Ascension Essentials ~ Understanding How Infiltration & External Energies Can Thwart Your Daily Life

Note From Deb – I believe this subject is the most IMPERATIVE foundational understanding of all of the crap that’s going on in the world for those that desire to exit this Enslavement Matrix … It’s IMPERATIVE to learn how to CLEAR these energies yourself … hands down … and Activate your I AM Presence, along with your Warrior / Warrioress energies …

I KNOW that when more people realize how much they’ve been thwarted, affected and kept down & back, from infiltration, it’s going to be a very unique mass consciousness shift …


Clearing Your Field Overview

Ok, so let’s talk about Clearing Your Field. Let’s talk about You as an Energy Being, a Multi-Dimensional Being of Light and that we are living in a Multi-Dimensional Universe and Multi-Dimensional planet experience. So, this is something that I don’t think a lot of people are talking about really, even yet, in September 2015, in that, it is an incredibly important subject for us to understand and to grasp in our Being-ness. And one of the reasons that this subject became, even a part of my entire journey and even of the Teachings that I am bringing forth, is because of my personal experiences of infiltration and because of the Telepathic Communications with my Guides and my Higher Self was able to be told, when my field was being interfered with, when my communications were being “tracked” as my Guides would say. I was getting conversation, communication back in 2010 is when this all started, of things like “You are being tracked, shut down that conversation.”

So my experience was, I’m having let’s say, a phone conversation with somebody, we are talking about ways to support humanity and that type of conversation and my Guides are coming in and telling me “shut down that conversation, you are being tracked”. I was like, it was a huge learning curb for me and also what I have discovered with the strategy working, with the strategy that we’re working with and even strategizing with the team that we were working with, the Multi-Dimensional team, that they are still saying, we, this is not how we were meant to AWAKEN, we are not meant to Awaken and be held in these low vibrations, this basically the Matrix, which I’m not going to get into that right now, but dealing with infiltration on a daily basis. So, one of the things we need to pull back and look at the big picture and understand that we are in a situation that is not expected, unique and interfering with our Awakening process.

Now, let me just ask you a few questions if, Are you experiencing a lack of financial resources? Are you experiencing a lack of resources in general for your purpose and for your mission? Are you experiencing projects not coming together easily? and Are you experiencing challenges with your day-to-day experience of staying on track in your journey? Are you even experiencing paralysis, you wake up in the morning and you are feeling fearful and paralysed? The list goes on and on and I’m not going to get into all the details in this video but there are many aspects of this external infiltration of conjured energies that I am very, very aware of now and Scott and I also have done some research, very in-depth conversations with people, beyond the multi-dimensional conversations in understanding the big picture of what is going on, on the planet and how this insidious and very effective design to assault against Humanity’s AWAKENING and very insidious focus on the Beings of Light, those of us that have been Awakening for 10/20/30 years, a concentrated effort to keep us in a low vibration, keep us from not basically breaking through and transcending this Enslavement Matrix.

Now, some of this, if this does not resonate with you, you have a choice at this point, to either continue to listen to some of this information and even go further down the rabbit hole of the other videos that we made available in this subject, or you can choose to turn it off. If you are at a choice point basically, if you are experiencing those things that I just listed out, there is a high probability and a good chance you are involved in external and experiencing external infiltration. My whole foundation of Teachings, since 2010 now, has been to bring forth this conversation and this information and I want to say a disclaimer right now also, because I’m talking about it, I am NOT giving it energy and that is another subject that I will be talking about in videos, in regards to some of the BS. Two things about that, when we are in our I Am Presence, we can talk about anything and we choose whether we are giving that energy or not. What we are doing right now is we are ENGAGING in Awareness, in Intellect, in Expansion and also right now I am just going to call forth that this is being brought forth in whatever is in your Highest Divine Good and your Highest Divine Truth. When you start to invoke the presence of that every day life is going to change. With your Field of Energy, what is important for you to understand, if you choose to continue to EXPAND with this conversation, is that you’re obviously, you are more than just this energy, this energy body of this physical body, you are more than just your chakras.

There is more energies than what we can actually see right now, because there is so many of the different dimensions that are existing that we still can’t necessarily see most of us. We may sense, may not see, may hear, may not see and what is important for you to have a relationship with is that FIELD of Energy that YOU are. Now, we can have interference and infiltration in several different ways, many different ways. It can come from a conversation,a toxic conversation. It can come from a relationship that you are dealing with on a regular basis, whether it’s a parent, whether it’s a partner, whether it’s a sibling, a child, one of your kids or all your kids or you know, people at work, you know, if you are in an environment at work and it’s potentially a toxic situation, it’s draining your energy field and there is also ways that these energies can get into your Field and wreak havoc with your daily experiences, illogical ways – bank account, things not working and becoming, having experiences of not having grace and ease.

These are some of the ways you can experience infiltration. Relationships that people who are not holding their I Am Presence and there is energy that will work through these people to further get into your field and to create a dissident, to create separation, anxiety, stress. Another thing, another way is for projections from other people. Let’s say, you are in a relationship and your partner thinks that all these spiritual stuff that you are into is puppy cup, whatever, doesn’t believe in it, doesn’t align with it, and there is a lot of judgement there, thinking that you are often in fairy land and actually right now, this is a very common situation in partnerships. One partner is very open to it, the other one isn’t. That’s a whole other subject. And what can happen in that partnership is the person that isn’t really into this can be used to then interfere with the other partner who actually is really wanting to AWAKEN and EXPAND and become more aware and to Transcend and to Ascend, basically. The KEY thing right now is to understand all of this and to be willing to take action. I’ve become Masterful at Clearing my Field and then Teaching people how to Clear their Field. It is the foundation as I said of everything in regards to the Teachings that I’m bringing forth and that Scott is bringing forth with me and together now we are teaching people how to do this through the experiential tools. So, the interesting thing to before I end this video is that back in 2010 when I first started putting information out about this, I had so many people just say, you know this is ridiculous, what are talking about kind of conversations and I will say finally here we are in 2015 and it is becoming a topic.

I’m seeing it come through in the people that are putting through the teleseminars, in the guests that they are having, is actually becoming a very common topic – Entities, Clearing your Field. Here is the one thing I want to say about all of this before we end this video, is that its important that you actually learn how to CLEAR YOUR FIELD. It is not, it’s a daily thing and the other people doing it for you its basically because energies are coming in on a regular basis, interfering, projecting, movies, television, traffic, etc. It is important that you actually become the Master, become Masterful at Clearing your own Field so that you are not relying on someone else to do it for you. This is also a big part of our Mastery, our Initiations and that we are not necessarily reaching out to other people for healings and for information and insights. It is all within us. We have just been having an experience, a lot of it, of that SUSPENDED ANIMATION designed to Assault against Humanity’s Awakening and all the different things that have been affecting our telepathy, telepathic communication, clairvoyance, etc. Clearing your Field is the basic foundation of this work at this point and so that’s why we are suggesting that first and foremost of all the tools and solutions that we are offering, that that is basically the prerequisite for you to begin ENGAGING and I.

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