Deb’s GCR Show Eps. 5 Nov 1 Globally Hidden Agendas Galore. Know What Game You Are In So You Can Navigate Your Highest Good Trajectory

Waking Up With Deb…Shift Is Happening! iTV Presents …

Deb’s GCR Activation Show
Episode #5  Nov. 1, 2015

Globally Hidden Agendas Galore
Know What Game You Are In So You Can Navigate Your Highest Good Trajectory

Experiential & Transformational Show

Topics That Were Covered:

  • Understand what “game” is playing out on the planet so you know how to navigate your trajectory
  • How ARE you playing the game – are you in the stands watching others play?  Are you on the bench waiting to engage or are you on the field?
  • Reintroduction of the 7 team members LIVE on the show Intentionally Holding this GCR / New Earth Unified Field

Deb’s Commitment To You:

To bring you the clearest, cleanest information and insights that I possibly can.  There are a lot of “moving targets” in our / humanities’ current trajectory of getting “back on track” with our Great Awakening.  I and the team around me are committed to HOLDING a powerful Unified Field and space for The Great Awakening, which right now, includes Activating you and ourselves to be in full alignment with the GCR / RV so that humanity can thrive once again.  My commitment is to continue sharing all of the details of the Contingency Plan and the other aspect of Transcendence (of the Enslavement Matrix) and our Ascension, that I can.

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We are excited to be sharing this time with you, and all we will be talking about, as we expand the Waking Up With Deb family and community beyond the existing bounds!
See You Then..with bells, whistles and your “Let’s Do This” Beingness!


Transcript of Show:

Transcription for November 1st Show via the Conference Line

Fabulous this is Deb, this is Deborah Pietsch today is in the States, it’s November 1st Sunday 2015 and it is in Australia where half of our team is Monday November 2nd 2015 and this is the third call in a back to back daily series that we put out from Wake Up Shift is Happening TV show, and the reason that we are doing this three days in a row is to anchor this Global Currency Reset, to anchor and to prioritize the vibration of Creation, the Unified Field for this New Earth Reality for these currencies being backed by Gold for us to realign the reality that really got shifted when JFK was assassinated, the gold back currencies that he was wanting to bring back online for humanity and I’m going to actually talk a little bit about him in a little while as well.

So if the reason that you are here is because you are holding space for the global currency reset or the adoration for humanity or the anchoring of the New Earth Reality, then you are in the right place – Yeah!

And we are – we’re all having fun and keeping our vibration high and joyful and knowing as we open our hearts to be the vibration of the gold, the heart of gold, our heart of gold and align with our hearts’ desires and we are also opening our hearts to receive and we know that to give and to receive, that is the flow of the energy, so it is a give and a take, a give and a receive and so that’s also the vector equilibrium that also has to do with the Sacred Geometry, as we move into this conversation and this call, what I’d also like you to do as we begin is to settle in to the energy, settle into the energies this is our third day together and settle into as you take a couple of deep breathes, releasing all the stuff that isn’t serving you and even from your day, from your morning. Whatever time zone you’re in right now from the last 24-72 hours we have done a LOT and I can’t even overstate this.

As a group, as a collective group, we have done a tremendous amount of energy – Shifting, Transmuting, Moving, Engaging and Activating and so as you engage with that awareness then I also would like you to engage with the intention of releasing the stuff that doesn’t serve you and to engage with the high vibration Love, that you are and we’ve talked about quite a bit in call 1 and call 2 especially the generating of the Loving Thyself vibration and the generating of that Vibration of Creation that we are in this together, we are creating and anchoring a New Earth Reality and that the revaluation of these currencies and all of the different things that go along with this scenario, this situation, this global impactful situation is also a revaluation of self and self-worth of wealth based on your heart, the purity of your heart and not associated with what’s in your bank account or what’s not in your bank account.

So let’s rock’n roll. I want to introduce again we have our seven people who are holding this field very, very powerfully. The field, this Unified Field and holding space with you and also for you, because as we are generating these Vibration of Creation energies there is the potential for a lot of interference and infiltration and so it’s also, as we hold space for somebody, it’s another way of even what some people would be familiar with would be saying prayer for somebody but as we hold space together, we are actually holding space for a possibility that then can be moved into probability and that probability is clearly set with intention as well as action and doing-ness, aligned with being-ness and then we move it into reality so it’s really a couple of different steps.

And so that is part of what we are doing right now, we are collectively unifying, holding the space for this global currency reset as well as the New Earth Reality anchoring. Okay so I would like to introduce, Scott is back on the line, do you want to say Hi?

Scott-Yeah, Hi everyone.

Deb-And as you guys probably know, Scott is over in Sydney and I have come over to the U.S I’m over in L.A, so we are not physically together, and energetically we are, and we are also bridging this Unified Field that we have been Activating for the last couple of years. We are going to start off today; Scott’s got some things he wants to share that are coming over from yesterday’s call as well. Alright so we also have Helen is here.

Helen- Hi everybody, how are you? I am thrilled again to be here and bring on the GCR! Thanks Deb and Scott.

Deb -And we also have Roberta.

Roberta -I am glad and honored to be here and humbled still for all the GCR and all the changes coming.

Deb –Awesome and then we also have Sue Country Gal.

Sue-Hello everybody I’m just excited to be here and also honored to be part of this.

Deb –Awesome! Thank you and Jan is back with us.

Jan – Hi everyone, glad to be back.

Deb –Then here with me in L.A is Heather. Okay is Heather here? Okay there might be a mic issue, so if you want to jump on and let us know if you’re there?  Then also Patty as many of you know as Nana.

Nana-Hello everyone so happy and honored to be here and excited that we’re going to get this done.

Deb-Awesome, alright I just got a skype message from Heather and she’s saying “I’m here.” Heather we couldn’t hear you do you want to try again? Still can’t hear you, alright so I’m just going to let you know she’s here, she just skyped, so there might be a mic issue, and you yes she just skyped again saying umm, you know were in communication you know she’s here. And Nadia is here as well, Nadia do you want to say hi?

Nadia –Hi everybody.

Deb – Jennifer, can you make sure that Heather has the actual correct code? That might be the issue. Ok so if you guys remember yesterday we were in Halloween here in the United States, and where we left off in our Activation was the transmuting of energies within the Activation there was some transmuting of energies of anything that could obstruct the GCR, the many types of black magic, or ritual or ceremony that may have been done by anyone that doesn’t want humanity to evolve so I just want to presence that and that we are over compensating all of that with our hearts of gold, with our love and with our vibration aligned as well, so Scott do you want to pick it up from there?

Scott- Yeah the main thing I wanted to cover was regards to the questions that might come up relating to ‘How do you experience this vibration of wealth without buying a luxury trip or a cruise, or buying a new Ferrari or that sort of stuff.  ‘How do you engage with that frequency and vibration of wealth without buying it?’

It’s almost like a paradox or a catch 22 scenario, where a lot of people think well to engage with this vibration of wealth I’ve got to have it, what I wanted to cover is it doesn’t matter the magnitude of the wealth that you ENGAGE in, as in you don’t need to go and book a 24 day cruise around the world and get a luxury suite in first class airfares, limo’s and all of that sort of stuff. It’s not about the actual tangibility of the wealth, rather the frequency.

