Intro~Shining Light on FUQedUPness~Current Earth State of Affairs w/ Deb Pietsch

In this overview, Deb highlights how we need to delve into the ways that the energies have been DESIGNED to be contracted and INVERTED (backwards and upside down) to create an effect of, and an experiences of — survival, fear AND not moving forward (Suspended Animation). Together it is time to examine the manipulation that has occurred in order for us to really be at odds with each other – not only the sexes but countries and different ethnic groups – and the ways that we have been utilized to create a DUALITY REALTIY.

Defining a problem and admitting it exists is the first step in solving it and with our cooperative awareness and intention we can unify ourselves back in the vibration of Love, Peace, Light and Unity to come into an alignment for our TRANSCENDENCE of this DUALITY REALITY, as well as our Ascension and the evolution of our Humanity, global community and Mother Earth.


Are you Experiencing it? Are you Experiencing the FUQedUPness of the planet right now? And does it surprise you that a spiritual person is even using this kind of language or languaging?

Well let’s look at what is going on and isn’t it time to call a spade a spade’ and to really be able to transcend what is going on and to clean it up? We need to, just like somebody who is addicted to a relationship, or alcohol or drugs. We need to be able to look honestly at what is going on as the state of affairs on this planet and not just as an individual but as a Being of a mass consciousness of energy and Being-ness on this planet. And so, yes, I am going to bring forth this FUQedUPness so that we can together, collectively, look at it, shine the light on it, and it is really the only the way that we can heal and clean up the mess that’s on the planet.

So what are we going to get into? We’re going to talk about the emasculation of the Divine Masculine. We are going to talk about dismantling of the Divine Feminine. We are going to talk about the ways of the natural flow of currency, money, resources has been almost stopped in its tracks, where there is deception.

We’re also going to talk about the ways that the Universal Laws have been broken and have been creating a CORRUPTION even in our Divine Human Blueprint, which is now being turned around. And in this Contingency Plan, we are going to talk about how that corrupted Divine Blueprint is being brought back online in a totally different Vibration and a Blueprint Technology. We’re going to talk about the ways that the Sacred Partners have not been able to come together easily.

So where are you? Are you experiencing, if you are even a woman, as a gender, are you experiencing not being in a Sacred Partnership where you’re completely aligned with your partner in the spiritual quest of your unfoldment and expansion and Ascension? Or are you experiencing being in a partnership that is not in alignment with that and/or not even being in a partnership and are experiencing needing to stay more in the Masculine Energy of production’ in order to make ends meet, and to be able to pay for your experience of being on this planet. And feeling alone about it and NOT experiencing that ëIn Love-ness’, WOW, I love life, I am joyful, I have the resources flowing to me of the abundance of not only the love and friendship, but also the things that I desire as my Heart’s Desires, and even the things that I need in order to bring forth my mission of why I incarnated into this experience.

So we are calling a spade a spade we are shining a light on it and we are going to clean it up, COLLECTIVELY. Remember we are in this together and we will see this through.

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