February 9, 2017                              Personal note from Deb

How are you?  I hope you are thriving with joy, love, laughter and abundance of all resources as your engage in creating a reality that is aligned with your heart’s desires!!!

This note is L O N G overdue … and for reasons that I’ll explain down the track here, this note is only a short, “vanilla” version of what we’ve been up to.  In case you’re wondering, I have not sent any newsletters or done anything in the public for almost a year, so if you’ve been checking here, you haven’t missed anything… but that won’t be lasting much longer!

We have had to / chosen to, based on Guidance, to work “behind the scenes” again.  The work we’re engaging in is very powerful and will be shared soon.  Yes, we’ll  once again do shows and much more.

Scott and I have had quite an amazing journey and have much exciting news!!!

We have moved back to the States!   This meant putting our life in Australia “into storage” and coming back here “starting from scratch” — with all furnishings, dishes, bedding etc. That’s a huge undertaking in and of itself …let alone the size of property we’ve moved into!  AND …yes, there’s more!

We have purchased a spiritual retreat center (location to be shared soon).  It’s taken many months of dedicated focus, engagement and reality creating, but it’s done!  We’re here to stay for a while (especially compared to the major moving around we’ve done in the last 3 years!), at least as one of our main locations to BE.

Powerful transformation on a global scale is at hand and attainable.  BUT you must be paying attention to what is really going on with the new President, Donald Trump.  If you have not “gone down the many rabbit holes” of the agenda to annihilate humanity, then you are only able to see what’s at the surface of Trump’s actions – and yes, they look scary and have “ruffled many feathers” … feathers that had been “lulled to sleep” or have “had the wool pulled over their eyes”.   

But if you HAVE gone down the rabbit holes of what’s been going on in the last 100 years, and especially since 9/11, then hopefully you have the eyes to see what Trump is doing.   It’s what’s necessary to unwind us from the dark agenda that almost was successful in creating an “undertow” of total destruction to the United States of America, which then would have set in motion the dominos for the rest of the planet. 

Yes, Donald Trump is rough around the edges (understatement)  No, he’s not exactly a “Knight In Shining Armor” by any stretch of the imagination, but he is one of the only people in his position that has “the balls” to do what’s necessary to go head to head with the dark forces.  And he can’t do it alone.  

Now is the time for all of us to ENGAGE with our intentions of “consequences” to come to those that have abrogated our FREE WILL and continued to engage in a Designed Assault Humanity’s Awakening.  For us to call forth for the deception and Enslavement Matrix to be revealed.  It’s the only way we can dismantle from and TRANSCEND that paradigm!

We are probably going to see a lot of destruction and division as this unwinding occurs, hopefully you are prepared emotionally, spiritually and financially to engage as an Activated and Empowered I AM Presence Being of Light!  If not, then we can support you with this … 

For a very long time now, it has been both mine and Scott’s, life purpose, mission, vision and heart endeavors to support humanity to transcend the enslavement matrix.  We have never wavered from that…and soon that will become more possible than in years past… we look forward to sharing this achievement with you on a very large scale!

I’ll be back soon with more updates … I’ve missed you and look forward to sharing the details of the amazing journey, evidence and confirmations of what we’re up to !

I Love You!



Thank you for your patience while
we are in this “development & expansion phase”!

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  • Solutions & Tools

Are you wondering what the hell is going on, on this planet, and why we’re not moving forward with our Great Awakening and your Ascension?

Has your life purpose eluded you and even though you know you’re here “for something important”, you’re still not sure what the details are, like there’s a “fog” around your knowingness?

Are you at the point of WTF is going on…and have hit the wall of “I’ve had it-enough of this crazy journey?”

Welcome to the time space continuum of Suspended Animation within the Deception Reality, inwhich life has barely moved forward in the last 10+ years, as well as a mass consciousness of fear, survival, confusion and lack of abundance of resources – including the natural flow of money, is being experienced by many.

You are NOT alone!  You have come to a place that MANY ANSWERS and INSIGHTS are available; along with solutions and tools to support your AWAKENING  and transcendance of this Enslavement Matrix / Duality Reality…seriously, with EVIDENCE & CONFIRMATIONS to back up everything offered!