So for example if you find that there’s a little picnic spot where you live that is quite beautiful, out in nature, you might be under a tree, some flowers blossoming whatever brings you joy, something that is as simple as that of taking a rug from the home and setting up a little picnic, some napkins, some water, some bread, whatever, it can be really simple but engaging in something that brings you joy and taking a moment to experience a heart’s desire, however that may be for you, I mean some people can’t stand going on a picnic, so pick something that is actually enjoyable.

The reason I say this as well, I can give an example from years ago when I used to work on luxury motor yachts. And I was there as crew sitting alongside billionaires who would be experiencing say at one stage we were in Mozambique and we had these whale sharks swim up to the boat and you could just see these whale sharks whizzing gracefully and come up to the side of the boat and I could see the look of wonderment and amazement on the faces of these billionaires who were paying massive amounts of money to experience that same thing and that joy and wonderment is available to all of us and we don’t need to spend massive amounts of money to be able to experience that. So from an energetic frequency or a signature pattern, that same joy can be experienced in very different ways without having to have the amounts of wealth that we would traditionally associate with that.

So when Deb talks about engaging with the vibration of this wealth, it’s actually experiencing; setting up the visualizations, going and taking an actual action and not just thinking about it, this is the engagement part about it, getting off your backside and going and thinking about something that brings you joy can have you experience that vibration as well, happiness to be going out in the world and do the things that we’re wanting to do with the project funding, to be able to help and assist humanity it might be as simple as going to a fair or a dog show or something like that, surrounded by dogs and puppies; I think that would put a smile on just about everyone’s face but those who can’t really stand dogs, but you get where I’m going. So it’s really looking at the way to engage with that frequency and the energetic signature of that vibration and embodying it and then suddenly your heart starts broadcasting that frequency. Is that covered it all of it Deb, or did you want to add anymore?

Deb – I think that covers it fabulously. I’m sorry I’m actually wanting to push the button for the Q & A session and I just want to reiterate, one of our people, we can hear ourselves, so if you can mute your computer, one of the things that is, so just to reiterate what Scott is saying is, it can be he said it can be like a catch 22, it can be incredibly challenging, especially when so many people have been waiting for this for so long and disengaged with the regular things you would be doing. If you didn’t know anything about this GCR and if that relates to you, if you are in an experience – I guess I did have more to say right?

If you’re in an experience where you’re barely making ends meet, and that’s what I call existing not really thriving. Then what Scott is talking about is that it’s 100 times more important for you to disengage from the waiting energy, and go and engage with things every day, do something. I mentioned on one of my shows, I’ve only done a couple, but I mentioned that one of the things that I did was – one of the things that I did was, or one of the things I love to do I have, not just even a cocktail, but even a smoothy or whatever and then have it in a beautiful glass, elegant glass or something and then set it up on the deck and have flowers and make it be something very special and if you are not engaging with different things like that in your life, how easy it is to do that? The other thing to is..

Scott– Deb, sorry to just to jump in there as far as a beautiful glass goes and even that can be out of reach for some people. We have a beautiful plastic glass which we got from a party that we went to over a year ago which has flashing lights on the bottom of it and we saved it from that function and it’s probably about $2 worth, but it’s got these little flashing lights and it lights up and it’s a fancy looking glass and even that can be something, it puts a smile on your face and it brings you a little bit more joy than looking at your other plastic glass or something like that so use your imagination and embody that vibration of what can I do to get out of the program that runs that I don’t have – ‘I don’t have’ and find that program – delete it and engage with the program of I AM and I HAVE.

Deb-And you know here’s even another suggestion and you know we don’t have to stay on this too long but it is so important, to ENGAGE with that vibration of this is already done, you’re already in Creating Mode and that you’re already celebrating your life as you are post GCR. One of the things is I, if you don’t have, umm, let’s say you’re celebrating, if you drink, you’ll have a bottle of Champagne, Dom Perignon, something, even if you get a bottle of sparkling water and you have that with I’ve got some beautiful glasses at Salvation Army, for $ 2-6 each and you have – doesn’t matter if it’s been used or not, right? And I know some of the glasses I’ve gotten that I have of champagne glasses are probably worth originally $40 or $50 a pair but go ahead and start actually celebrating, put the sparkling water in the champagne glass every morning when you wake up and say ‘Cheers to the Universe, I am celebrating my wealth and celebrating my Heart of Gold and that this is done!’ and so even just like take action like that, of engagement really can actually, WILL – your mind doesn’t know necessarily that it hasn’t actually shown up in your bank account yet, you’re in the being-ness and the doing-ness of that it has.

Does that make sense? Ok, so we have a little bit of background noise that may be from one of our people. Now what I’d like to do, Scott is there anything else you’d like to do before we move on?

Scott –No I’m good I think carry on and umm go from there.

Deb- Ok great, so what I’d like to do I did open up the Q & A there were several people that were still on the line yesterday when we ended the call. I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people so go ahead if you would like to share on the call today whether you have a question, or something you want to share? It’s a ‘star 6’ so the Q & A line is open, go ahead and ‘star 6’ and you will show up here in our queue. And we’ll go ahead and take some of these calls and I’m going to go ahead and share two things before we take these calls give you guys a chance to show up there in our queue.

So the two things that I’d like to share right off the bat is I have somebody that is I think he’s in Australia, that’s pretty funny form a couple of years ago, a client that did a class on how to be telepathic and actually activating and teaching them how to be telepathic, he emailed me and he had just about fallen off his chair he wasn’t there for the live session but listened to the replay, and he said that the two times he looked at the time on the replay and I just want to say, there is definitely still some more spaces, only a couple of people in the queue, so if you want to share something, I know I got the emails so ‘star 6’, so back to what he had emailed me, so the two times he looked at the timecode on the recording, the first time was 3 minutes and 33 seconds, and then the next time he said he noticed it was 55 minutes and 55 seconds and then he said he just about fell off his chair when I was doing the activation and the codes that came through were 333 and 555 and so he emailed me and he said ‘Do you think that was a sign?’

And of course I know him so I can be my smart-assy self and I emailed him back and said ‘LOL do you need a brick against your head? And I said ‘Yes of course it was a sign for you silly!’ And he emailed back and was laughing as well.

So I’m sharing this for two reasons, one is because it can be that subtle – right? He looked at the timecode twice and he noted the numerology, actually Helen I’m going to ask you to share some information today since you weren’t that available yesterday.  And so he noted the numerology and he paid attention to it and then it definitely was a sign for him. I’m just going to remind you guys that it can be that subtle and once you start getting used to seeing and paying attention to the numerology and numbers and signs and confirmations and evidence, it will become easier and easier and another to just note is that, when you on this whole ‘signs and confirmations’ and what not, I just want to remind you of another thing, is that if you have some kind of animal, I am going to do some shows on these kind of things.

If you have some kind of animal or and insect or something out of the ordinary show up and you actually notice that animal, I’ll just stick with animals in the moment, actually Patty if you’re ready to share, you can share the fury beings that have given you a bit of a nickname. So here is an example, Scott and I rented a place in Big Bear last year when we were in L.A and there was a grasshopper in the house sitting on my phone and I thought, ok that is a little out of the ordinary and so I looked up the spiritual meaning of grasshopper. So with that said, Patty, do you want to share about your furry experience?

