So I am very, very grateful, when I first heard that Deb, I wept.

Deb: Oh, oh wow awesome!

Guest: I wept because it fit, it finally fit for me.

Deb: Yeah.

Guest: because having all of this money is nothing, it doesn’t mean anything. This is the world that we’ve been living in and this is where it’s gotten us. So (Deb: yeah) to have an understanding of being a spiritual philanthropist.

Deb: Right.

Guest: Of being an humanitarian (Deb: yeah) just fits so perfectly in all of this. So I’m so grateful.

Deb: And, you’re so welcome, and the thing that one of the other gals just said about the heart, and about I’m just going to remind everybody. We are broadcast manufacturers, that which we project and broadcast back out to the world – this is the first shift to bring us back into alignment with our hearts. When we have all the financial and the other resources that we were intended to have and that we need, want, desire. That we can engage with our hearts desires, engage with our lives purpose, engage with the mission of why we are here on the planet. It is going to sweep across the planet in a HUGE way! That’s why it’s important for each of us to engage with our hearts desires and to anchor that energy and to be willing to broadcast that out.

Guest: So the whole idea of being at peace and loving thyself (Deb: yes)  is so important at this time and you have given me permission to get centered and get still in a way that is directly related to the RV!

Deb: Awesome! It’s a bridge we’re (Guest: yes, yeah) we’re bridging it.

Guest: Yes, so you know being centered and being still and being at peace and loving thyself those are all wonderful attributes and a direction to move in. Regardless of what’s going on around us, but because of the RV and because of the global reset and because of the mind shift – it’s so much more important and I thank you (Deb: yup) very much for you know centering me into that the peace that you bring. The certainty that these calls bring, the work that you all of you are doing. I am so blessed and I love all of you (Deb: mmmm) from my heart I love you Thank You.

Deb: Thank you.

Denise: Thank you.

Guest: Thank you. My two questions are (Deb: make it quick). OK. Do we trust Obama & are there beings from other dimensions who will come to assist us?

Deb: (laughs) Uh, sorry that was outta left field as far as I’m concerned, Oh Sean how do you, do you want to respond to the Obama question?

Sean: Uh, no, um I am politically agnostic or politically neutral, um so there are good guys and bad guys on both side of this and the um on all sides of it so I’m just going to abstain from that because, ah it’s a pretty volatile topic, quite honestly so…

Guest: Well he’s going to be giving an address this week so do we trust what he says?

Deb: No, because what’s he going to say, Well we don’t know what he’s going to say?

Sean- Discernment, yeah I always discern I always discern whatever I’m hearing what I’m hearing and I can’t make a judgement or an opinion for others.

Deb- Yeah.

Sean- But I listen to everything and I discern what I determine to be truth and not truth. So We’re hoping that we’re going to see some kind of a you know government change coming up or starting to be um UHHHH, revealed over these next couple of weeks which may go on for a while

Deb- It’s time. (Sean: yup)

Caller– Ok , so then?

Deb- Then in regard to your other question, just quickly what I’ll say is they’re already assisting and I talk about the contingency plan over on the website. So if your unfamiliar with that I would suggest you would you know familiarize yourself with that and is it going to reveal more? I absolutely think that there will be things that over the next year or two that are going to reveal in ways that are going to be undeniable. We are being prepped to be brought into the universal galactic um multi-dimensional existence. But WE are the ones we are waiting for they’re not, I don’t think that you know, ships are going to fall and they are going to rescue us. WE have to step up.

Sean: Yup, we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, yup.

Caller– mmmmmm

Deb– Right and bridge and meet them at a certain place vibrationally and with clear intention and with enough of us and they are standing at the threshold ready and waiting for that.

Caller- And that’s why it’s so important to Clear our Field.


Caller– Thank you so much!

Sean- Thank you for the call.

Denise- Thank you very much, alright have a good night.

Caller- Keep up the good work.

Denise- Alright our next caller, Hello 678.

Caller– Hi Sean , Hi Deb this is Val from Georgia.

Denise- Hi Val.

Caller- Good to talk to you Thank you for your information over the last several calls, really appreciate it and um I actually want to piggyback on a question that a couple of callers ago opened up. This is about the um announcement of the new Republic & I was just wondering if that was going to totally derail this whole cast of characters that is now running for office ah for President and how that would also impact the entire Congress. So do you have any thoughts and information, what may happen there?

