How Deb Is Different~Evidence Of Channeled Info In This Dimension Is Only The Beginning

In this overview, Deb speaks directly to how she differs from other teachers and spiritual advisers, how her work was developed and has evolved, and how her approach emphasizes physical confirmations and evidence in this dimension of channeled information AND self-empowerment, experiential tools to create freedom from using gurus or mediums for daily clarity. Through her work with JFK and the Ascended Masters, Deb has been able to objectively assess humanity’s current “infiltrated operating system” and has been shown a clear game plan to overcome the infiltration, interference and disinformation and TRANSCEND and ASCEND into a New Earth Reality.

Additionally, Deb does not go along with the Love and Light crowd in so far as thinking that all is well and there are rescue missions occurring … she believes, based on experience of infiltration and the many, many 100’s of hours of communication with her Guides, that we, humanity, is in a very, very precarious situation of the survival and thriving of Beings of Light


Why am I different? Why is Deb different? How am I different?

Well this might be a little bit of an odd subject for me or anyone to put on their website or to put out there, but I got the Guidance that it was important for me to presence it in my own way, and to presence my experience of myself and how I may be different, based on the feedback from my clients and students and even the insights and the ways that Scott, my partner, my husband, has shared with me. And it’s that I’m also modelling the Guidance that I’m getting in order for me to do this, and the reason for me to do this also is modelling a way for us to engage with ourselves, not from an egoic standpoint, but from a place of Loving ourselves and actually being able to presence ourselves in the world as we see ourselves. That’s one thing, and to even have that pattern of energy within yourself that you are engaging with yourself as a Being of Light bringing forth different gifts and assets and ways of being on the planet and not holding back from sharing about that.

So basically what I have seen over the years, from when I switched over from being a Producer – label type of person, to a Spiritual Teacher and Activator and Telepathic Communicator and having sessions and tuning in with people and all sorts of different things, is that I am a stickler for Confirmations and Evidence of the information I am getting with the Telepathic Communication.

I have seen over the years that there are a fair amount, a lot of people that come out with Channeled messages. And I don’t believe that most people are intended to manipulate or to have ill will about it. But what I have found is that these messages seem to be very (with the information brought forth) that they are very similar across the board and that they are most likely bringing forth their own Higher Self information or bringing it through filters or even being interfered with, with Mind Control Technologies that are being put out in the airwaves.

So one of the things that I have refrained from doing is actually coming out with the hundreds of hours of channeled messages and Telepathic communications that I actually do have confirmations and evidence in this dimension that have, that show the validity of that.

Another thing that I feel that I am different with, is that I really engage from a place of transparency. Even with the private groups that I have been working with, and the clients and students, I share things in my own personal life to share the modelling of that. I share stories about how I engage, proactively engage, with Loving Myself, and choices that I have made that have been at times very difficult for me. But the intention was that I stayed true to whatever is in my Highest Good and stayed in alignment with what would be in alignment with me Loving myself.

There are ways that we engage with ourselves that as we move forward in our own evolution, that are different and unique from when we move into more of a Higher Self experience, or living, that are different than logic or personality based decision making and Being-ness. So I talk a lot about that also is that is part of the Transformation of how we actually engage with ourselves, the decisions and the choices that we make.

So the other thing I feel that is, or another way that I am different and unique is the Experiential Tools and the ability to breakthrough and pierce the veil to support the people in BEING more Multi-Dimensional, and being aware of themselves as a Multi-Dimensional Being. And also utilizing these Experiential Tools, with the Pineal Gland Activations, the Heart Chakra – Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activations, all sorts of different things and ways for us to, and for an individual to, choose to proactively engage with their Expansion.

The important thing here I feel is that another very important thing is the level of integrity that I have been willing to engage with. The information that has been given to me, the Carte Blanche access to information in communications is rather unique and I know that one of the main reasons is that I do, and have shown a level of integrity, a level of integrity basically that I think most people don’t have a relationship with. By that I mean I have been given very, very detailed information about people and about things and even the last several years of engaging and communications with Beings such as Jack Kennedy, with J.F.K, and other things that absolutely have not come out yet.

It’s all held in a place of Integrity, that it’s for Humanity’s Awakening and the information will be brought out when the time is right. That this isn’t about me, having more information than people and sharing it from an egoic standpoint, it’s about holding the integrity, having the integrity to hold the information, to bring it out when the time is right. Which is why I am now coming out here, in September 2015, with the communications and transmissions from J.F.K, from Jack Kennedy.

That opens up a whole other box of possibilities and reasons that this Being has been communicating with me and what has been being planned behind the scenes and is in the works for Humanity’s Evolution and cleaning up the mess that we’re in.

Alright, so I hope that I haven’t rambled here too much. My intention was to share some ways from my Heart, of how and why I feel that I am different based on my own knowingness of myself as well as the information and the insight and the feedback I get from the people around me.

Thank you for engaging, it is with Much LOVE that I am sharing your journey with you.

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