Patty – Okay, I would love to. I am living in South Lake Tahoe and about two or three years ago, I was in Santa Fe. I went into a shop and was looking at some of the little Zuni carvings when woman came up to me and said, “You know that you are a healer.” I said, “Yes, I am.” She said we have a blind Zuni medicine man, who for certain people, he will carve an onyx bear for you but he will have to “check-in” to see.” About three weeks later, I received a call and he said yes, that he would carve a bear for me. So after moving here, I have this little onyx healing bear and two days in a row, I had a black bear, a huge black bear, run right in front of my car as I was driving. I was telling one of my Shaman friends who had come to visit me the next day about his. She said, “Oh, gosh, I wish that I could see one.” Well, just then, another black bear ran out in front of my car. So now I am called “Patty 2 Bears”.

You know, one other thing that I think would be very appropriate to mention, Deb, is I had been talking with Sue, who is Country Gal, and I told her about my Activations. Well, Sue is something, when she gets something in her head she acts on it. She immediately went on-line and she bought tools, you know the clearing tools and she was working on them, using them for a couple of days when I got a call from her. She said, “Patty, the weirdest thing is going on here. I have this light out in my field.” She is an active farmer with an organic farm in Minnesota.

So she is a very active farmer. She said it is really weird. It is going all over my field and I’ve got photos of it. So she sent them to me, and, obviously, it was an orb. She called me the next morning and said, “Patty, this is just too weird for words, but we lost our entire crop this year because of this beetle infestation. The day before, after she and I had stopped talking onto the phone, I went out on my deck and there sitting on my deck was a 5” long scarab beetle. Now, I have never seen a beetle up here at South Lake Tahoe and I certainly never in my life have seen a 4 ½ to 5” beetle but it was as real as could be. So when she called me and said, “Patty, all of the beetles are gone that have been eating all of our crops—they are gone! I mean this was the day after the orb appeared. You talk about confirmation and for that beetle to be there, only one beetle; to be sitting on my deck right in front of me was amazing. Those are my confirmations of animal/insect stories so I hope that is what you wanted me to talk about.

Deb- Absolutely, and you know what, we were actually going to share about that scarab, the beetle story, on the other show and ran out of time. That was on the second show I think it was and Patty, you also know that the beetle is also a representation of the scarab which is affiliated with Egypt and you have a very strong affiliation with Sekhmet in Egypt, correct? (Patty)- Yes, I really do, yes, I do!

So, that’s why it is so magical when you really engage in your life with all of these different awareness’, finds, symbols and you really start to connect the dots. It really has been a little bit challenging these last ten plus years, let’s just say, a decade and a half, to connect the dots because so much of what we have been existing in hasn’t made sense and it also really is not, and has not been, it hasn’t been playing out the way that it was “intended to,” right? So we have kind of already talked about that but at least we have scratched the surface of it, I will just say that, in the first day, the first call.

Now, as we anchor this on the third day, I really am going to encourage each of you to continue this vibration of creation for this GCR in every aspect, if this is important to you, if this is something that you are really wanting the planet to experience then it’s kind of like, it’s not even kind of like, I am going to say it that way but it is way more than kind of like, it is living and breathing this in your moment-to-moment experience. And as you take even a breath, that you are breathing in and then with that breath, which is your source, your life force energy, you are breathing in and creating the reality that this is a done deal. There has been so many other challenges that have either created blocks or obstructions or what not but realize that you are at the threshold, that we are at the threshold, and you, as an individual, as a microcosm being of light, as a dot-connector in the macrocosm of this Unified Field, realize the importance of your being-ness, your intention, your fortitude of engaging with this. There are millions of people who want this to occur and they are not engaging with this.

They are in the vibration of “Okay, well, it’s going to happen when it going to happen.” And I can tell you right now, if everyone was in that vibration, this would not be happening. And I will tell you what my Guides said even three or four months ago is that one of the reasons that this has taken so long is the Powers That Be definitely were in the intention and have created a field where this whole thing would never see the light of day. Those are the exact words that I have gotten from my guides many times. You know, I even thought to myself, “It has to happen, it has to happen!” Well, no, if there is a stronger unified field of an organized group of beings that do not want to see this occur, then you’re not going to be able to respond to that so we, as the Beings of Light, must respond to that so we, as the Beings that are holding the Light for this transformation, must be stronger and brighter and filled with more Love to generate that Unified Field that is going to counter balance and not only polarize that field that this is never going to see the light of day but actually overcompensate for it that this is actually a done deal.

If you have been sitting in the mind set of “it’s going to happen when it’s gone to happen” then I can honestly say that you are probably doing yourself and the rest of us a disservice. It is proactively engaging and deliberately creating and that is the Vibration of Creation that we must engage with and on this third day my request and invitation is for each and every one of you to take that into your heart and to allow your heart to sing with the joy of the creation of this as a reality.

Okay, just allow that to sink in before I jump into the callers, just everything that has been said, just allow it to integrate and even ask yourself, “How have I been engaging? Have I been engaging as if I am on the playing field, engaging as a player in the game, or have I been sitting on the sidelines thinking somebody else is going to do this?” That is a very fair and honest question.

The guidance I am getting right now is to ask the question “What has been your sorry, I just got sidetracked. Let me just ask what was just being brought forth. Okay, asking yourself and I am reiterating, asking yourself “What has been your role, what has been your vibration? Have you been sitting on the sidelines and waiting for, ”okay, here is the visual I am being shown. I am now closing my eyes and I am actually tuning in right now. “Have you been sitting either in the bleachers just watching the game, just watching, let’s say we call those people like “lurkers” in chat and on the website, have you been just sitting in the bleachers just watching the information coming in and waiting and watching, right? Now I am being shown, are you sitting on the sidelines, you have your team, you know what team you are on, you may not actually know what the game is, it could be actually a combination of let’s say in the U.S. baseball and football, because there are a lot of hidden agendas that are going on behind the scenes and a lot of different things that a lot of people are not aware of, right? And that’s why I said the other day that it is really imperative for you to actually know what game you are in.

So, are you sitting on the sidelines and watching the score and that would be, let’s say, you’re watching the score, and that would be equivalent of watching the Intel, right? So you are sitting on the sidelines and you are watching, you are there and you want to play but really what you are doing is watching the Intel that is coming in and you are kind of like dabbling and you’re saying “Hey, Great!” and the other team mates are in there and they’re posting information and they’re actually engaging with Intel and creating and what not or are you actually in this on a day-to-day vibration of creation moment to moment adding to the Unified Field of this reality?

Now, Jennifer just Skyped me a couple of good questions because I was actually thinking about this today as well because I just sent a conference call that I had with a tax attorney two years ago to somebody on our team because I am with a group and I got them ready two years ago and so we have been sitting with our – I am going to say, trust and whatever we chose to do and had hours and hours of conference calls educating ourselves about what and how to handle this, how to move from the public to the private sector. So, where are you with that? Have you engaged with the decision-making processes and have you taken the time to actually anchor all of those different elements that you need and you know what you are going to do? Jennifer, is your paperwork ready? Do you know the banks you are going to use? Have you done the basic footwork in order to as soon as you get the word that you can go and do something? Are you ready? Do you have your list of phone calls? Do you have your list of people that you are going to be engaging and saying “Hey, this is moving forward, please move forward with what we are talking about.” Do you have your binders of your different things ready with your receipts and all of the, whatever you have there that you are going to be asked to show as proof? Do you have all of that stuff done? Do you have a spreadsheet done? These are the really pragmatic ways of engaging with this as a reality rather than waiting.