Sean- Yeah, the information I have from the research I have done and the way this is going to play is when the new Republic um although some could consider us going back to our original Republic, Um when that begins to be announced the first things that will happen is the emergency broadcast system will be activated across the country and announcements and information will be given on a 24/7 basis for quite a few days and it will be on every internet every phone, uh, television and radio. and at that point there will be certain information given along with evidence and where you can go to find the evidence and then the announcement of an interim government being in place a sovereign government, the Republic ah, of the people by the people for the people that are following our original constitution and there will be a 120 day period of this interim government in which there will be totally new elections. Um fair elections, it’s even supposed to go back to the original paper ballots.

None of this electronic mumbo jumbo with software backdoors and all of those kinds of things. And Ah I would imagine that would pretty much derail the current candidates um the current candidate’s race, yes. If that happens um in the not too distant future our previous caller was just talking about something about June, but if you extrapolate the 120 days from a certain amount of time from Middle June back, I pretty think we are pretty much approaching the beginning of the announcements of the Republic. So I would say yes I think all bets are off in terms of current Presidential candidates. It doesn’t mean some may not step up it just certainly will put a new spin on things.

Caller– OK um, that’s it from me I’ll let you move on and that’s it have a good evening.

Sean- Ok Thanks Val (Deb: Thank You)

Denise- Thank you very much Val have a good evening, Thanks…Alright our next caller is 649 HI!

Caller– Hello, can you hear me? My name is Matthew I’m here in area code 649 and I won’t take much of your time, mine is not a testimonial it really is a question. If we can begin for a second with the notion, just for the sake of argument, that rationality is especially the syntax of even spiritual language of the way we ultimately communicate with each other, we do so in a rational manner. If that’s the case, I would like to have you comment on how we go about expressing that to those people those who are vested in making sure the economic system is sustained the way it is. How do you make sure or even ah, try to guarantee that your spiritual efforts and other efforts going towards doing things that really do help individuals and children? I have a project that has to do with children and literacy internationally. I sit back and watch and go wait a minute the banking system essentially even its structures are designed to make sure that the (inaudible) concerns that I have, the philanthropic concerns that I have for individuals and the world, it’s really set up to make sure that doesn’t happen. So I just like to know your comments on that.

Sean- Ok, Deb, uh the spiritual side…

Deb- I’m not, I, I without taking up too much time, um I don’t quite understand when your saying about the rationale, and how that aligns with the spiritual, so with that said what I’m going to respond to.

Caller– Let me explain, let me interrupt you I don’t want you to answer something you’re not clear on, my suggestion to you that (inaudible) spirituality has a lot upon which we all understand it, there’s something about the language of spirituality we have to share otherwise we are not talking the same language. So weather we are talking French, English or even spirituality we all have to be of one accord at some level. I’m saying to the degree that we are. How do I go about sharing that accord with (inaudible) business structures, that even though (inaudible) their being left hopefully in the path they are still there and the way bankers think and the way most of us think has to do with profit and taking advantage of each other as opposed to helping each other. How do we change that language?

Sean- Well the Global Financial Reset will change a lot of that. If you’re talking….you know you’re mentioning the behavior and the current structures of corporations and banking and finance are all structured to keep money in one place with the few and not with the many. That’s agreed. That’s the reason for the coming global financial reset which is happening right now. Ah, the changing from Fiat currency to asset backed currency it eliminates a lot of the hanky pinky and the structures. We have Basle 3 and Basle 4 coming up. Most people don’t realize the sweeping changes that is going to make along with some other banking regulation, regulatory agreements that are going to come to light very soon. It’s pretty much going to shut down the unlawful, illegal, unfair, nontransparent nature of the banking structure and even going into the corporate structure as well. We are going to move from Admiralty Law to Sovereignty which basically follows the rules of do no harm to others or others property. It’s as simple as that. That will come into play and that will create the underlying foundation for approaching business in a way or type of spiritual truth or integrity that you’re mentioning.

Deb- Ok in addition to that, when in the past that I also suggested that people with regard to the changes of Basle3 Basle4 systems that we believe um are a part of all this, it is important that we also let the dust settle, the dust settle because it is important that we remember that we are in a transition time. In addition to that lets say when you’re talking about the language of spirituality, for example I have written a very extensive business plan in regards to a media strategy, and because of my Being-ness and the way that I write now, because it’s just natural for me, the languaging that I utilize in that very extensive 40 – 50 page document definitely bridges from my many years of entrepreneurial acumen and business conversation with the spiritual aspect of all of that.

