It’s Not Sexy or Fun~Infiltration Energies Conjured from Illuminati Rituals

After years of illogical experiences of blocks, things “not coming together” and many challenges with financial abundance, Deb finally got insight and detailed information from her Guides about what was and still is taking place all across the planet, especially in the U.S. grid … it’s not sexy, it’s not fun and it’s definitely a rabbit hole you will want to go down so you can, at least be aware of what’s possibly going on … and engage with the solutions available, should you chose .. it’s infiltration from energies that have been conjured into this plain and dimension, wreaking havoc with much of the LIGHT and Free Will that’s “supposed” to be a natural experience for us, as we awaken … want to know more? Engage here and possibly expand your awareness…


Infiltration Clearing & Entities

Why is Master Clearing Your Field the MOST IMPORTANT Experiential Tool and Foundational Tool that I have been putting out for almost five years at this time?

Because I, very unexpectedly, had experiences that completely altered my experience of my life and the Trajectory of my Reality. Because as I increased my Vibration and my Light, and focused only on I AM Love, I AM Light, years ago, and came out in the world with all sorts of amazing stuff, – I GOT SLAMMED (in many ways including money, health, relationships etc.) -and it took me years and very detailed Telepathic Communication to understand what is at play on our planet.

And when I first put this information out in November 2010, I got a lot of crazy emails back from people that were like, ‘Oh My God! What are you talking about?’

Well I can tell you now, five years later, that there are a lot of people who are talking about Entities and other types of Interference and Infiltration and also THE EFFECTS of charms and incantations and spells and things like that.

We are Multi-Dimensional Beings and it is really important for us to understand the game that we are in, because if you think you’’re playing baseball and you’’re actually in a game of football, you are going to get slammed.

So, through very, very detailed communication from my Guides, the telepathic messages that started coming through when I was in the middle of conversations, regular 3D conversations, of “‘Shut down that conversation, you are being tracked”.’ And then the illogical things that occurred in my life, the crazy experiences with clients, and money not coming through when it was supposed to, and just basically things turning upside down.  And I use the word ‘illogical’ because there is only so much that you can basically cover for that, ‘this is all part of life’, and ‘oh it wasn’’t meant to be’, or ‘things didn’’t line up for various reasons’, then it’’s time to look outside of yourself for these blocks. And this is what I had to do because it was so out of left field for three years in a row, and then crazy stuff started happening and drama, and trauma with relationships. This is like 25 years of me, almost 25 years after I had already been Awakened and was working with Manifesting and Creation and all sorts of different things.

The point being is that we are Multi-Dimensional Beings and there have been a lot of things that have been done on this planet: working with ceremonies and rituals and incantations and charms and spells that have NOT BEEN of the Light. And if you don’’t ENGAGE with your Being as an I AM Being Presence, “PRESENCE”, and CLEAR YOUR FIELD, and really actually engage with the relationship with yourself and your ENERGY FIELD in a way that you are, you take a stand for what can come into your FIELD versus what cannot come into your Field, and that includes Projections, other Energies, all sorts of different things, then there is a HIGH PROBABILITY that you are going to actually be at the effect of these non-physical energies and ceremonies and rituals, without actually even realizing it.

So there is quite a bit of education that I am going to be leading people, and leading for people to have some awareness about. But it is really important for you to actually engage with the possibility of the things that you have going on in your life and the things that haven’’t occurred, like the projects, or the life purposes being revealed, the financial abundance not being revealed or aligned, may quite possibly be interference, that is not what most people talk about.

I am going to leave you with that and that this is really just a quick intro of how absolutely important it is for you to become masterful at Clearing Your Field and becoming an UNTOUCHABLE of these other energies. And this is one of the FIRST and FOREMOST as you move forward in the trajectory of this New Earth Reality, it is imperative that you take responsibility for this. And I’m just going to say, as a side note, I again years ago, I was all about the conversation and the Being-ness of ‘I’m only going to focus on the Light, I’m only going to focus on the Love’, until I had years of getting slammed with energies and different experiences that I knew, finally after three years, it had to be something more than me.

So hopefully I am able to shed some Light for you and the Team around us with this Show, Wake Up Shift is Happening, with the things that they’re sharing about, as well as shed some light because I know the misery that I lived through and now I know the difference of when myself or Scott or any of our team actually ENGAGE with Clearing our Field, even if it is technology, conversations, projects, all sorts of different things.

So my invitation to you is to get the Master Clearing your Field Tool, first and foremost, and ENGAGE with it EVERY SINGLE DAY.  There will be a lot more information and even shows about this subject. We’’ll get into a lot more detail but for the time being this is, consider this as your introduction to the subject from me.

Thank you for engaging. Remember that we are in this together and that the most important relationship is a loving relationship with Thyself, starting out there. I am Deborah Pietsch and you are Waking Up with Deb.

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