Transcription of the following video: Thank you for engaging I am Deborah Pietsch, and you are Waking Up with Deb. This is some information regarding the category of the GodWave or the G-Wave, that’s what I am referring to it as, because it has brought through information wise, that this is the Divine Intervention part of the Contingency Plan, and that this wave of energy that we are now, in September 2015, really just beginning to experience, is a wave of Divinity, a wave of Source Energy, a wave of Divine Energy, that is here to support and is going to continue to roll in just like high tide when you are at the beach, you know when the high tide comes in because the water level rises. This is what is going to continue to occur with this GodWave of energy.

And just like a wave, it is an opportunity to ride this wave, you have this opportunity to engage with riding this wave of energy.

The important thing to understand with regards to this energy is that it is not like anything you have experienced or any of us on the planet and that there is going to be very, very defined ways that this GodWave of energy is going to affect you, and the more that you ENGAGE with it pro-actively, and the more that you are engaged with your evolution, and with the energy that is a part of this GodWave, that there is this simpatico, the more that you understand how to engage with this, is really the way that you are going to experience this in a more graceful and easy manner.

Now, I can tell you that here towards the end of September 2015 with my private clients and students with the Activations and the private messages that Jack has brought through, we have now experienced very, very physical and emotional shifts with this GodWave energy.

I am just being told right now, please tell them again, this is unlike anything that you have experienced thus far. So, what they are showing me is “Don’t try to put this into a file or into a frame of reference of anything that you have had so far”. Now what’s important about that is what we tend to do, is we tend to think, ‘Oh ok, hey, I know what’s going to occur’. Now, there is two ways of dealing with this.

One is, the energy of this GodWave is so unique and so potent that the more that you are willing to be accountable for your moment to moment experience, in your evolution, and your Transcendence and Ascension, the more that you are actually going to be able to utilise this energy.

Okay, and I’m being told right now that, now you might be asking yourself, ‘how am I going to be affected by this, if I’ve never experienced anything like this before? You might be asking yourself “how am I going to be affected by this”? And what is being said right now is (in caps is what I’m seeing and hearing it) is ‘A LOT’ and so, and, I’m being told to say this again, it’s important to ENGAGE with this PRO-ACTIVELY in every way, in everything that you’re doing.

Ok, this is interesting, what’s being said is, so don’t think that you’re in unchartered territory – KNOW that you are in unchartered territory and the way that this is being brought forth is that there is a difference between when we THINK about something and we KNOW IT, that knowingness that comes in and when you ENGAGE with that knowingness, it actually takes you out of your head, and the thinking about this is not the way to engage with this energy. It is the knowingness, so please let that sink in right now as you are hearing this that the information that is being brought forth, at this point, the Telepathic Communication is being brought forth is that the Beings of Light that are our team, of, that we work very closely with, are wanting you to understand the difference of integrating, of integration between knowingness of something and thinking about something, and that this GodWave of energy is a vibration that will ALIGN with your OPEN HEART way more than its going to align with you being in a thinking modality or thinking mode.

Just to recap regarding the GodWave energy, is that this is nothing like anything we have experienced so far, and that this is your OPPORTUNITY to proactively engage with Divine Light Source Energy, and as you ride this wave of energy with the tools and the modules of information and the stuff that I am going to be sharing about will support you with this Contingency Plan of this GodWave.

Thank you for engaging, I am Deborah Pietsch. You have been tuning into “Waking Up with Deb” for the website and remember that the most important relationship is your loving relationship with yourself.

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