So the language is probably different from somebody who is just writing a business plan or a project plan that doesn’t have that Being-ness that they’re ingrained with that. Now in addition to that I just want to add here is that one of the reasons that we have created the community that I mentioned at the beginning of this ah, show is that we are in kind of like Landa Global which was also mentioned by one other caller, Ron I believe it was. We are also going to be creating summits and opportunities for people that have projects, to bring their projects in and organizing and also creating investment opportunities that are much more organized in the way that they are laid out, executed. And that we know we are at a threshold of a new paradigm. As it is important that we don’t do this in a haphazard way, that we actually execute it in a way that is precise and it’s also multi-dimensional. I hope that answers your question between the two of us.

Caller- It kind of does, and as a follow up if I may, I also wanted to ask speaking of motions of galactic intervention. I’ve been wondering and this is only half-hearted I’m only being half serious here, but I‘ve been wondering ah, indeed if there is intervention at that level and at that scale, clearly technology, spiritually everything that’s out there galactic-ally has to be(inaudible) to what’s going on this planet, and if that’s the case at least for the most of us if anyone was to ask me I would have said I’d say go ahead takeout over do the right thing and let the humans worry about that later because of that notion of free will and humans doing the right thing we don’t do that really, we let’s face it I mention rationality because greed is irrational, but it seems to dominate the certainly the human culture. So I’m wondering why those who are external from us who know what’s going on better than what we do, why don’t they take a more proactive stance on this?

Deb-I don’t think that you can assume that because beings are not in physical form or even if they are in physical form as different types of species let’s say, I don’t think that you can actually assume that they have a higher degree of awareness. I believe that there’s definitely beings that have a very lower vibration intention of controlling the people on the planet simultaneously and it is part of why we are in such a world of hurt and mess at this time. And free will I believe has to be brought back, we each need to engage our relationship with free will in order for this planet or each person needs to experience a paradigm shift. These are some of the things is kind of required. Its required engagement shall we say and um that that relationship with free will, relationship with love, loving Thyself etc these are all part of the aspects that have been predominantly usurped and has been. Now we are the ones that are being asked, required, invited to bring it back into alignment and online basically on the surface of the planet.

Caller- Thank you actually that does help It helps me to form a different sense because you’re saying that even thought there might be people out there (inaudible) than I am I still have the responsibility to sort of put this all together and sort of make (Inaudible)

Sean- Right, we have to step up to our responsibility now and that’s what we’re going to do. That’s what we are doing right now.

Deb- Absolutely.

Caller- I appreciate it.

Sean- Thank you Matthew.

Denise- Thank you Matthew.

Deb- Ok, So Sean.

Sean- So yep we’re hitting our hard stop.

Deb- we are hitting our hard stop today, because we could easily go over spill into at least into another hour.

Sean- At least! We have broken some records in the number of calls, the number of Q&A (laughs) the number of (inaudible) so that, I don’t know if we need to move over to a 3 hour show, but we’ll have to talk about that (laughter) Alright um so thanks everyone. It’s going to be an interesting week as always. Not as um you know, not as um you heard some of the callers tonight. Some of them having some inside information. This next week and a half are looking to be um, let’s hope we have a reason not to do a show next Sunday, Deb ok?

Deb- Yes, and actually that would be a very, very good reason, um. So I just want to remind everybody the site if you want to go and check that out is We do have a community that we started. We currently paused membership while we take a week or two to actually sift through everything and reestablish the foundation and the context and whatnot and you can also find information for the youtube channel because this replay is also, Scott put this up as part of the youtube channel and the um and that’s another place that you could actually find the replay on that and of course because its youtube you can leave comments and things like that. I want to congratulate Denise because you had stepped in today and you’ve done a great job!

Denise-Thank you Deb.

Deb- Yeah, Thank You and um (Denise: That was fun) Good, good, so just remember everybody we are in is together. will see this through. This is just the beginning and we have an amazing opportunity ahead of us to recreate this planet, experience with being humans and even beyond and that we are on the threshold of all of that. Sean thank you for being awesome partner with this, and with everything we are engaging with to Scott also and Helen and Nadia and Jan and the team that are around us and it is with so much Love and Gratitude that we are here with you guys. .

Sean- And thank you Denise, Deb, Scott, Jenn and the rest of the team Um let’s have a great week and um we’ll keep things up to date on the site as things progress as always.

Deb- Awesome.  Lots of love everybody, have a great night and a great day.

Sean- Lots of love – have a great Monday, bye bye.

Deb- Bye.
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