Intro to Activations and Alchemical Transformation

This video sets the context as part of the 9 foundational categories that Deborah Pietsch is bringing forth as part of a multi-dimensional strategy Contingency Plan for the otherwise hijacked Great Awakening.

In this overview, Deb begins to INTRODUCE what Activations and Alchemical Transformation as a part of our expansion, ascension and transcendence of the Duality Reality or Enslavement Matrix.


Activations & Alchemical Transformation with Deborah Pietsch

Are you open to the possibility that you have not experienced the kind of transformation that was intended or is necessary in order for you to Transcend the vibratory field that you have been existing in, within this Enslavement Matrix / Deception Reality?

What if you have been lulled into a low vibration place of complacency or flat-lined out heart, where your frequencies and electromagnetic energies of your heart are not Activated or Activating the way they were and are intended to, when your heart and your Being-ness is experiencing Joy, and Elation and Wonderment and Excitement for BEING ALIVE.

So one of the things with these Activations and the Alchemical Transformation is ëWhat if you haven’t experienced all that is to be experienced† and that there is a lot more intended and waiting for you, if you have the willingness to engage?í

The one thing that I can say is that the common response from people over the last several years of experiencing Activations, I can only speak from my own experience of clients and students, is ëOh My Gosh, I had no idea what to expect,†ëI had no idea I would have these experiences, I had no idea I would have transformation in my life and even how I feel† about myself and how I engage with the world around me.
I had no idea that my dream experiences could bring such detail and insight. I had no idea what I wasn’t experiencing; that is the common thread, once people start engaging with Activations and their Alchemical Transformation.

It’s about to go Transformation-on-Steroids as the energies on the planet EXPAND and as the LIGHT is able to increase and as you are engaging. It is all a simpatico experience all proactively engaging from your own Free Will and your HEARTíS DESIRES and Intention of Expansion, Transcendence and Ascension.

Come along, we’re going to really get into the journey of all this and even the first show, launched September 21st, is going to have guests that are going to actually talk about their Transformational experiences, so if you haven’t seen it, please go and engage with it and see what is possible.
It is actually pretty amazing. Namaste.

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