JFK Transmission~Your Reality Shifted After My Assassination~Getting Back On Track

In this overview, Deb relates background information on how and why JFK unexpectedly began communicating with her in 2013, as well as outlining the powerful, potent messages he brings forth beginning with the day of his assassination. His messages are so potent he believes (and there’s direct evidence of this) that most are physically, mentally and spiritually unprepared for the energetics he brings forth. Part of the reason for his transmissions and communications is in regards to how we, awakening Beings of Light, were taken off the trajectory-shifting our reality completely.

Together with the disclosure of inappropriate veiled conspiracies and organizations at work to keep us enslaved in the Duality Reality & Enslavement Matrix. He asserts, “Undesirable energies are inappropriate in their place in this awakening trajectory and that these energies have no place or home, when your heart is wide open to receive your own Glory of God frequencies and vibrations and that is why I, Jack Kennedy, am coming through Deb to help you receive the light of your own Glory of God as well as come into alignment of the missed opportunities that have been vacated from your experience and the projections of your reality because there has been missed steps, side steps, that have been taken to create these inappropriate energies and the foreclosure of these energies must and can only start with an open heart that is receiving through the guidance and guidelines of knowing thyself as God-Creator Beings.” Engage with us to experience these life-altering messages, released systematically, to reveal A Contingency Plan for Humanity’s Great Awakening!


John F. Kennedy, or Jack Kennedy, as he just asked me in August 2015, to start referring to him, calling him, and speaking of him as Jack Kennedy, and then when I shared that privately with the group that I’‘ve been working with, they acknowledged that was what he liked to be referred to and called. And I didn’’t know that.

So, Why is he communicating with me? When did it occur? How and Why has this been unfolding the way that it has? And what has life looked like since Jack Kennedy’s, J.F.K.’s, Assassination?

Well I wasn’’t alive then, I was actually born a few years after, but I have a knowingness that the experience on the planet probably was similar to what many of us experienced on that very challenging day referred to now, as ‘9/11’. And I know from my own experience that I sat there watching what was happening in the morning, as I was in Los Angeles, California at the time, and literally the words that came out of my mouth were ‘Life will never be the same. We have just shifted realities.’

I look back at that now and I had some sort of a Higher Knowingness and Consciousness coming through at that time, I believe, because I didn’’t have a frame of reference as to what that meant. And now looking back and knowing the information that I know, mostly in regards to the situation of that event being a, not only a very ‘inside job’, but also a tactical manoeuvre of infiltration as well as Ceremonial Ritual. We’re going to get into all of that as we begin these shows again, Wake Up Shift Is Happening, and we really start to pull the veil back in very grounded ways, so we can heal this planet.

My awareness is that when Jack Kennedy was assassinated, that life on this planet shifted trajectories of its Reality, our Reality, our Experience as a collective of Humanity. And what has been told to me and said (Jack has actually said to me in our communications) is that ‘Yes, he was aware that there was potential that he was going to be assassinated’. What was not predicted was how much it changed our Reality, how much darkness was able to infiltrate our Collective Global Community and Humanity’s daily experience. And that is why this Divine Intervention and why this Contingency Plan, A Contingency Plan, is being brought forth at this time.

Now the last thing I will actually ask you to engage with, if you’re willing to, is to invite you to think about your experience of this information. There’s a lot of people out there channeling Ashtar, and Archangel Michael, and St Germaine, and these are also Beings that I communicate with and am putting information out.

So what is different and unique about Jack Kennedy communicating with me and bringing forth what we’re bringing forth at this time? Well, just like the Being that we refer to as St Germaine walked on this planet at a time back. If you go back and see this show that I did in 2012, Episode 5 at the time, regarding St Germaine’s history when he was as a physical man walking on this planet.
Most of us are aware of Jack Kennedy and the whole lineage of that family and what was being brought forth at that time. And he was a physical being that we can all relate to. And then the other part of that is that since that time, what global leader have we had that really brings forth a vibration of HOPE and LIGHT and INTENTION for Humanity’s betterment? It’s been pretty dismal, and so this is why it has been chosen that Jack Kennedy would be speaking these messages, just at least to start off with, and I’m being asked just to be open to all Possibilities as to what may come of all this.

And I am asking YOU to be open to all possibilities. The other question is: Are you willing to engage with the belief and the possibility that we are in such a trajectory of Shift and Change, that it’s possible that we are, Collectively, holding a Vibratory Field? For as a Collective Consciousness, as we engage with the energy of Jack Kennedy, that these Beings that hold such an Intention of the Collective Humanity’s experience EVOLVING, that they will be participating with us as we Elevate, as we Transcend and Ascend, and as the veil is further thinned and pulled back, that we will be ENGAGING with them in some sort of capacity that is beyond what we have had an experience of, so far.
We’ll leave it at that. I appreciate your engagement and I also appreciate if this does not resonate with you. Please, Move On. Please do not engage with the duality of trying to make me wrong and staying in your own beliefs, and creating a duality energy within yourself. It doesn’’t serve you, and it doesn’’t serve me.

So, my invitation and request is that if this RESONATES with you, if you’re OPEN to the possibilities of what is being brought forth, then ENGAGE and if you’re not, PLEASE DON’T. Go to a place or to the people or the situations that do resonate with you. And it is time for us to stop engaging with that DUALITY ENERGY and continuing to create that SEPARATION.
Thank you.


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