So, with that said, let’s go ahead, Oh, there is one more thing- Okay, somebody asked me, I have gotten the same question a couple of times, so before we jump onto the queue and start answering the queue, very, very quickly, same question that came through people are falling asleep during these calls, I wanted to say yes, that is normal. What is happening is that you are going into an altered state and that is one level and then the other level is actually going into a deep sleep where you are integrating energies, I know that you have heard me say this a dozen times, right?

The Alchemical Transformation is unlike anything that you have experienced before and what I have found out a couple of years ago and it took me a couple of years to figure out exactly what the heck was going on I was activating myself and then I would go out for a couple of hours, I mean like really out, asleep in the middle of the afternoon, it was very common that it was in the middle of the afternoon, like I couldn’t keep my eyes awake kind of thing, my eyes open kind of thing. So when I finally after a couple of years, my Guides were able to communicate with me what was going on. It was the integration and up-levelling my Higher Self was integrating with me and I was being taken out of my body kind of and I was so deeply asleep so that there was integration of Higher Self energies and codes and different things like that. So, if you are finding yourself falling asleep listening to this or even the Activation Energy, know that two things- one is, it is important to follow through with what your body is wanting to do even if your body is not used to taking naps; we’ll just call it a nap but it is more than that in the middle of the day then the invitation here and suggestion is that you actually surrender to it.

The other thing is if you are not used to having to falling asleep while you are listening to a conference call and you’re going into an altered state or a sleep state, just know to surrender again and know that you can go back to the recording, you can go back and listen, you are getting the information on one level anyway but if you want to engage with it in a logical way and still hear it and actually not just logical but engage with your heart in an awake, conscious way, you can go back to the replay. So I just wanted to answer that as it came in from several different people. Okay Jennifer do you want to open up the queue and start getting the first person on the line here? Is Jennifer there?

Jennifer -Yes I’m here, laughter

Deb -I was thinking has she gone into an altered state? Speaking of which you actually had some physical challenges yesterday as well right?

Jennifer –Yes I did I had a little more intestinal distress again I just see it as me clearing more of the old stuff out.

Deb- The intestinal stuff seems to be a common thread with this lower chakra stuff that is being cleared. So if you are having intestinal stuff, diarrhea, you know stuff like that, sciatica that was another thing that seems to be a common thread, know that there is a possibility that it is actually part of this whole clearing of energy and the moving of energy. OK, Jennifer who do we have?

Jennifer- Area code 815.

Deb-So area code 815 you are live and on the line. You are the first up and thank you for keeping your patience and waiting.

815- Can you hear me?

Deb-Yes we can.

815-This is David from Belvedere I had sent you an email. Yes you mentioned me yesterday and I’m thrilled to be a part of all this I really am.

Deb-Thank you and you actually had some I didn’t want to read what you had sent me, so do you want to share about that dream experience the physical stuff.

David- I had woken up in the middle of the night about 4-00 AM in the morning gotten up and couldn’t get back to sleep so I went on the computer and went to your website and I had seen the first day’s conference call with a link on it. I was unable to attend because I had work commitment and so I listened to it. You talked about clearing the field and you know you talked about how in your dream, things can manifest themselves and show you how well you are doing and I went back to bed and I went to sleep and I had a dream where I am hearing your voice and I am holding my hand over my heart and then all of a sudden there is a light coming out from out the center of my body and it is growing, expanding, it is encompassing my whole body and I am thinking holy shit! I am thinking in my dream holy shit and I realized that I was having tears and I was not afraid I was actually encouraged. I was in joy, joyful and happy. I was excited at the future that holds something tremendous.

I was not expecting this I was only hours before listened to the conference call and here I was in a dream and you know I went back to sleep surprisingly and then I got up and I was refreshed and I hadn’t had gotten all that much sleep, but I didn’t feel tired or like I didn’t get any sleep I felt very energized and then the lady tonight was talking about animals and just this afternoon, we had people over and I noticed that a dragonfly sitting on the door and it wasn’t moving and then I found out the meaning of the dragonfly is transformation. (Deb- Is laughing) It is wisdom and transformation and again, holy shit, you can’t make this stuff up. This is like REALLY, REALLY? I noticed the dragonfly, I wasn’t like I don’t think, I even brought my sister out and said look you see that dragonfly. I don’t think that I have seen a single dragonfly where I live. I don’t live next to water. So how is it? So it’s like damn, I can’t believe this!

Deb- And how did you find out about, how did you find out the dragonfly is about transformation?

David- Because when the lady was talking. I remember seeing the dragonfly and said let me see what the dragonfly means. Oh, it is a bug. (Deb- Laughing) Oh ok let me see what a dragonfly means and it is a spirit animal and the symbolism is about change and light. Jesus, I can’t get over that is it a coincidence. I can’t get over that. Sometimes I don’t know and then what I would like to share with you too. Something very spiritual happened to me years back. This is going back, you mentioned in your conference calls, even in your shows how after 9/11, how things went to crap. I had sold insurance for 8 years. I was a commissioned sales insurance person and my sales tanked right after 9/11. I didn’t want to change career, I didn’t want to do that. Well what happened was one of my cousins got into pharmacy in the medical field and there was some pride whatever. Well I had a conversation with I would consider God. Now look if I do this, if I go here in the medical field and I had no desire none whatsoever, you are going to have to pony up and do some work here because I am taking this on faith, if this is where you want me to go I am going to go, I went to school, got a loan and my teacher and I connected instantly. It was like an instant friendship. Well before I even ended the class I landed a job and then from that job I landed a temporary job. But the day before I was supposed to start that temporary job I went online and I saw a job opening and it so happened that my teacher worked at a hospital here in town where I lived. So I called her up and said “hey, can you get me in?” Well it will take a while or it may not, I don’t know. Well a week before my job was to end I had an interview with her and by the time I landed that job and my assignment ended, I was only out of work 4 days out of 6 months. This is going from insurance sales into pharmacy. (Deb- WOW) And I said WOW, this is not coincidence and this is something that, my teacher is now in fact my boss. I have been there now over 7 years. (Deb- WOW) So it is like when you ask for this, it does manifest, but you have to put your heart out there. You have to lay it right on the table and say what I am done, I can’t do it, you have to take care of it and if it is best to happen then just go ahead and do it. It happened boom, boom, boom and I was so thrilled and I have been there since and I am so thrilled and the Spirit world can affect your reality it really can. I am thrilled that you got back into this, because you are going to help millions of people. I know that and it just seems so coincidence that I saw that dragonfly and you were talking about bug and everything. It is just unbelievable I can’t understand it but it is so awesome, awesome.

Deb-Excellent. I don’t think I used the word bug by the way. Laughter

David- Really, really.

Deb- Yes and dragonflies are very, very spiritual; very powerful spiritual energy by the way. So that is awesome and you were in the moment to go and look it up and see and that is what so awesome about the internet is we have all that at our fingertips it is just a matter of actually engaging. Well the other thing too. Oops. Go ahead.

David- Go ahead I was going to ask you a question I do have a difficult situation at work that I just want your thoughts or suggestion, I have quite a few, a number of people that, let me put it this way. A number of people that are negative and they are what I would call energy vampires. They don’t like the light. You mentioned how people are like moths to a flame, especially when you are so engaging with the light you realize that and these people are buzzing around me causing me difficulties and I am just asking if you have any suggestions on what I can do about that to negate that?

