Transcription of the following video: So, this is an overview of the category ‘How is Deb Different?’ Now, why did I put that into a category? Well mostly, because what I have gotten over the years as feedback from people, is how different my messages are; my insights, my telepathic communications which is very detailed and how people receive it and then what they experience after they receive it.

Now, that’s the first thing. That is one reason, the other reason is because I want to really be CLEAR about what it is that I’m bringing forth and how it is unique in a way, that what I have seen from most Spiritual Teachers and people that are bringing forth information regarding the New Age and the New Earth Reality, is that there is a lot of, I’m going to just say « disinformation ».

There is a lot of people that have good intentions and unfortunately I believe that they are, and what I have, when I have checked in about it, often times getting information that is not accurate and because I have spent the last several years behind the scenes, working multi-dimensionally, strategizing for Humanity’s Great Awakening and figuring it out with the Ascended Masters how and why things have gone awry. But, in addition to that, coming up with and revising the Game Plan so that we can BRIDGE, a creative bridge, from this MESS that we have existing on the planet right now, in order for us to TRANSCEND and ASCEND and I’m going to get into things that I think that a lot of teachers don’t want to touch.

One, the subject is about infiltration and interference and that I’m going to really SHINE THE LIGHT on a lot of the different things and call « bullshit » on a lot of the things that have been put out. So that we can really quickly get through this mess that we are in such as infiltration and interference. Most people don’t want to touch it, and they have the belief structure and the belief system that if you put your attention or intention into it, this is just one subject matter, that you actually create that.

But, what I’m aware of is that « if you sweep it under the carpet » and you don’t understand the « HOW » and « WHY » why, that has been part of the under belly of everything that we have been experiencing in this Enslavement Matrix, in this Reality; then you also don’t have the ability to really stand in your I Am Presence and to be in the vibration that you choose, that you choose what you are putting your energy into and that by speaking of something does NOT actually warrant that you are putting energy into it.

That’s one thing. The other aspect of what I wanted to also bring forth is I have very much, not come out with channelled messages over the last five or six years, specifically, because I didn’t want to be lumped into a category with other channelled messages and people that are bringing forth a lot of what I consider « woo woo », not very grounded, very vanilla messages, that I actually think are harmful to people that are providing another kind of saviour outside of ourselves, that takes the owness of our accountability and responsibility away, in a very disempowering way from us, and also the messages that the, this has been the way that this was meant to be and that all the suffering we have experienced and even the backwards motion that we have experienced.

Those of us who have been AWAKE, even in the 80’s and 90’s, know that we were manifesting a lot faster and a lot easier back then. So it’s basically looking at all of these different things in ways that we have gone down a downward spiral and also with the hundreds of sessions, the private sessions and the private clients and students that I’ve been working with over the last 5 or 6 years, I have a plethora of confirmation that an evidence that the communications that I am getting are spot on and that is another reason why I even have the courage and the « balls » to put it bluntly, to even come out saying « I am bringing forth transmissions from JFK, from Jack Kennedy. And a lot has gone into and lead up to this and for me, first of all, for him to be communicating with me, and secondly for me to have the confidence of coming out with this.

So, in this category here, ‘How is Deb different’, there is definitely going to be some things here in regards to ways that I feel and that others feel, I’m kind of unique and set aside differently, than most of the teachers that are out there right now. And the thing is I don’t, I’m not interested in putting anyone down. This is really just for me to shine the light on the different aspects of myself that I have awareness about, of being different and often times ahead of my time.

This has been a very long journey at this point for a lot of us and me included. So, I hope that gives you some overview about why I chose to create this category of « How is Deb Different » so that there is some real distinction about how I’m different.

So thank you for tuning in and you are Waking Up with Deb and remember that we are in this together and that the most important relationship is a Loving relationship with yourself.

How is Deb Different?

How Deb Is Different~Evidence Of Channeled Info In This Dimension Is Only The Beginning

I have seen over the years there are a fair amount of people that come out with Channelled messages, and I don’t believe that most people are intending to manipulate or to have ill-will about it, but what I have found is that these messages seem to be very, with the information brought forth, that they are very similar across the board and that they are most likely bringing forth their own Higher Self information…

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