Transcription of the following video: Good afternoon and thank you for joining me for this video. I am Deborah Pietsch and you are Waking Up with Deb. This is regarding the category of Jack Kennedy and little bit of background information in regards to how and why he is communicating with me and what the intention is and it all started in August 2013 in a bit of unexpected ways.

I got the Guidance to start bringing forth the date that he was assassinated and started Activating that date. Now, I am actually not going to share all of the details here because these are things that I will be sharing throughout the shows and as he brings the messages through. What I do want to say and share is, and he is actually nudging me right now and asking me to make sure that this is part of the category. The reason I started the shows off with preparing for Jack’s messages and transmissions from beyond the veil is because when I bring his energy through and the messages with the Activations, regardless of whether there’s Activation, it is very potent energy and he has specified that most people are not prepared for his energy that I will be bringing forth and I already have evidence of that with the private messages that have come forth and the physical and emotional things that occur with people after the fact, immediately and very noticeable and it can be anything from vomiting to tears to diarrhea to physical releases, emotional releases and that is why it is very important to really understand that the magnitude of this energy which I have been preparing for and being prepared to bring forth for years.

And that the reason that Jack is coming back is to support people to come back into alignment with the trajectory of the reality that was shifted DRAMATICALLY when he was assassinated and that in order for us to swing that pendulum back, there are going to be very dramatic scenarios and consequences that are and also I am being told to say that very inappropriate things are going to be revealed.
Now inappropriate, meaning I, so what that is probably going to entail is going to be the different ways that energies have been conjured onto the planet and into people’s lives and especially a very insidious designed assault against Humanity’s Awakening where the people, the Beings of Light often referred to as Light Workers, are going to see the evidence, hear, feel, see the evidence of how they actually have been targeted. And I am being told to say right now that these conjured energies have been manipulating your soul’s destiny in ways that you probably cannot understand or fathom in this moment and that this is why, I am channeling, I am telepathically communicating right now, I am not even channeling, I am telepathically communicating and that this is why it is imperative for you to and important to ENGAGE with not only Clearing your Field tools, the experiential tools that we offer here for Master Clearing Your Field but also to engage with the Flower of Life, the Melchizedek coded message and Heart Chakra Activation that I have just released as a gift to humanity. Okay, the importance of this, I am being told to say this right now, the importance of this is that you cannot be inundated nearly as much from these inappropriate energies once you ACTIVATE YOUR HEART. It is through the um . . . okay, I am being told, what is being said is that “Undesirable energies are inappropriate in their place in this awakening trajectory and that these energies have no place or home, when your heart is wide open to receive your own Glory of God frequencies and vibrations and that is why I, Jack Kennedy, am coming through Deb to help you receive the Light of your own Glory of God as well as come into alignment of the missed opportunities that have been vacated from your experience and the projections of your reality because there has been missed steps, side steps, that have been taken to create these inappropriate energies and the foreclosure of these energies must and can only start with an OPEN HEART that is receiving through the Guidance and guidelines of knowing thyself as God-Creator Beings.”

“I am Jack Kennedy and this is the first message that Deb is bringing forth and bringing through.” Okay, alright, so I am just double checking on what was just being said. What he is saying is that I, Jack, am receiving her in very high vibration light so that she can receive me. Okay, so, and I just had to double check that because that didn’t seem right at first. So what he is saying is that there has been a bridge that has been created, there is a simpatico. He is saying “in order for you to receive my light,” he is saying this to me, ‘I needed to be able to receive your Light’. So there is an open channel, there is a highway, it is in both directions, it’s not in just one direction and the inappropriate energies that have inundated mankind for a very long time, um, what has occurred is they’re infiltrating and interfering with your energy field and that is where the inappropriateness comes because you’re not engaging with them in a free-will way which Jack and I are.

There has been Protocols that I put in place for the Telepathic Communications probably about a year and one-half ago so that it would alleviate even more any imposters, even though lots of confirmations about that occurring a while ago. I won’t even get into that right now. What he is saying is that he and I have made an agreement that I would be receiving him and he is saying that he also needed to receive my energy in order for it to be a simpatico back and forth energy so there are two things I am being shown right now: One is that when people who are channeling often times they are not even, they don’t have this agreement where that Being that they are channeling has also received their energy and so a lot of these channeled messages are, he is saying, convoluted because they are not in that back and forth receiving, that there is just “whish” channel from that being that is putting out the message and they are inappropriate because most of the time, they are actually imposter energy. Okay, and he is saying that that is something people are going to need to start getting used to hearing from me because that’s one of the other categories is about calling a spade a spade in these different things that are going on.

Hold on, Jack, I want to go back to the other thing because there were two things. There was the back and forth communication so he is saying that he needed to agree to receive my energy, and once I agreed to receive his energy and the telepathic communications, and the channeled messages and then the Activations. And he is saying that it is very important for you to hear this now because there is so much inappropriateness in the energetics on the planet right now.

Now, I am being shown and it’s important that each of us are ACCOUNTABLE to that. Not only are you accountable to your own field of energy, but you are also accountable to the energetics that are happening on the planet and right now what we are existing in is an absolute free-for-all and so until we actually take a stand for our energy field and clear our field as well as utilize the tools such activating the heart chakra which most of the planet right now is shut down in fear, survival and control and lack, lack of abundance, lack of resources, lack of umm, he is saying that the fortitude that people need to receive the sustenance of themselves as having courage and strength and love, that fortitude is not occurring right now because there has been so much inappropriate energies it basically whittled away, whittled away at people’s hearts and what I have been seeing for quite some time is, most of us, many, many people are living in a flat-lined existence and it’s definitely surviving, not thriving and so what is important here, what also is being said, is that one of the first ways to disassociate from those inappropriate energies is to ACTIVATE your Heart, your heart chakra and with this Flower of Life Sacred Geometry, it, um, well with this coded message because there are codes that are being Activated in that coded message and the Activation that brings you into alignment with this New Earth Reality, New Earth Reality Codes, Frequencies and also the Alchemical Transformation necessary.

Okay, he is saying that this is a very good first message and he wants people to know how IMPORTANT it is to understand the inappropriate energies and his intention of coming back into communication as well as into the reality is to bring, to lead the way and to bring us back into alignment with the trajectory of reality from when he was basically taken out of physical form off of the planet. He is saying that is complete, that is accurate and it is complete.

This is a complete transmission. Thank you and Namaste. That is what he is saying and so I am stepping back here and saying thank you as well. And that definitely was not what I had intended to bring forth as the category overview but it is what it is and thank you for engaging and remember that the most important relationship, I cannot even say this enough, is a loving relationship with yourself, loving Thyself and then we will go on from there, but first and foremost, moving into that place of vibration of loving Thyself. Thank you. I am Deborah Pietsch. You have been Waking Up with Deb.

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