Deb- Ok, this is actually a pretty big conversation and I am going to be getting into this in the 3rd show, quite a bit. What I will say very quickly is that and this goes to across the board from co-workers, to people in relationship with, to blood relations and I am talking about family members; mother, father, etc. What has become an unfortunate situation right now is that and I am going to ask this as a question for everyone to answer for themselves.
‘Do you have, or are you in a situation where your close family or maybe the person you are in a relationship with does not engage with their spiritual journey of awakening and doesn’t get you, for wanting to engage in that and is not respectful of or aware of why you are engaging with the GCR?’

The unfortunate situation is that the people that are the naysayers often are the ones that are projecting a lot of the lower vibration energies, the judgements and are also being used as interference and infiltration to get to and cause more distraction, disdain, challenges for those of us that are actually really engaging with our Awakening Consciousness and Light. So I am going to be talking quite extensively about this and it is a very, very important time to be aware of that and the willingness to disengage. So David you have just disengaged from a career path that you, I am assuming that you really liked what you were doing with the insurance correct?

David- I love it. I loved it. Yes, I love it. I had no intention of ever going into the medical field whatsoever.

Deb- Ok. Well then I can understand, I never had any intention of going in front of a camera or of having my own show. So the surrendering, so somewhere along the line you got the guidance to make the switch and you surrendered to it rather than holding onto it and the old agenda and right it has worked out for you.

David- The voice that was telling me what I needed to do was ‘God is trying to tell you something.’ He wasn’t trying to tell me what to do, he was just trying to say God is trying to tell you something and all I could think was, I am a 40 something year old man and it was so hard for me to earn an income and I am thinking it can’t be this hard it, shouldn’t be this hard! I was raking my brain, why is it so hard for me to make a dollar? I am not stupid, I am not lazy and yet for some reason money was not coming to me and I had to change my paradigm. It is obviously not working for me. That was the conclusion that I came to and my only alternative was to go back to school, but I didn’t want to go back to school to get a degree because I could not afford one and number two I wanted to get something quick and when I realized in hindsight that my teacher is now my boss, that is what he was leading me towards. I did not recognize it at the time and it is only afterwards that I can sit and say yes this is the path he was leading me towards. Why? I do not know, but I do like helping people and being that I am in a hospital I do enjoy helping people because they are obviously they are there for a reason and so I get a good feeling about what I do, but money is still an issue for me, but I am working through that at least I know I am on the right track.

Deb- I just want to address and this again I am going to be getting into this in the shows. What you experienced is what I refer to as the emasculation of the masculine. What my Guides, the information has come through from 9/11, those towers were utilized in a ritual. One tower represented the masculine and one tower represented the feminine. I am not going to get into all of the details, from the domino effect because of the masculine the male gender is programmed to be quote unquote ‘breadwinner’. In our society right now until we shift all this with the money. That is what predominantly the man is the one usually perceived the one to be the breadwinner and then the woman she is adding to it. I don’t want to get into the whole sexes thing. The people here know I am all about balance. But what happened was that ritual there was also a ritual to invert money, to create an inversion. Where money was not aligned with Light and Spirit. It was aligned with man and the depletion of financial availability and the flow. It created a back draft, a vacuum so how this has effected as a domino effect of the masculine, it has been very challenging for the men to make money easily and effortlessly and abundantly unless you are more in a vibration of greed, fear, control, manipulation and that, but for both men and women of the light generosity of heart the vibration of giving and trusting, that money also became incompatible energy and vibration it’s another reason why it’s been very challenging time holding it in our field because it’s not a vibrational match.

So what has happened with the emasculation of the masculine one other version, I will do a much broader in the show. When the man cannot be the breadwinner or at least take care of himself, he’s not even open to wanting a relationship; of if he is it is very challenging, would you agree?

David – I would agree..

Deb – Because it doesn’t allow that emotional body to be open to Love. Because it is a program running in the masculine and when they are not feeling good about being the provider in a healthy way in a relationship, everything starts to breakdown, so domino effect, domino effect, domino effect over the last fifteen plus years, that has very much affected the sacred partners. The sacred partners are the ones that are here to actually shift the vibration the alchemy with their vibration of love making and the kundalini, so that is a whole another thing.

So what we are doing right now with this GCR this is such a huge event. Because it is not just a distribution of wealth it is creating the inversion that was created from that ritual and the Jack Kennedy ritual that changed that reality, trajectory that got thrown off balance. So what you did is you made a choice to shift from something that you loved in order to make something work. That is one element what I refer to as a coping mechanism, you did something to compensate, a knowingness you had that it wasn’t going to work the old way and so a lot of people though have been blind sighted over the last 15 years, because their expecting to be able to manifest and to create and be abundant the way they had been, I think I said on day one, many of us know what it’s like to be abundant from back in the 90’s and before and it basically the spicket got shut off. So what we’re doing right now is we’re unifying to reactivate those inversions, for up righting the ship that turned upside down. So what we’re doing right now we’re turning that ship back upright. Thank you David for so many gold nuggets, it’s really awesome. Thank you.

David –It was my pleasure, I am so thrilled you are able to this and able to provide this service and opportunity to engage and to understand themselves and the whole spiritual realm, it’s just tremendous so many thanks to you and Scott for doing all of this.

Deb – Thank you, Namaste and stay in touch.

David –I will.

Deb- Okay great, so Jennifer do you want to go the next one?

Jennifer – Sure area code 707.

Deb – And this person is still muted.

707 – Yes hello can you hear me?

Deb– Yes we can hear you.

707- Hello my name is Celine I’m in the north bay area of California, umm we had a bit of rain today so it’s beautiful, very grateful, I did try and email you through your website I’m not sure if it got to you?

Deb – I haven’t had the time to look at all of them.

Celine- I resonate with absolutely everything you said in the last three days, the picnic under the tree and the vibration and I’ve sort of been on this path all my life, but seriously began the inner work in 2003 when I walked away left my job and decided to do the inner work and to spend time with my children and to really to what I really wanted to do and that’s been wonderful. The reason I am contacting you is I am really puzzled about my health; I’ve had checks land in the mail box. So I’m very much in that flow, but my health is a puzzle and so my question for you is and it’s a question for myself but I have not been unable to answer. Am I transmuting for others? For the world? As my sister was monitoring me last night for always having large world visions, and a channel said to me years ago, stop start focusing on yourself. So I stopped and I stopped, but here I am on this call. I’m helping to create the field and help activate.

Deb – So Celine, so here’s two things; one is I’m just going to tune in with you quickly cause I don’t want to make it just about you, umm, and at the same time, I know there’s a lot of physical stuff that people are going through, dealing with, experiencing because of the energies on the planet at this point. The energies that are moving through and not even just with the Alchemical Transformation. So on a macrocosm, to address what you’re talking about, two things, one is the infiltration, that I haven’t really even talked in depth yet about, definitely can effect somebody’s health and I was told years ago, the two ways the infiltration are effecting people are finances and health. So my first question is, are you Clearing Your Field?

Celine –I was listening to you yesterday about using your tool, but I believe that I think I need to do some more work in that area.