I’m Deborah Pietsch – and I’m now breaking my silence about the “multi-dimensional behind-the-scenes” work I’ve engaged in since 2010. Thankfully and humbly, with some unique assets, such as being able to engage in real time, detailed telepathic communication, being trained by my Guides and Higher Self to be an “Activator of Alchemical Transformation” AND my heart’s desire to find and offer SOLUTIONS for humanity to transcend this “FUQedUPness”, I’ve been discreetly working behind the scenes.  For almost 6 years now I have been strategizing with Beings of Light, also referred to as Guardians of Mother Earth and Humanity’s Evolution, as well as, Ascended Masters & the Angelic Realm, to establish a Contingency Plan for the stalled, hijacked and infiltrated Great Awakening.

Jack Kennedy (JFK) started communicating with me in August of 2013. Until now, I have only shared his messages, transmissions & Activations privately with students and clients. From a communication and very powerful Activation in July of 2015, his words powerfully came through, “I will not hide any longer.  I’m ready to come through and support humanity to reclaim what is rightfully theirs to claim…beginning with Free Will and a Revolution of the Heart!

  • Are You Impacting the World the Way You Want to Right Now?
  • Are You Experiencing YourSelf as a Powerful Being Of Light Leader?
  • Are You Experiencing Joy, Loving ThySelf, Outrageous Abundance and True Love with a Sacred Partner?

What if there were energetic Activations & Experiential Tools that could immediately and profoundly impact your experience of yourself and your life?

I am no spring chicken to this Awakening journey – as I had a very powerful awakening experience in 1987 which included, among other things, a very detailed transmission of information (as if someone was sitting next to me talking to me) that laid out:

  1. Why I had “landed in the entertainment industry” after moving to Los Angeles at the age of 20 to be a cop – so I thought!
  2. That my purpose on the planet included utilizing media to “awaken people through experiential means” that will allow them to have their own “ah-ha’s”

After this experience my entire life was about engaging in awakening, consciousness, invoking my Higher Self and making choices that were for my Highest Good & the Good of All.  I had private sessions with Ester Hicks right after she starting bringing forth Abraham…I KNOW what it felt like to be in sync with the Universe and manifest at will…but most of that has been infiltrated … until now!

Between JFK’s assassination and the event the world refers to as 9/11, the trajectory of our reality has been altered substantially. There has been so much infiltration, deception and even the corruption of our DIVINE HUMAN BLUEPRINT, that it has come to the attention of the Guardians of this planet that a never-before level of Divine Intervention is now necessary to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD for humanity and even Mother Earth.

Would you be willing to suspend beliefs, disbeliefs and programs that do not serve your Highest Good if things were revealed to you in a way that would allow you to have confirmations and evidence to trust the awarenesses through your Activated I AM Love Presence?

This Divine Intervention is being revealed in Phases.  The first phase is through a Source Field of Light I’m referring to as the GodWave or GWave, others are referring to it as WaveX.

What if there were energetic Activations & Experiential Tools that could immediately and profoundly impact your experience of yourself and your life?

What if you could shift your experience of life from the core of the True Essence of your Soul Matrix that would shift your experiences of your daily external life?

What if wisdom and insights could be shared with you that would shed light on what, how and why things have gone so upside down in our experience of life PLUS the solutions and tools that will also immediately empower you beyond anything you’ve experienced so far in this life experience? AND once the “status quo of your experience” has shifted – and locks into a new pattern of energy – it doesn’t go backwards.

Jack has communicated repeatedly since July 2015…”Humanity is NOT prepared for what is about to be revealed. It is important for people to understand WHY these changes are a necessary part of re-aligning our trajectory that is off track”

Through the relaunch of my iTV show, “Wake Up…Shift Is Happening!” and all of the elements I’ll be offering from this site, such as webinars, teachings, channeled messages, introducing you to clients & students who “have done the spiritual work and experienced the Alchemical Transformations, the potent channeled messages, the Activations and the profound life altering experiences, there are and will be many, many solutions and tools provided for you to engage with.

Action Steps Now:

  1. Register and receive the Free Gift to Humanity – The Melchizedek Coded Message and Flower of Life Heart Chakra Activation
  2. Purchase the Foundational Experiential Tool ~ Master Clearing Your Field of Energies, Entities, Projections and Other Obstructions of your Free Will

Please check back regularly, sign up for the newsletter / list (but don’t rely on that only to get updates) and engage with the growing community that starts with the LIVE show IM chat and then the soon-to-be-launched social media hub.

Remember this:

  1. We Are In This Together
  2. The Most Important Relationship is a Loving Relationship with ThySelf
  3. We WILL See This Through

I AM Love and So Are You!
Deb :-)

“Deb is the real deal. You won’t be the same or see yourself the same after you begin experiencing her powerful Activations, evolved conscious wisdom and incredibly detailed telepathic communications”

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