Transcription of the following video: Hi I’m Deborah Pietsch and you are engaging with Waking Up with Deb and this is for the category of the website which is the Contingency Plan, a Contingency Plan for Humanity’s Great Awakening.

What is entailed in this subject has to do with the background information, the insights, the strategizing that I have been doing, and Scott has been doing now for the last couple of years with me, but that I have been doing since 2010 and this is very multi-dimensional and is also very much looking at all the different ways that the Great Awakening has been HIJACKED and strategizing, there is a strategy now that is going to be REVEALED and is being laid out for Humanity’s Great Awakening.

In this category we are going to be touching upon, we’re going to be getting into the detail of all of this and there is very specific things that is going to be talked about, there are experiences that you are going to if you choose to engage, that you will be experiencing on a very visceral aspect, as well as Earth changes and different things that are going to be revealed

that are, and it cannot be revealed all at once, basically what is being planned for
this Contingency Plan is a way FORWARD for Humanity to come back into this trajectory of where we are MEANT to BE on this evolutionary journey by this time.

So therefore, and I know that this can be a little bit frustrating for some of you, that you want to know the answers now. Well the thing that I will also say regarding this is that, one is – you have your work to do, in order to ENGAGE with this Contingency Plan, this is not just ‘Oh this is going to happen’, you have your work to do and that means engaging with Clearing Your Field, Activating your Heart, coming into alignment with sufficient funds vibration, if you have been more aligned with insufficient funds.

You have things to take heed in regards to your journey, that have been affected and have been interfered with in ways that you have even created COPING MECHANISMS in your daily life, in your emotional body, in your experiences, how you’re engaging with yourself, how you’re engaging with other people.

So this Contingency Plan category is going to have, I believe a lot of information, including the modules of the Activations, the Insights, the Channelled messages that have to do with this Contingency Plan.

We are in a situation at this point where the Guardians of this planet including the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters and many Beings of Light that have been now, going very deep under the hood, to identify how we have gotten off trajectory as well as been interfered with have chosen to now change the rules of the Universal Law, which was
‘Do NOT interfere or intervene with Humanity’s Awakening.’

What has been identified is we have been interfered with SO MUCH, that all bets are off, that there’s a NEW game plan and that the intervention is occurring and the GodWave energies that now, many people are starting to talk about as Wave-X, GodWave, G-Wave, this is part of the Divine Intervention and what we are going to be experiencing with this energy, is going to be something, what I am being told, nothing like we have experienced thus far and in order to RIDE that wave of energy you also will behove you to understand, that there is a Contingency Plan and how to ENGAGE with that.

So you have been engaging with Deb and ‘Waking Up with Deb’ and I look forward to sharing this with you and revealing with you through the insights, the information, the messages.

Thank you and remember that we are in this together.

Contingency Plan Dec 2015

Intro to Contingency Plan for the Great Awakening w/ Deb Pietsch

So this Contingency Plan that I am talking about has been a work in progress, multi-dimensionally, is not intended to usurp your Free Will and that is why it is important for you to engage proactively with the energies that are being provided for Humanity from the interior of Mother Earth, the Heart of Mother Earth at this time, as well as the energies outside of the surface. And there is going to be…

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