GodWave Divine Intervention Introduced Sept 2015~ProActive Engagement~w/Deb Pietsch

In this overview, Deb introduces the Divine Intervention aspect of A Contingency Plan for Humanity’s Great Awakening which she has lovingly titled the GodWave or G-Wave. Ancient Hawaiians tell us “You can’t change the waves but you can learn to surf” and so it is with the energy we began experiencing in September 2015. This wave of Divine Source energy is here to support mankind and increase our energetics, similar to the waves at high tide, if we choose to engage proactively with ease and grace. KNOW in your heart that this GodWave is UNCHARTERED TERRITORY unlike anything that we have experienced in our evolution thus far; so engaging with the energies and being accountable to keep them uppermost in our consciousness will allow us to utilize this energy to its utmost benefit. Welcome this Divine Source GodWave and experience a vibration that will align with your open heart for Ascension and Transformation.


GodWave, G-Wave, Wave-X. We’re starting to hear about it and people are starting to engage with it in different ways. And what’s important, that I have been being told about this Wave of Energy, is that it is part of the Contingency Plan and that it is also an energy of Source that is intended to Support Humanity to LIFT OFF, to Level the Playing Field and to not usurp your Free Will.

So what’s important to understand and to be aware of is that this is not a wave of energy that is going to just come in and sweep through your life, and all of a sudden, like a fairy Godmother or Tinkerbell, or whatnot, you’re going now to be an evolved person in experiencing Realm Shift. And almost the opposite is that (what I’m being told by my Guides) is that so many people are so off the mark with their Vibration, or Being in a vibration of insufficient funds, in a vibration of not experiencing love within themselves, not experiencing that Glory of God relationship of your own God Being Self.

There is a chasm and that it’s very important that you, if you choose and you want to ride this Wave of Energy, that it’s very important for you to:

1. Proactively engage with it in a choosing of it, like Invoking.
2. The other aspect of this is that you begin with the vibration of Loving Thyself. That is why I am putting these teachings out. Ashtar, with the Teachings of Loving Thyself and Melchizedek with the Teaching and the Activation of the Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation, and then also the Seal of Integrity and the Integrity of Self, is first on the list.

All of this is the internal aspect which so much of it has been shifted to the wayside or has been even compromised because there has been so much infiltration. And so now with this GodWave of energy, this HIGH Vibration Light, what we may be experiencing is a pushing to the surface of those shadow aspects of self, fears, survival, the resentments, or the things that we have experienced in our life that we haven’t transmuted yet. And as we do, we could be experiencing a fair amount of uncomfortableness.

What I used to refer to years ago, which is now just starting to come up again in conversations, is almost like an energy of your skin crawling, that you are that uncomfortable in your body and this is part of the Alchemical Transformation. an energy of your skin crawling, that you are that uncomfortable in your body and this is part of the Alchemical Transformation.

So this GodWave of Energy – We’re going to be talking about this on the show. We are going to be working with ways to engage with it and have more of an understanding of what all of this has, because this first wave of energy is going to probably have some pretty profound experiences for people and also start to bring up, what my Guides refer to, as the Shadow Storms. And I’m starting to refer to them as the Shadow Shit Storms because of the potential Chaos that it could bring up for you as an individual and for us as a collective.

Okay, so the good news is we have this Wave of Energy that is here to support us with the Levelling of the Playing Field. And the challenging aspect is important to engage with it proactively and it could be creating situations on the planet that we had not expected to be experiencing at this time. Or if you have, then cool, you’re maybe ready for the possibilities of what is to unfold, but what I am being told right now is that there’s a Malnourishment of Heart and Love on the planet, and the intention of the GodWave is to bring that Malnourishment back into balance so that you are feeding yourself, Igniting that Light of Love from within and igniting that light from within in order for you to further expand your own vibration of Being-ness with that electro-magnetic energy of Source, Source Field Energy from Within.

What I’m being told to say right now, to share with you, is that that is the Magical Light Within that allows everything to come into fruition, into manifest, and keep turning up the vibration, in order to CREATE and that is a big part of what has been infiltrated and interfered with and so it starts with your Heart Within.

This has been a bit of information regarding the GodWave and the G-Wave and what is also being referred to as Wave-X and we’re going to talk a lot more about it.

So thank you for engaging.

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