Deb – Okay, I am going to suggest yes you probably do. And what we used to do years ago thinking, you know sage-ing and bubble up and protection; what I had said on the second show, I can’t remember which show, we at this point need to need to throw out, almost everything, we don’t need to throw the baby out with the bath water but we are starting from scratch almost. We are in an area that we were not intended to be in.

We are on uncharted territory in terms of how much ceremony, rituals that have been done that have abrogated our free will, that have interfered with our own freewill. So rather than just protecting our field it is important that we have a different relationship, a brand new relationship in partnership as our Activated I AM Presence with our energy field to really learn to command and to be the commander of that field. That is on the macrocosm there is a very high probability that your health is being affected.

The second thing is our health is being affected by all of these energies and the up-levelling. We have to keep clearing and transmuting. The other thing is we have to, do I have your permission to turn into your Higher Self?
(Celine- OK, Yes) Ok so we have to realize what is important for each of us to recognize what is in our Highest Good? If you’re wellbeing is not stabilized then it is not a good time for you to be engaging with the betterment of humanity until you have stabilized your health and have a solid foundation for yourself. You can be holding space, but also you must choose. My suggestion is that you are not going to be a way station; you’re not a transmuting station for humanity, unless you are stable enough to do that and it is your choice. One of the things I have learned over the years is, I am going to ask this of everybody, “Do you put the energy out to your outside source and say where do you want me to be? What do you want me to be doing?”

We often times have been taught in our spiritual journey while teaching – Oh, Everything happens for a reason, Spirit must have wanted you to do this, but what we have done, we have allowed yourself to do is we get into a place well, this must be what Spirit wants me to do and it takes it out of you being the Creator. So it is important for each of us to engage in the being-ness of what it is and what our heart’s desires are. Our Guides are not here to tell us what to do, and I live traverse 24/7 multi-dimensionally and every important decision I make I am tuning in with my Guides and my Higher Self. Everything. And I have definitely done things that I didn’t think I would in a logical way that I would have been doing, even my trip here to L.A., 5 days’ notice and I am on a plane. But the point is.

Celine -I am understanding for myself that unless I do sort of take care of the self and anchor it, that I won’t be as capable of doing the work, the service to others and I’m totally there, I’m so complete with being the, what was the term you used? The transmuter, I’m very complete with that?

Deb- Right.

Celine- I’m puzzled as to how to shift out of it?

Deb- I’m going to ask if you are even in that role?

Celine – Say that again please?

Deb – I’m going to ask your Higher Self if you are in that role? Your name is Celine?

Celine – Celine, yeah. Celine as in Dion.

Deb- Got it, ok this is what I’m being told. ‘She is not transmuting for others she is engaging with forgiveness self from old world events, past life or parallel realities. She’s overcompensating with her fears and her fears are over compensating her love of Thyself-vibration.’

Deb- Tell me if that resonates.

Celine – Very much so. The word karma that’s what I wrote in my email, I do feel that it’s old. Karma, Karma, Karma that is what I wrote in my email. I do feel that it’s old.

Deb – So here’s what’s important, that you – I don’t particularly resonate with karma, I hardly ever say it, so and I feel like we are meant to in this lifetime I think there is a tad of judgement in karma okay?– (Celine – just call it old energies then) so okay what’s important for you to do is forgive yourself and work with your Higher Self, call me, email me even if you want to delve into this further work with your higher self to forgive and you don’t even need to know what the details are and then move from that forgiveness into self-generating self-love, loving Thyself. I am being told right now it is going to be, going to queue up in your field right now. So right now together in this unified field and the team that is here and anyone, we are holding in this field so that your highest good all of the aspects of events, issues and self that are in your highest good to be in forgiveness of, that as you go to sleep tonight that you work multi-dimensional and I will work with you multi-dimensionally if you want me to and Scott will too. To disengage, transmute and work with those energies of forgiveness.

Celine- Ok. Thank You.

Deb- Ok. I am being told to bring that in right now bring that into your, sorry I’m interrupting you and it is important to not skirt over the velocity of what is possible. Ok I’m going to ask you to then touch base with me within the next five days and we are going to with the people on the call and on the repeat to the call and well, let’s track with you the evidence of your experience of this.

Celine- OK.

Deb- So, you are going to call forth and conjure up all of the energies and the intention is to transmute them at the origin, in all timelines and to with self-love, forgive all and any aspects of those events in parallel realities, and etc. OK?

Celine- Yes, thank you.

Deb- Ok, quickly you had one more thing.

Celine- Now, I connected to the GCR and the opening of the heart because if I can, so now, thank you, if I can do this, then I’m so much more capable of doing so much more.

Deb- Exactly, and open to receiving.

Celine- Yes, thank you for that reminder.

Deb- And I want to bring this up for everybody here. When you have nuances of judgment and self-depravation of love and things you need to forgive yourself about, you are in again, a vibrational mismatch for this new vibration of wealth that is being revealed on to the planet, that is, this is the big part of the internal work.

Celine- Yes.

Deb- So thank you for being here and sharing all that and being willing to go multi-dimensional.

Celine- Yes, thank you. I look forward to it. (laugh)

Deb- (laugh) Great.

Celine- I’m grateful for the ‘Ah ha’ that, that brings.

Deb- Awesome, awesome.

Celine- Thank you very much.

Deb- All right, so definitely email me Ok?

Celine- Thank you, thank you.

Deb- All right. Much love.

Celine- Thank you.

Deb- Ok. So Jennifer, do you want to go to the next person?

Jennifer- Certainly. Its area code 860. 860 can you hear us?

Caller- Hello, yes !

Deb- Ok.

Caller- Hi Deb.

Deb- Hi.

Caller- (laugh) This is Paula in Connecticut.

Jennifer- Hi Paula.

Paula – Hello, I just want to give a little shout to all the Gladiators. Hello.

Deb- Ah (laugh), the Gladiators and the shout out, love it!

Paula- (laugh) Yes, I’ve been on all of your calls and it’s just amazing some of the things that have been happening. I finally, today, was able to send over an email and it was probably a little late for you to even get to it, but I probably should ask first if you did?

Deb-Hum, I saw your name and know I read a tiny bit of it but I did not read the full thing. First I was thinking, quickly I was thinking Paul and then, as you were, whatever you were, remind me what was it you were sharing, cause then I was like my goodness sounds like a female and I was back into your name and then it was Paula, so yes, go on.

Paula- (laugh). Wow, so many things have been going on. I didn’t even know where to start and that’s why it took a little bit to even put this email together to you but there was a dream Friday night that I had that was just amazing and it even tied in to some of the things that are happening today with me. A lot of the things you even shared on Friday and I would say relates to some of the parallels that were amazing and that heart of gold that you were talking about. One of the things I probably might see interesting to some of the folks as far as relate to some of what we are doing.  I all of a sudden just had something that brought to my attention something in my dreams that I had for years and it actually is a gold heart.

Deb- Ah right, you sent a picture of that.

Paula- Yes, I figured a picture is worth a thousand words but didn’t know what else to say other than what I had shared with you but I wear it all the time now and it does actually have a really interesting story behind it. I had found it on the floor, it was shining at me, it was the day of my grandmother’s funeral years ago and for whatever reason, it was a week ago last Sunday, (loud noise) something was drawing me to it and I put on a necklace on to it and I wear it all the time 24/7 now.

Deb- So, you just found it a week ago, Sunday?

