After JFK Our Reality Trajectory Was Altered

Deb shares a direct transmission communication from Jack Kennedy:


After JFK – Our Reality Trajectory Was Altered

Hi, I am Deborah Pietsch and you are engaging with this video that I am now about to talk about and channel actually some information from Jack Kennedy. So this is about the trajectory that the world was on when Jack was President and at the time of his assassination.  I want to give you a little bit of the background of just what occurred in the last couple of minutes before we started this video. Scott and I Cleared our Fields and I “called Jack in”and asked him, ‘Okay, what would you like me to say?”

So our energy has shifted since we Cleared our Field and started getting the communication and I am actually feeling emotional.

So what I would like to share with you is one of the first messages that he is bringing forth, I am bringing forth, regarding the situation with his assassination. So I first of all would like you to presence, if you were alive at the time that he was here on the Earth, then I would just like you to presence where you were, how you were experiencing life. Now I wasn’t, so I can only tell you from what I gather from a knowingness basically of how things were and were going, because then I am going to share with you what he is telling me was about to occur which led to his assassination.

And there are two things in our trajectory of this timeline that have affected basically our Reality in a very, very huge way. It was JFK’s assassination and it was 9/11. There’s more, but those are the two main things in this lifetime.

Now, just presencing what was going on in the world back then, the LOVE and the CONSCIOUSNESS was BIRTHING on the planet at the time, so all of the PEACE marches and the music and the love-sex-drugs-rock-and-roll, all of that was really hippies and all that entire movement was just birthing and coming into fruition. And I do know from people that I have talked to, personally I used to go to Grateful Dead Shows and I loved going and talking with people and you know, just being in that vibe of EXPANSION, and I believe that that is what was being experienced back at that time with a lot of people and that there was a lot of HOPE on the planet and things were moving in a very good direction.

And so what Jack asked me to just share is that, what he is saying, is that we were on the brink of destroying the Darkness and they knew that and they came back with a vengeance. And what he was saying is that they were on the verge of sharing with the global community that there is extraterrestrial life form and that it was already existing and I, actually Scott and I, just talked about this because interestingly enough, Scott had a regression before we even knew each other, and I am not going to tell his story because it is his story and his experience, and his past life regression had a lot to do with JFK. But we were just talking about it as I was tuning in and getting the information. And what Jack is saying is that it was, very much the two things having to do with his assassination, had to do with the gold backed money and also realizing that (I am just going to keep going) it had to do with the gold backed money, bringing that back on line, as well as which would obviously take the Federal Reserve out of its power, and then also, what he was just saying, is that the extraterrestrial beings, many of them were either being held in captivity or they were, there was some very insidious things that were going on with that situation.

Now my intention in communicating this subject matter is not to get into what was, in regards to any of those details. The importance of why I thought to bring this forth is, it has to do with the Contingency Plan, it has to do with why Jack is now communicating with me and what this has to do with all of us as a Global Community for Humanity at this time, and why Jack’ s presence, coming back on the planet, starting now, energetically, coming back on the planet and coming through is important in order for us to get back to a trajectory that is either similar or better than where we were at the time of his assassination, because everything went kind of south, it went awry and what I have been told is he knew of assassination attempts that were going to occur.

What no one knew including the Beings of Light and the Company of Heaven, this is what I have been told, no one knew how much the Darkness was going to in the lower vibrations insidiousness and the agendas of the Beings that are wanting to manipulate and control Humanity and this planet. No one knew how effective their game plan was going to be and so basically this Contingency Plan, which I am
sharing about that detail in another video, has been strategized and being brought forth because it is out of hand at this time on the planet.

And so the trajectory of our Reality very much shifted from the path that we were meant to go down where Consciousness birthed, where LOVE became a VIBRATION. I mean just think about the musicians at the time, John Lennon, and Martin Luther King, and all of the things that were happening back then, where there was a Revolution, a Revolution of the Heart. Now what is interesting is Jack actually brought this through a couple of weeks ago saying, ‘Please tell the people that what we are bringing forth is a Revolution of the Heart.’ And there is a lot more that we are going to get into and talk about that and what this is and what the purpose and the reason why the TRUE ESSENCE of the Revolution of The Heart is important to get us back into alignment with our trajectory.

So I am just asking if there is anything else that he would like me to share in this video. I am being told ‘It’’s going to be very easy once people understand the Contingency Plan, and if you don’t understand the Contingency Plan, it’ s going to actually be very challenging.’ Did I say ‘kind of’? Because what he is just saying is, and I honestly I can’ t even remember if I just said it’ s going to be ‘kind of challenging’, he is just correcting me and saying, ‘There is no kind of about it!’

This is Deborah Pietsch. We are in this together. We will see this through and this has been a conversation regarding the trajectory of our Reality and how it got off path immediately upon JFK s assassination on November 22, 1963.

Thank you for engaging.

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