Intro to Activating your I AM That I AM Codes & Beingness w/ Deb Pietsch

In this overview, Deb introduces her work with the vibrations of I AM Love and I AM Light, having to do with the Activation of the I AM Presence including the spiritual and scientific context of the alchemical transformation of activating your BEingness . This is the Foundation of everything Deb has been taught and is a Trinity of the vibrational frequencies of love, light and gratitude, as well as discourse from JFK and other Ascended Masters in regard to the I AM presence. As we come into alignment with our I AM presence, visceral shifts occur with your own experiences, including feeling a shift of “comfortableness in your skin” so to speak.


I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM THAT I AM. Where did all of this come from? And why are there so many different Teachings that bring this forth but it’s very rarely talked about in the mainstream?

I’’ll be honest with you I actually haven’t even researched I AM THAT I AM much and I can only share from my own experiences through my Telepathic Communication, my Being-ness that has SHIFTED as I have Activated and Engaged with I AM Love, I AM Light, I AM Gratitude, which is the foundational Alchemical Codes and Frequencies that I am being taught to work with personally as well as with clients and students.

And what has been shared with me is that this is one of the foundational teachings and, yes, I’m sure that most people know that Yeshua is one of the people that brought this information through, so has St Germaine’s teachings and others.

And what is important at this time is that we Engage with the teachings that work through our initiations of our Self-Awareness, Consciousness and Being-ness. And what I have experienced, because I can only share with you from what I have experienced and what I have been Guided to know about and insights and information. I have experienced an incredibly powerful SHIFT in Transformation in the last several years in my own Being-ness as I have engaged with I AM THAT I AM. And now further engaged with I AM LOVE, I AM LIGHT, I AM GRATITUDE.

And what has occurred within my own Being-ness is a grounded, solid experience of my Self as a Being of LIGHT that is not just a logical or explained type of experience it is a Being-ness, a solid, solid way of BEING in the world that is not from a place of ego and is very much Aligned with my TRUE essence TRUTH.

Through this has come a very deep Loving of myself that goes beyond words again, and goes into a VIBRATION of Being-ness within myself. And as many of the things that I talk about, this is one of those additional visceral experiences that people can tell you about it, they can talk about it, but until you actually experience the SHIFT and the Transformation within yourself, it’s just words. What I do know is that the experience I have watched and observed and gotten to share in with my students and clients is a very unique transformation as they engage with the vibration of I AM THAT I AM. And we’re going to be exploring this more in the shows and the Teachings and the information the insights that are brought forth and definitely in the Alchemical Transformations and the Activations.

So I look for to Engaging with I AM THAT I AM upon this journey of Evolution and Ascension with you.

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