Transcription of the following video: Clearing your field, being aware of entities and infiltration and interference. I’m Deborah Pietsch and you are Waking Up with Deb.

This is a subject that many people do not want to talk about, they don’t want to cover and they have the, I believe the inappropriate belief system that if you engage with this information that you are attracting it into your life. And what I am going to share in this category is not only was I one of those people, let’s say back in 2005, my Awakening was in 1987 and in 2005 is when I started experiencing tremendous infiltration, but until then I always was like ‘No, I am all about Love and Light and that’s all I really want to focus on’. I had some very, very challenging years between 2005 and 2008.

So I am sharing with you from my own experience as well from over the years and how I have become masterful and now teach people how to become masterful at understanding infiltration, the illogical interference and also what has been going on the planet in a very insidious network that has conjured energies that we, most people would be MORTIFIED to understand and to be aware of.

And then how to actually master Clearing Your Field as you ENGAGE and Activate your I AM Presence and that you are willing to look at this subject and these energies, WITHOUT ANY FEAR that you are going to be conjuring them just by engaging with the information and the insights and the clearings.

This is one of the FOUNDATIONS of the work that I have been bringing forth. I started bringing this subject out, it was November 2010 and I had a tremendous amount of repercussion shall we say, from people not wanting to ENGAGE with this subject and I have stayed strong and steadfast in this because of the gift and the asset of the Telepathic Communication and the Awareness that has been brought forth. Then of course dealing with all the students and clients that I have dealt with over the years and the ways that they have experienced Transformation when they ENGAGED with being willing to Clear their Field.

So this is one of the most important aspects of this time that we are in right now, this Dimension, this Reality, this Enslavement Matrix, Deception Reality, Duality Reality; however you want to refer to it as. In this category we are going to go down the rabbit hole and we are going to SHINE THE LIGHT on this because it is NOT OKAY for us to be experiencing the amount of infiltration and interference that we have, over the years.

And if you are one of the people like me that was Awakened years ago and that you have experienced almost a backwards, going backwards and being stopped time after time, from engaging with your projects, your life purpose, your resources being brought forth, the financial abundance, the Sacred partnership; then my invitation at this time is to actually BE WILLING to look at the external influence of this interference and the infiltration that has been very insidiously and systematically brought into our experience as part of the hijacking of the Great Awakening and it is in this instance that you can proclaim that you are NO longer WILLING to be a VICTIM or even to come to that by not being willing to engage with it.

So here we go, we’re going down that rabbit hole, should you choose and the message that I just brought through for this category, from Jack is very unexpectedly, what he is saying in that message ‘Is this inappropriate energy, you really kind of have to look at it, not kind of, you really have to be willing to look at it, in order to engage with the transcendence and the ascension of this reality and this duality reality in the unification of your own wholeness’, and you have been engaging with Deborah Pietsch and Waking Up with Deb and remember that we are not only in this together, but we will see this through.