Don’t Miss The GodWave Because You Were Asleep

What if you, unbeknownst to you, you were being affected by external energies and had created “survival” coping mechanisms in order to keep moving forward in this matrix, that you THEN weren’t aware of or couldn’t see or feel HIGH VIBRATION energies that were here to support you? … THAT is why I’m stressing how important it is to be PROACTIVELY ENGAGING with these energies !


Don’t Miss the God Wave Because You Were Asleep 

Hi I am Deborah Pietsch and you are tuning in to ‘Waking up with Deb’, and the subject of this conversation is the God Wave – Don’t Miss the God Wave Because You Were Asleep.

And of course I’m being a little bit cheeky with that, and the intention of that is to open up the conversation about what this Energy form is and how important it is to actually proactively engage with this God Wave Energy, and that this is part of the Contingency Plan that I am now coming out and speaking about.

As part of this Energy Field and as part of this Contingency Plan, there is a very distinct vibration that, yes, it is Divine Intervention.  There is definitely, that is a part of it.  And what’s important for you to understand and recognize, is that although there is Divine Intervention, the Beings and the Energy that is coming, the Source Field of Energy, that is now starting to ignite from the inside of the planet and also on the exterior, is that this Energy cannot override your Free Will.  So it’s actually important for you to understand so that you actually ENGAGE.

Now one of the things that I have been told about this, is that the people that, there’s going to be people that don’t even notice anything.  They’re going to see probably a lot of these changes, the Earth changes, the different things that are going to be revealed, but they won’t be experiencing so much of the Vibrational Up-Levelling of what is possible when you ENGAGE with this energy pro-actively, and when you are engaging with the Intention of creating a vibrational match.  And what I’m being told right now is that when there is a vibrational mismatch, it’s basically like when water is going down, let’s say a river, and it goes around a rock; now that creates an ebb of flow.  But what this Energy is going to potentially be experienced as, from the people that are not so interested in Awakening, in Transformation, in Ascension, in Evolution, their own and Humanity, is two things: One is they may not even notice anything; and the second thing is they may actually experience a lot of Shadow Stuff coming to the surface.

The important thing for you though, as you are getting this information, is that you have the Intention of proactively Engaging.  Now of course you’re probably saying, ‘Ok, now what does that look like?’’ Well, there is definitely more information, solutions, tools that are on the website.  There is more and more and more that are going to be brought out as we get into this information and the rolling out of it basically.

So, the most important thing here is to ENGAGE proactively, and I honestly do not have the time to read or to engage with most of what other people are putting out.  But I have seen a few things where people have said that, ‘You don’t have to do anything’; and I’m going to disagree with that information based on what I’m being told and what I’ve even experienced with clients and students, that it’s important that you actually do ENGAGE.  And remember what I said at the beginning of this is that this also has to do with your Free Will.  The Beings of Light and this Energy is NOT here to actually override your Free Will.  So, if you don’t have a relationship with your Free Will, well that’s something else for us to talk about.

Thank you for tuning in.  The most important relationship is a Loving relationship with Yourself.  I am Deborah Pietsch, and remember that we are in this together.

Okay, so I was asked to actually add in an addendum to this information.  And one of the things that we are talking about in regards to this Energy, is that it’s basically like a surfer catching a wave.  When that surfer is out there on the surfboard and paddling to catch the wave, they catch the wave.   But if the surfer is just hanging out there and not paddling to actually get in alignment with that wave, it’s basically like that surfer is just hanging out there.

So a big part of this is about surfing that Wave.  And there is A LOT of information that we’re going to be sharing in regards to all the different things that are going to be revealed through the catching of this Wave.  Also, because there is stuff that is going to come up that are going to be shown to you where you’re not a vibrational match so that you can continue to be a part of this First Wave of Ascension and Transcendence.  Be a surfer.


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