Paula- Yes. A week ago today.

Deb- A week ago, today? Right!

Paula- And you put so much more for me on Friday, I was like doing a wow.

Deb- Oh, awesome! And did you say it was actually at your grandmother’s funeral?

Paula – A lot of my cousins ended up meeting up at this place from where we were just getting together after the funeral and serving cocktails and just enjoying some time together and it was actually on the floor and has a little diamond chipped in it and it just all of a sudden was flashing at me.

Deb- Very interesting. Ok, I have a question regarding your grandmother? You guys close?

Paula- Yes we were. She was very special, a spiritual woman.

Deb- I get that, and I’m going to tell you right now that as soon as you told me and I didn’t see it in the email, that it had something to do with your grandmother’s funeral. I didn’t know the time frame of it. I am pretty certain that she manifested there for you to see. And I will also share with you that one of our team members put in our skype group, I think it was earlier today, a picture of a diamond and this also has to do with the diamond matrix. So just a little interesting tid bit there.

Paula- Wow.

Deb- So, ok, awesome. Is there anything else you wanted to share?

Paula- (laughs) As far as the dream that I had on Friday after the first call, as far as the meaning behind it, not really quite sure yet, but the things that I’m focusing on and so sure my mine is going to process on it, focusing on school, refugees and for areas that need. In my dream that night, I found myself outside the school where I was in grade school and all of my 8th grade class mates were there ; all sitting at picnic tables ; some of them came over to greet me and say hello ; it really didn’t have a lot of meaning to it Saturday, I was speaking a lot about it and then there was actually a 8th grade class day today as far as 8th grades are currently today in the schools ; kind of little emotional throughout the whole thing and it was truly amazing. I don’t usually tell a tale like that but I’m still trying to figure out where that all ties in.

Deb- Ok, all I would say at this time because I’m going to encourage you to really tune in to see what’s in there for you is that there is a dream experience says that it’s a multidimensional creating time as well. So there might be something really special with the group that you were just talking about; you were there with those 8th graders in the dream experience today that you met with?

Paula- Didn’t necessarily meet with but it was actually at church.

Deb- Ok.

Paula- As a group sitting up in front. It pretty much brought me back to all of my old class mates that came into my dream a couple of nights ago.

Deb- Ok. So one thing I would tune in and ask and keep me posted on what comes through is, was there an experience for you in 8th grade that is wanting to be cleared or healed? And you don’t need to answer that right now.

Paula- Ok.

Deb- Or, cause I got a lot of, I actually got a lot of Activation Energy starting to come through right now. Let me just ask if, cause I’m going to have to start a phase out of the call right now or move into the guided meditation for the GCR. So, Gee, a direct question, is it ok to connect with your Higher Self?

Paula- Sure.

Deb- Ok, I’m being told by your Higher Self that you are being prepared for a bigger things, that there was some tumultuous things that occurred at that time in your life that were very disconcerting and they are still playing out in a certain way and I’m not being given, I’m not going to go into any details right now for it could get very personal and I do get very detailed information that for you to be aware of. Does that resonate so much? Does that resonate?

Paula- Ah, ah, yes, it does.

Deb- Ok, so what your higher self is saying is that, what’s sticking out the most in the communication is that there was, is a very tumultuous time and that now things were very disconcerting for you and then afterwards being said, it’s time for you to let them go to the wayside and if you want further insights regarding that, then just email me again and we’ll figure out what to do next. Whether it’s a session or what not?

Paula- Ok, that sounds great.

Deb- So I’ve got Activation Energy coming through and I’ve a feeling its saying that with this energy that its wanting to be transmuted. In fact you know what? Why don’t we do this? Let’s everybody.

So, Paula thank you for being a part of this. Stay tuned, stay tuned obviously cause I’m going to actually bring this energy through and what we are going to work or one of the things we are going to work with is the transmuting of these energies that have come up for people of or are starting to come through already. So, thank you and just let me know what transpires after this.

Paula- Absolutely, thank you.

Deb- Thank you. Ok, for everyone else who has, or that’s still here in the queue, will you please email me at ‘’. Let me know in the subject line, I was in the queue and I will make sure that you know when we do our next event, whether it’s a show or another, it will probably be another, and it will probably be another show. I think we are going to engage callers.

Ok, so, let’s all come back into alignment with this global currency reset, and as we do, we align with and surround ourselves with the golden sphere light.  And even all the energies that have been moving with this conversation.
(Deb- is laughing). This what I am being told right now. Global Currency Reset is about to be revealed through humanity. Stay tuned. OK that is what we are going to be moving to. This what we are actually going to activate right now. Because my heart is beginning to really expand with this vibration. So as we surround ourselves with the golden sphere of Light. Igniting it with the Great Central Sun. That we are in the vibration of this Creation. That we have “I am being told that we have overcome the negativity. The generosity of the heart is winning out, and so as we each now come into our heart space that we take a couple of deep breaths. Close your eyes, unless of course you are driving, and as you breathe again just reminding you breathe in the love, breathe in the light and breathe out any hesitation, breathe out any hesitation that this is not real and what I am being shown is bubbles. You remember I am being shown bubbles I can only see like a glass of milk and a straw and or bubble I am being shown bubbling over like a jar of bubbles. You are actually able to blow the bubbles. So that is what I am being shown right now. It is all bubbling over. So in the, it is kind of silly and fun and if that bubbling over is that you engage with all this bubbling over with joy, with elation, and with the satisfaction that of a job well done. So now what I am being shown like when there is a space like when there has a space shuttle or rocket and everyone is back now safely and everyone is all patting each other on the back and saying “Good Job, Good Job”. That you are engaging and we are engaging in a unified field of that vibration and that we are acknowledging each other for a job well done and for over compensating the vibrations that and neutralizing the any of the energy that would be trying to neutralize this moving forward.

So as we open our hearts with the job and the bubbling over of the elation and engage consciously with the vibration of creation that we go forth with the rest of the evening and we know that we are coming into a very we are still holding this field as a very prominent window and doorway and opening our hearts with that heart of gold. To be the manifestos of wealth and the internal technology is the divine blue print and that the currency and the flow of our love of thy self is a reputation and the energetic. That is the energetic reputation of the flow of the currency of the financial abundance. So there is two rivers and they have are now merging together and it is that flow of love and flow of self and flow of Thyself. That is one, then there is the love and unconditional love of another and then there is love of Mother Earth, Father Sky and love of God. And God is just not a God being outside of you, yourself this is you it circles right back now as God Creator Being that you are. And that is where there is a full circle quadrants of these are also creating columns in this unified field and that we are the unifiers of the conduit of these Vibrations of Creation.

So now as we surround, we are now the sphere around Mother Earth and now we see humanity, we see all of the beings that are going to be very, very much affected by the realizing of these financial tools and that is what they are. Financial instruments that are tools to support humanity and moving into thriving rather than existing and so now as we are also commanding from our activated and empowered I am presence that all and any energies. Anything that is not in alignment with the divinity the alignment that we are commanding that it all be completely dismantled unbound and uncreated and neutralized. That what we are holding here in this field is such a vibration of love and light and unconditional love for all aspects of existence and of humanity. And so we activate that within ourselves as the people that have shared of their hearts opening and even that visual of the glowing of the heart the energy flowing of our heart.

