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Show 1 ~ A Contingency Plan for Humanity: Prepare for JFK’s Messages and Conversations of Activations & Real Transformation!

Are you at the point of WTF is going on and / or “I’ve had it-enough is enough”?

Are you open to the possibility that this situation has come to the attention of the “Beings of Light Guardians of this planet, as well as others on the surface of the planet and that strategies have been being put in place in order to “re-right” the trajectory of our “off track trajectory of evolution and reality”??

What if this Multi-Dimensional Contingency Plan was now being revealed to people in order to give people a different choice of transcending this Enslavement Matrix / Deception Reality / Duality Reality?

Would you want to know about this?

Would you be willing to suspend beliefs, disbeliefs and programs that do not serve your Highest Good if they were revealed to you in a way that would allow you to have confirmations and evidence to trust the awarenesses that you receive?

I’m Deborah Pietsch – and I’m now breaking my silence about the “multi-dimensional behind-the-scenes” work / strategy for humanity’s Great Awakening, I’ve been engaging with since 2010

I’m “breaking my silence” after 3 years of not doing my iTV show,
“Wake Up…Shift Is Happening TV!

  • Entities Clearing Your Field

  • Activations and Alchemical Transformations

What is the GodWave and How Do You Engage & Ride this Field of Light to UpLevel Your Ascension Experience?

  • Are You Impacting the World the Way You Want to Right Now?
  • Are You Experiencing YourSelf as a Powerful Being Of Light Leader?
  • Are You Experiencing Joy, Loving ThySelf, Outrageous Abundance and True Love with a Sacred Partner?

What if there were energetic Activations & Experiential Tools that could immediately and profoundly impact your experience of yourself and your life?

What if you could shift your experience of life from the core of the True Essence of your Soul Matrix that would shift your experiences of your daily external life?

What if wisdom and insights could be shared with you that would shed light on what, how and why things have gone so upside down in our experience of life PLUS the solutions and tools that will also immediately empower you beyond anything you’ve experienced so far in this life experience? AND once the “status quo of your experience” has shifted – and locks into a new pattern of energy – it doesn’t go backwards.

  • Are You Existing in a Vibrational Alignment with INSUFFICIENT FUNDS?
  • Are You Living In Suspended Animation Waiting for Something in the World To Change?

Jack Kennedy (JFK) started communicating with me in August of 2013. Until now, I have only shared his messages privately with students and clients. From a communication and very powerful Activation in July of 2015, his words powerfully came through, “I will not hide any longer.  I’m ready to come through and support humanity to reclaim what is rightfully theirs to claim.”  At that point, I got the “green light” and Scott (my husband and Sacred Partner) were asked to “get this show on the road”.

Jack has communicated repeatedly since July 2015… “Humanity is NOT prepared for what is about to be revealed. It is important for people to understand WHY these changes are a necessary part of “off track” trajectory” … and much more…

“Deb is the real deal. You won’t be the same or see yourself the same after you begin experiencing her powerful Activations, evolved conscious wisdom and incredibly detailed telepathic communications”


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