Transcription of the following video: Welcome to Waking Up with Deb, I am Deborah Pietsch. And this is a quick overview of the category for Activations and Alchemical Transformation.

So the intention for this category is to provide you with very detailed information as well as shares and what you may refer to as testimonials from people that have had experiences with Alchemical Transformations and Activations.

As well as further defining what this is, this is a very unusual and unique experience for people and it is different for everybody and it is quite visceral. The thing about this subject is my Guides have actually asked me to say this, is that most people on the planet are not ready for what we are about to experience and this Alchemical Transformation is an absolutely imperative, necessary part of your EXPANSION, of your ASCENSION and in order to Transcend the Duality Reality or the Enslavement Matrix, whatever it is that you refer to it as, you have to go through this Alchemical Transformation.

Okay, I am going to reframe that and that is however it looks for you, there will be necessary Alchemical Transformations for you and everyone to experience, because basically we CANNOT BRIDGE from the reality and the realm that we’re existing in, being the SAME that we are – physically, spiritually, mentally and what am I missing? emotionally.

So this is a really important category for you to have some awareness about and the reason that I even started the first show with the people that have had Alchemical Transformation, Activations, is to start to lay the foundation for what this is all about. Because quite honestly we really don’t have, we certainly don’t have a frame of reference of this in the collective and most people don’t have a reference for this on an individual basis.

So, Thank you for engaging, you are Waking Up with Deb and I am Deborah Pietsch.

What is Activation Energy & How Does It Create Profound Shifts in You?

In this video Deb talks about Activations. It’s a very important subject for ascension. Deb brings through a very high vibration light energy for alchemical transformation. Transcript: What Is An Activation & Alchemical Transformation Let’s talk about Activations. I’m Deborah Pietsch. This is a very important subject for your Transformation, for your Awakening, for your […]

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Activations and Alchemical Transformations

Intro to Activations and Alchemical Transformation

Are you open to the possibility that you have not experienced the kind of transformation that was intended or is necessary in order for you to Transcend the vibratory field that you have been existing in, within this Enslavement Matrix / Deception Reality ?
What if you have been lulled into a low vibration place of complacency or flat-lined out heart, where your frequencies and…

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