We are part of the first wave of beings that are holding this field for this new earth reality and that we see the flood gates of these financial instruments flying out in all direction. Being grounded here in this new earth reality and expanding and as it does hearts are expanding with the resources that they now have available to them. That you now have available to you. You can have what your heart’s desire and now the choices are no longer based in how much that cost, how am I going to be able to afford that. That is no longer the question.

The question is- Is this a heart’s desire, do I really want to engage with this? Whether it is something of a tangible something or is it a project that and they is only so many hours in a day so what is your heart’s desire, but the questions now from this moment forward is if they aren’t already is this in alignment with my heart’s desire, is this in alignment with me loving myself. And as you vibrate with that vibration of heart of gold and generosity of heart. That you are activating that and you become an instrument of activation and that you engage with other people and ask them what is your heart’s desire and it is the 100th monkey going out across the planet of people now choosing not what is logically that. It can be support, but what they are choosing is what is their heart’s desire.

Deb- DOING ACTIVATION NOISES. I am being told the words – that is wealth ministry. That is where you are aligned into the wealth of your heart’s desires as well as the wealth of creation and not as it is a dollar amount. The wealth of your heart desire. ACTIVATION NOISES AGAIN. And now also being engaged with that is my intention; I AM THAT I AM THAT. I am that I am and as you move into the rest of this evening and into the next several days and next week that you are holding that vibration in your heart and the intention of these instruments are wealth to align with you as your heart of gold and bring that into you there physical experience. So, now as we have this unified field activated and activating it is a living, breathing celestial field body of energy. It is important for us to stay together and collect the consciousness of this New Earth Reality and to continue and to continue and to continue deliberately creating that which is our heart’s desire to manifest individually choose as well as collectively. Come into an alignment of homeostasis. I am being told that Jack Kennedy is going to bring a message right now and when his energy comes through it gets a little challenging for me to communicate. MORE ACTIVATION NOISES.

‘I am here with you now beloved bride and groom of the Light we are in a starting of Holy matrimony with the Company of Heaven is bridging with the manifestos of the outer surface of creation of this new earth relationship. The relationship is vitally important for the manifestation of humanity, evolution. I am here to bring through and about messages of light that are not only a manifestation of gold and wealth that are compensation of love and generosity of heart. I plan to be with you now until kingdom come, kingdom come and the heavens within the kingdom of light and the kingdom that is pouring light into the queendom of mother earth for each of you to behold in the sacredness of that light within the queendom and the kingdom within. Hold that as your spade your card. MORE ACTIVATION NOISES. Your heart of hearts. MORE ACTIVATION NOISES. I am here with you now to bring forth the messages that are not based in religion but search of the generosity of heart and the vibration of heart creation. We shall together, first and foremost create a new earth reality that over compensates for the darkness and the downward spiral of humanity. That has affected, literally almost all of mankind and the humanitarian aspect of our descent. It is no longer going to be allowed to or tolerated we shall bring forth the consequences and over compensate with the ignition of light and love, generosity of heart and the gratitude for that, that has been a dismal and miserable experience from many of you. I am here to bring now a transmission.

Let the games begin. That is me bring in the energy this is the time of the new beginning. ACTIVATION NOISES. The one creation code. One, One, One. The way (ACTIVATION NOISES) because the creation is being ignited (ACTIVATION NOISES) and this is the manifested, the manifestation of gold in relationship with creation (ACTIVATION NOISES) Jack is saying I am the King of Light vibration. There is a combination of Jack energy and King Solomon (ACTIVATION NOISES) Profound and proverbial effect of the old world and the new world bridging (ACTIVATION NOISES) exactly like Deb and Scott in the bridging this realm and the realm that we are existing in. It is now time to manifest and create this into a reality that is ready to be experienced with all of you at the helm of this and for the rest of humanity to follow suit (ACTIVATION NOISES) and this is also in the pursuit of everlasting happiness, joy, (ACTIVATION NOISES) and the wealth of the creation. (ACTIVATION NOISES) I AM THAT I AM, I am complete with this transmission’ (ACTIVATION NOISES)

What he is saying to me is I am ready to give them more in the next communication the next show or whatever it will be. (ACTIVATION NOISES) I am ready to give them more and I am ready to work with everyone to stabilize this field and to bring forth more of the details of the earth changes, the wealth changes, the world destruction that is being deliberated uncreated (ACTIVATION NOISES) I am laughing, because he is saying I am that I am and now I am really complete. (Deb is laughing). WHOOOSH

Ok so I am going to share with you what I am being shown right now is mother earth and the energies that I am bringing through as I make that noise and what I am hearing is mother earth is the exalted one. Mother Earth is the celestial body of the Divine Feminine being Activated in the into a, I am just double checking a word here, compensation of creation and I am just asking for further clarification of that, WHOOSH, got it. OK compensation of creation as we visualize as Mother Earth that she has created, she has seen our ability to live on this planet from that unconditional love of that celestial being embodied that the raping and pillaging of that celestial body will cease on the compensation that will be provided that will be in abundance of resources and of natural resources flourishing upon mother earth as soon as we shift the jurisdiction.

(Deb is laughing) and said “These are the words I am hearing” As soon as we shift the jurisdiction of the lackeys that have no idea of the respect or love or honor of celestial bodies and beings and it goes from planet to human beings and anything that has a life force energy practically.( Deb is laughing) and I am also being told to say, stick that in your cap. Stick that feather in your cap. (Deb is laughing again). And know that it is done. It is now in our matrix for creation. From this conversation and for all the people that are listening live as well as those that will listen to the relay as well as going out on the ripple effect for the highest good and to even reach out beyond as a ripple effect like a sound wave is what I am being told and shown. That this will go in all directions and touch far and wide in all, even people’s Higher Self in ways that they may know how or why they are being effected by a thought or knowingness or I am being told that a joyful experience that is tied to the engagement of these 3 days there wasn’t enough of the collective field a unified field for someone to even have a joyful experience in their heart.

So what we are doing right now is the 100th monkey across the planet and that it is going heart to heart to heart through this grid and I am being asked to hold that knowingness in your heart chakra. And again the word today is over compensation, it is over compensation with light, of love and gratitude for the darkness that has been stilled upon as many people. So now what we are seeing is and I am hearing the song “Turn on your heart light”, and that we each are conduits and holding that field in a very, very cosmic multi-dimensional facet, so that all of humanity can begin to engage. I have not heard this for quite some time, “That our truth and we are sticking to it”. The company of heaven is now complete for this transmission. Namaste.

We are in this together as Deb says and we are co-creating this reality through the fruition of love for each and every one of you still and it is complete. WHOOSH

Deb- Ok I am going to just hold the space here in a very quiet way and check in with my team here. Whoosh. I am going to quietly say good bye for this call, acknowledging the team that has been present here for this call, holding this field all of you guys absolutely rocked and there is no way I could be here without each and every one of you. So from the bottom, the top and middle of heart, all of my heart. Scott as well, financially I could not be doing this if it wasn’t for you. I acknowledge every single one of you, all of you that are here live, and the one that are in the re-play engaging with that, we are in this together. We can’t do this without each other and so it is.

I Love You and if you are not part of the newsletter or checking the web-site for information that is then I am going to encourage you to the email address is- in regards to anything that you want to communicate to me and we shall go from here.

Good Bye everybody. Everyone on the call saying goodbye to Deb.
Call completed and recording stopped.


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