Transcription of the following video: Hi I’m Deb, Deborah Pietsch and you are Waking Up with Deb, and this is an overview of the category – the FUQedUPness and calling a spade a spade, and I know that this is probably not something that most people are expecting from a Spiritual Teacher, a Being of Light to bring this forward.

What you will learn from me, if you don’t already know, is that I’m really about telling it like it is, and what I’ve experienced, what I’m experiencing and what I know many people on the planet are experiencing. And it certainly is and has not been a journey of grace, ease, love and light for most of the people that have been engaging with their Awakening journey for the last 10-20-30 years, and I’m in that 30 year category, so I know.

The reason that we are going to be Shining the Light on the FUQedUPness, is because we absolutely CANNOT MOVE ON without defining and discerning what has been really FUQed up basically, in this journey. And we have to really be able to look at EVERYTHING, under every rock, under every crack and crevice of the ways that we have been basically very effectively, kept from our Great Awakening and how it has been hijacked. How the mind control, the GMO’s, the chemtrails, the obvious things that most of us are aware of, but we are also going to go in under the hood, and look at the ways that a lot of people actually don’t want to look at, the infiltration as well as the different things that have been going on in the ceremonies and rituals of the secret societies and a very, very networked group of millions of people across the planet and SHINE A LIGHT on all of it.

It’s basically like once you shine a light on the, let’s say the SHADOWS it has that transparency is what ASSISTS US in being able to TRANSMUTE it and basically dissolve it, discard it, neutralise it, and to choose that we don’t want that to be a part of our experience, but if you don’t know about it, then there is really not a way for you to make that conscious choice.

And so some of the different things that we’re also going to be looking at in this category of FUQedUPness, is the way that the Divine Feminine has been dismantled. The way that the emasculation of the Divine Masculine has occurred, and how we are experiencing just even in those two categories, a plethora of challenges for men to be men, and even to be in relationship with women.

How many of the spiritual people do you know, including yourself, are you in a Sacred partnership?
If you aren’t do you want to be? How many people do you know that are actually single? And many men on the planet right now feel emasculated not only from their own Divine Feminine emotion and their heart, but even in the paradigm of creating substantial foundation to feel that they can be in a relationship monetarily.

There has been all sorts of different things and ways that this has been done in a very designed ASSAULT against Humanities’ Awakening, very insidious and we’re going to look at a lot of this. We’re also going to look at the B.S – the New Age B.S that’s been put out there and the programs and we’re going to distil this down so that we can each look at our own shadows, as well as the shadows and the deception and basically the FUQedUPness on the planet, and it’s important for each of us to take responsibility for our own experiences and to shift the internal aspects, to TRANSMUTE those internal shadows in order for the external to actually be experienced in what our HEART’S DESIRE is, which many of us is for Peace, for Love, Light, for Unification, for the Abundance of resources and for the Joy and Elation and EXCITEMENT to return, many of us experienced it years prior.
For all of that to return back into our experience.

We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things and the ways that the energies have been CONCTRACTED to create an effect of, and an experience of survival, fear, greed and the manipulation that has occurred in order for us to really be at odds with each other. Not only the sexes but countries and different ethnic groups and the ways that we have been utilised to create a duality reality. This all goes onto the category of the FUQedUPness and we’re going to Shine a Light on it and we are going to SHIFT IT and you are now tuning in with Deborah Pietsch, I am Waking up with Deb and you are too..

And I hope that you understand and I am going to re-do this right now, so I will have to edit this,

This is a bit of an overview of the FUQedUPness category and how we are going to work together to unify ourselves back in the vibration of Love, Peace, Light and for us to come into an Alignment for our Transcendence of this duality reality as well as our Ascension and the evolution of our Humanity, global community and Mother Earth.

You’ve been engaging with Deborah Pietsch and Waking Up with Deb.
Remember that we are in this together.


Intro~Shining Light on FUQedUPness~Current Earth State of Affairs w/ Deb Pietsch

In this overview, Deb highlights how we need to delve into the ways that the energies have been DESIGNED to be contracted and INVERTED (backwards and upside down) to create an effect of, and an experiences of — survival, fear AND not moving forward (Suspended Animation). Together it is time to examine the manipulation that has occurred in order for us to really be at odds with each…

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